• Error 000906 in Model Builder

       Hi everyone.      I use Grouping analysis to create 4 groups from my data.    After that, i use Model Builder to explain that.    However one of m...
  • Extract by Mask issue

    Hello! I've been working with a .tif of the National Landcover Dataset obtained from the National Atlas. I've been trying to use extract by mask on it (with the mask being a polygon), however I have been encountering...
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  • Impossible correlation coefficient values

    Hi, I just computed the correlation and covariance matrices for a set of rasters using the "Band Collection Statistics" tool. The correlation matrix includes several values that are below -1 which should be impossibl...
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  • Struggling with Smoothing Contour Lines

    I am working with my middle school kids on a science project (I am the tech teacher with a laser cutter).  In class, they are doing relief maps with cardboard.  The science teacher has seen some of the stuff...
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  • Share .ecs classification schema and training samples via ArcGIS Online?

    For a deep learning project that requires large amounts of training samples we rearly need to work as a team, with multiple workers contributing to the same training sample collection (shared feature class, ...
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  • HEC-GeoHMS generate project error

    Hello, I use Hec-GeoHMS 10.1 in Arcgis 10.1. I did it in Arcgis with Hec-GeoHMS so that I can use the project in HEC-HMS. But when I generated project in Hec-GeoHMS, this message just came out.   Doe...
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  • Extract By Mask for many data - using script of other method

    Dear All, I have a raster data containing the temperature, a very large area, and I have a shapefile containing my study area. Then I use the Extract by Mask in the Spatial Analyst Toolbox to crop my data. It is goo...
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  • Zonal Statistics as Table: Overlapping Polygons: Solution Required

    I'm currently using ArcGIS 10 SP2 on Windows 7 64bit. I'm working on a very large railway alignment design project and need to generate "Average Catchment Slopes" for each watershed. The problem that I have is that th...
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  • Calculating surface water runoff volume

    I'm trying to calculate how much water will runoff of a area through a given point.  I have the DEM of my area and the soil data.  I've already delineated the drainage basin that feeds the pour point and cre...
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  • Distance Between Two Point Types on Polyline ArcGIS Pro

    Hi ESRI community!   I'm having a bit of trouble with measuring the distance between points on a polyline on ArcGIS Pro. I have a dam layer (points) and a stream layer (polyline) and my goal is to create a raste...
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  • Calculating Watersheds from multiple Pour Points

    Hi there I am doing an analysis on a small river, using reaches for which I need to calculate various parameters for each reach, one of which is watershed/catchment area the reach is draining. I'm familiar with the ...
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  • Point Solar Radiation tool, hourly output for entire year

    I seek  to use the Point Solar Radiation tool on a DSM, but the tool parameters are limiting. I would like hourly solar radiation outputs (w/m2) for an entire year as one table: 1x 8760 values. The tool...
  • Kriging with external drift

    Hi,   I'm trying to use universal Kriging (Kriging with external drift), to merge between rain gauge data and radar rainfall data. The rainfall data for both gauges and radar are a daily time series for one yea...
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  • median filter results in "ribbon" around raster

    When I run a median focal filter using a large circular neighbourhood area (approx. > 1/5 of raster extent) the result is a "ribbon" around the raster with an empty middle (nodata values). Not the case when running...
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  • Intersecting raster elevation data with shapefiles (or something equivalent)?

    Hello, I am trying to isolate contaminant source areas that, for our purposes, are defined by being within 30m of a stream/river, C or D soil hydrologic groups, and negative curvature (concave topography). There are n...
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  • Statistics field for Summary Statistics

    Hi, Sorry if this is not posted in the correct place, but I was not sure where to put it.  I am trying to use the Summary Statistics tool to create a summary table for a polygon layer.  In the Statistics Fie...
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  • Zonal histogram seems to be stretching values

    The values of pixels in the original raster range from 0-63. However when I make a histogram (Zonal Histogram), using a shapefile as my input zones, I get a distribution of values from 0-255. Any idea how this is happ...
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  • ArcGIS Spatial Analyst Survey

    The ArcGIS Spatial Analyst team would like to get your feedback about the extension. We would appreciate if you will take a moment to answer the questions in this survey. Thank you for helping us making a better ...
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  • Extract by mask, problem with column and rows

    Reader, We are working on a landuse map from the Netherlands (LGN6) which we extract by mask bassed on several polygons. However the colomns and rows in the new (masked) maps, which are only a small part of the origin...
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  • Problem using PYODBC in ArcGIS script

    I am having problems using a python script running as a tool in ArcToolbox (running from ArcMap 9.3).  The script uses the PYODBC connector to use SQL to do summarization of data on an input geodataset.  Whe...
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