• How to calculate a road distance from a point to polygon for a very large dataset?

    I have a polygon shapefile that contains millions of rows. I need to calculate a road distance from each of the polygon to a point. I have tried Network Analyst but that required clicking from one edge to the other to...
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  • Find a best route through crossroads without UTurns

    Hi All,       Assume there are 12 crossroads for a user want to visit in a city. Could you help to find a best way without U-Turns?           Please see the attach for d...
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  • How do I get a polyline from each unique origin to each unique destination?

    My project is to display the sections of roads that see the most vehicle use from highest use to lowest use.  I was thinking about a line density map that would show the heaviest traveled road sections.  I h...
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  • Network analyst odd even plate number restriction

    hi, my city recently added a road restriction by odd/even plate number. odd date for odd plate and vice versa.   how can i implement this restriction on my current network dataset?  i'm using arcgis deskto...
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  • Barrier "" in "Line Barriers" has no associated network location information.

    I am using ArcGis 10.4.1 and network analyst extension. I am facing an issue when loading barrier lines using arcpy. It appears that the network elements that have restrictions in network dataset attributes have ...
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  • How do I combine multiple network datasets?

    Hi, How do I go about building a network dataset of 3 modes of transportation? The aim of my project is to determine shortest routes between locations using the available transportation options. My study area is NYC.&...
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  • Network Analysis

    After having completed (Exercise 3: Finding the best route using a network dataset—Help | ArcGIS Desktop ) in the official Esri Network Analyst Tutorial, I decided to find a route in the multimodal dataset ...
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  • How to modify network dataset source (road lines)

    While working on a multimodal network dataset, I've been facing a problem with the modification of the source lines - once the ND is created, they cannot be modified. The only way I know to edit them is to remove the ...
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  • Network Analyst OD Cost Matrix Yield More Results?

    Hello,   When I run the OD Cost Matrix tool (or Closest Facility), there are sometime records that are on a "non-traversable network." Is there a way to return more results for those missing records? What do you...
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  • How to avoid a U-Turn when Stop is set at a override?

    Hi All,     As the document mentioned, "Currently when a network location is on a junction, the ArcGIS Network Analyst extension allows U-turns there, even when its CurbApproach property is set to...
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  • Points inside Polygons by Time

    Hi!    I am fairly new to ArcMap and the newest version my company has full licensing of is ArcMap 10.1.  (We also have some of the extra tools licensed)     I have a set of points on t...
  • Why aren't U-Turn restrictions functioning properly

    When trying to add a turn restriction (its already incorporated in my network) to a double divided road, I can only add 1 u-turn restriction. For example, it will only allow me to add the red arrows as a turn restric...
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  • Build status is 'Not Built' when Build Network is success.

    Hi All,     After running the tool - Build Network successfully, the build status in the Network Properties is shown as 'Not Built'.     Open the network dataset properties in ArcCatalog, it's th...
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  • Build Network Dataset Failed - does not have permission to execute the operation.

    Hi All, When trying to build the Network Dataset, I got an error after about two and half hour later.   Executing: BuildNetwork "D:\FGDB\StreetMap_Data\NorthAmerica.gdb\Routing\Routing_ND" Start Time: Thu A...
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  • Network Analyst - Service Area results do not match Route results

    I have created a service area with breaks of 211,200 feet, 422,400 feet and 633,600 feet (this equates to 40, 80 and 120 miles).  When the service area results are verified with a solved route, the results do not...
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  • Topic Suggestions for Fleet Routing with the VRP Solver

    The team that works on the Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) Solver has started a blog series to dive deeper into topics and help explain how best to model with the VRP solver.  We have a list of topics we think are ...
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  • Network Analyst - error 030212, relating points to the network fails

    background: I am seriously trying to switch over to "ArcGIS Pro" ... and I've been reading Solving routes to offset points in ArcGIS Network Analyst? My problem seems to be quite similar but it is related to ArcGIS Pr...
  • Is it possible to create a point feature class for junctions using an SDC network dataset?

    Hi, I'm working with an SDC network dataset contained in Data and Maps for ArcGIS (2013) I downloaded on MyEsri. I was under the impression that this prebuilt network dataset can be used for network analysis. However,...
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  • Build Network performance

    Hello   I am working on automating a process which imports data from local and regional transit authorities, builds a network dataset, and then publishes a Network Analysis service to our ArcGIS Server to use la...
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  • Network Analyst Routing: Failure while working with internal OD cost matrix problem instance.

    I am trying to run a vehicle routing problem using model builder and I get the error: failure while working with internal OD cost matrix problem instance. I have solved a vehicle routing problem using the same orders...
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