• Calulating number of turns along a route

    Hello, I'm am using NA's Closest Facility solver to calculate routes between incidents and the closest fire station. The processes works fine and I have about 385 different routes. Is it possible to calculate or find...
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  • NA Campus directions not returning turn data (works in Desktop)?

    I have been working with the information discussed in this thread: http://forums.arcgis.com/threads/76035-NA-Campus-directions-questions. and so far most of it has proved quite helpful. However I have been noticing so...
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  • VRP - use of the renewal and see its results

    See different routes and their information created with renewal. Colors to different routes, detail, stops, distance, time
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  • BUG: calculating Impedance Attributes

    ArcMap 10.6   We are attempting to create a network with a variety a of impedance attributes that are quite similar, but with a varying constant that is input to a formula. To do this we are making imp...
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  • Batch Solving Many Routes

    Hello all, I periodically need to calculate the shortest walking distance for over 1.8 million routes (2 points per route). With such a large amount of routes I cannot use the desktop ArcGIS - loading that many locat...
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  • Build network dataset failed

    My road network was previously in Shapefile format and the editing/building of the network used to work fine.   I have now converted it to a featureclass in a file geoDB.   I was able to create the...
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  • Build errors in Network Dataset

    I am trying to create a network of paths/trails/roads, villages and mine sites. I am creating a service area network analysis based on Pedestrian travel time to mine sites. I have creaded evaluators that have a hierar...
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  • Convert Teleatlas Multinet to Turn Feature Class

    Hi I am working here with TeleAtlas MultiNet data to set up a road network used for NetworkAnalyst. There was no problem to set up the roads and oneways. But I didn't find out how to set up a turn table to import it...
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  • Hubway Bike Trip density analysis

    Hi all, I need you help and inputs.I am working on a academic project on Hubway bike trip density analysis for Boston city.   I have Hubway trip data with  users details like start and end time ,date, Star...
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  • VRP - multiple orders for same location

    VRP - multiple orders for same location We used VRP to calculate service routes for our inspectors. Customers could request multiple inspections under the same address. To generate the most efficient route, we were...
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  • Network Analyst - Current load of route

    Hello I solved a VRP in Network Analyst. I also used the tool Copy Traversed Source Features. I would like to have informations about the current load the truck (route) has loaded on every traversed feature. Is there...
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  • Weird service areas

    Hi All - I am trying to create service areas for a rural area. Blocks that are completely surrounded by a service area are filled in, while those that are not completely surrounded are left out of the service area (ex...
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  • Share as arcgis runtime content for android app

    We are trying to develop an Android app that includes Arcgis layers. The easiest way we found was to use share as arcgis runtime content to integrate those layers in an android app.   My issue is the following :...
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  • Network analyst - apply delay to road type.

    Is it possible to apply a delay depending on your road type within a road network e.g. for highways vs. city roads .... to account for traffic light delays, congestion etc? (I know you can apply a delay if you ha...
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  • Centrality analysis with GIS network analyst

    Can somebody please recommend a download for a toolbox that can do Centrality analysis on spatial networks in GIS network analyst? Specifically interested in Betweenness centrality and Closeness Centrality, thought ot...
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  • Converting Historic\Live Traffic Data into ESRI format (DTF?)

    Hi, I have historic\live traffic data that isn't coming from the TOMTOM\NavTeq ESRI-data Providers (AFAIK they don't have data in Israel). I want to transform it into the format the network analyst uses, problem is ...
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  • Multiple Routes to one destination

    Hi I have multiple address that need routes to end at one location. I need one route going from Point A to B (B= End Location) , a route going from Point C to B, Point D to B, etc. I have used the "new route" option ...
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  • Regulatory stops in Network Analyst (ArcGIS Server)

    First of all I would like to say that I'm not an expert in this domain, so please forgive me if I don't express myself properly.   I would like to know if it is possible to consider regulary stops when I'm ...
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  • The issues related to the Service area analysis

    Hello, I used service area analysis two times (First analysis with natural break: 5000, the second analysis with natural break: 5000, 10000, 50000, 100000). However, the results of analyses on the map were pretty weir...
  • Rails and Roads hierarchy

    Dear All, I have an Inter-modal layer with the following attributes (see attached file). The blue highlighted selected segments are the rail segments and the rest are highway elements. The railways have a priority I ...
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