• Is it possible to create a point feature class for junctions using an SDC network dataset?

    Hi, I'm working with an SDC network dataset contained in Data and Maps for ArcGIS (2013) I downloaded on MyEsri. I was under the impression that this prebuilt network dataset can be used for network analysis. However,...
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  • Build Network performance

    Hello   I am working on automating a process which imports data from local and regional transit authorities, builds a network dataset, and then publishes a Network Analysis service to our ArcGIS Server to use la...
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  • Network Analyst Routing: Failure while working with internal OD cost matrix problem instance.

    I am trying to run a vehicle routing problem using model builder and I get the error: failure while working with internal OD cost matrix problem instance. I have solved a vehicle routing problem using the same orders...
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  • Connect Multiple Origins to Different Multiple Destinations

    Updated   I would like to calculate the road network route distances from multiple origins to a different set of multiple destinations. E.g. Connect stores A, B, C, D and E to supply depots X...
  • How to force the VRP solver to assign all orders

    Hi, I want to force the VRP solver to assign all orders at any cost; are there any ways to do that? Furthermore, I have a set of eligible routes constructed by planners and when I give it to the VRP solver, it cannot...
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  • VRP extension does not allocate all orders

    I have an instance of the VRP problem with 400 pickup and delivery orders. When I solve the problem with Esri, it does not allocate 64 orders to any routes. Is there an easy way to find out why? These data are taken f...
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  • Why does my location-allocation solve keep failing?

    Hi all,   Using the ArcMap 10.1 Network Analyst Location-allocation solver, I am attempting to allocate 171,126 Census Output Area centroids (demand points) to 2624 secondary school (facilities) using distance a...
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  • Split routes/accumulators by source features

    I'm working with the new Transit Evaluator in Pro (which is awesome), but for a project I am working on it would be really handy to have the routes (and accumulators) split by the source features.   This is...
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  • Network Analysis of Polygons

    OK, so I am pretty new to ArcMap and ArcGIS.  I have done some more basic stuff in 10.1 and just decided to trial the ArcGIS Pro.  Here's what I have/need:   I have a set of polygons ( buffers around b...
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  • VRP returns to the same road

    I am facing a frustrating issue, when using oneways, (ArcGIS 10.4.1), as restriction the solved VRP  returns more than one to the same road. An example is shown below. As you can see the driver is forced to retu...
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  • Network analysis does not let me create a service area field when arcgis.com is my datasource.

    I switched my data source from a local file to the arcgis.com network. When I did this though the service area command is greyed out and says that it cannot create a service area layer. The network data source, www.ar...
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  • Digitize Custom Roads using StreetMap Premium

    Hi everyone, we have a problem building our digitized roads into the existing network dataset and any help would be greatly appreciated. I've opened and closed four cases with technical support by now, each one was he...
  • Custom StreetMaps Premium HELP!

    Hey everyone,   I've spent the last few days trying to figure out an issue i'm running in to and for the life of me can't understand it. My goal is to build custom Access Roads in to the Custom Road Network. I a...
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  • How to set Make Service Area Analysis Layer travel mode

    Hi,   I have a model (built in ModelBuilder) to run a chain of Make Service Area Layer - Add Locations - Solve tools. Recently, I tried to run this model in ArcGIS Pro and found out that the Make Service Ar...
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  • New Route/Stop Creation

    I'm working on a project determining new routes and stops for public transit in Perth, Australia. I have the current routes as a line layer and current stops as a point layer. I know where I want new stops to be. I wo...
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  • How do I delete a network analyst layer (i.e., Service Area, Closest Facility) using python 3 (ArcGIS Pro)?

    Hi,   I am building a toolbox using Python 3 in ArcGIS Pro 2.4. It involves a series of network analysis processes, including closest facility and service area. I am using arcpy.na.MakeClosestFaci...
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  • Ways of measuring network improvements

    Hi, I am quite new to network analyst and would like to know a little bit about how to measure "improvements" of network changes. I have a set of road networks and some improvements are made to these networks, for exa...
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  • Network Analyst Junction Issue

    I'm using a road centerline file that was exported from Rhino as a .dxf and then exported into a shapefile once in Arcmap. Using this shapefile to build a network dataset yields the result in Image One below. Basicall...
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  • network analyst solve route error search tolerance

    i am trying to switch over to "arcgis pro" ... and i have done some tests on differnt kinds of network analyses (route, OD, service area). each of them worked fine in arc map based on the identical set of input data. ...
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  • “This layer’s network data source does not support directions.” Error in ArcPro

    I received the following error in ArcPro (2.2.3) while trying to generate Directions for my Network Dataset: “This layer’s network data source does not support directions.” I can’t find an...
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