• Network Analyst and ArcGIS Online

    I couldn't find any posts that answered my question.  I may have been searching the wrong way.  But here goes. Is there anyway to upload my Network Dataset to ArcGIS online?  My organization has an acc...
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  • Topic Suggestions for Fleet Routing with the VRP Solver

    The team that works on the Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) Solver has started a blog series to dive deeper into topics and help explain how best to model with the VRP solver.  We have a list of topics we think are ...
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  • Language independent network analysis class names

    When using Network Analyst in a Python Environment you should use the GetNAClassNames utitlity function returning the language dependent Network Analysis class names as a dictionary. Using ArcGIS with the German Suppl...
  • Attribute evaluator for a binary value field

    Dear Community, I have a network dataset and I want to add an attribute evaluator that use a field (named ACCESSIBLE) binary value (1/0) that indicates whether a street segment is traversable or not. If for example ...
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  • VRP - Sequencing orders along a route

    Is there a way to enforce the relative sequencing of orders without tying them to a specific route and without using time windows?   In detail: I have a mini bus service (several vehicles) that w...
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  • Creating a T-Junction Does Not Route Successfully

    Dear Experts,   I was trying to create a T-Junction in my network. But it didn't work. Here is how I created it:   1. Got a street with several vertex:   2. Create a new street from one of the vert...
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  • Creating/building ND - file read/write error

    Hi I am using network analyst for the first time (as a student). I am trying to build a network dataset. After going through and completing the wizard via ArcCatalog, it says 'the network dataset has been created. Wou...
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  • What VRP problem types are you modeling?

    The VRP Solver can be configured to solve many different fleet routing problems.  What are you using it for?
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  • Addresses on network analyst

    I need help concerning Network Analyst. I have a polyline shapefile with a projected coordinate system defined containing the streets of a city and its respective names and length. However, there is no enough informat...
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  • Geoprocessing Service Fails with ERROR 030060 "Could not open network"

    Hello,   I have ArcGIS Server 10.4.1 environment in Linux machine (Red Hat 7.4), ArcMap 10.4.1 in windows 7 machine.  The data is StreetMap Premium 2016R3   I have confirmed, 1. The SMP license...
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  • Calulating number of turns along a route

    Hello, I'm am using NA's Closest Facility solver to calculate routes between incidents and the closest fire station. The processes works fine and I have about 385 different routes. Is it possible to calculate or find...
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  • NA Campus directions not returning turn data (works in Desktop)?

    I have been working with the information discussed in this thread: http://forums.arcgis.com/threads/76035-NA-Campus-directions-questions. and so far most of it has proved quite helpful. However I have been noticing so...
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  • VRP - use of the renewal and see its results

    See different routes and their information created with renewal. Colors to different routes, detail, stops, distance, time
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  • BUG: calculating Impedance Attributes

    ArcMap 10.6   We are attempting to create a network with a variety a of impedance attributes that are quite similar, but with a varying constant that is input to a formula. To do this we are making imp...
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  • Batch Solving Many Routes

    Hello all, I periodically need to calculate the shortest walking distance for over 1.8 million routes (2 points per route). With such a large amount of routes I cannot use the desktop ArcGIS - loading that many locat...
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  • Build network dataset failed

    My road network was previously in Shapefile format and the editing/building of the network used to work fine.   I have now converted it to a featureclass in a file geoDB.   I was able to create the...
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  • Build errors in Network Dataset

    I am trying to create a network of paths/trails/roads, villages and mine sites. I am creating a service area network analysis based on Pedestrian travel time to mine sites. I have creaded evaluators that have a hierar...
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  • Convert Teleatlas Multinet to Turn Feature Class

    Hi I am working here with TeleAtlas MultiNet data to set up a road network used for NetworkAnalyst. There was no problem to set up the roads and oneways. But I didn't find out how to set up a turn table to import it...
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  • Hubway Bike Trip density analysis

    Hi all, I need you help and inputs.I am working on a academic project on Hubway bike trip density analysis for Boston city.   I have Hubway trip data with  users details like start and end time ,date, Star...
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  • VRP - multiple orders for same location

    VRP - multiple orders for same location We used VRP to calculate service routes for our inspectors. Customers could request multiple inspections under the same address. To generate the most efficient route, we were...
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