• Network analysis problem

    Hi! I'm trying to use the "New route" tool in ArcGIS, but it doesn't work. The error message says "Warning: No route from location "Graphic Pick 1" to location "Graphic Pick 2". Error: No solution found.", which is ...
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  • What VRP problem types are you modeling?

    The VRP Solver can be configured to solve many different fleet routing problems.  What are you using it for?
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  • Failed to Generate Directions, Error

    So for the last week or so, i have been working on a project, and have been able to generate directions in the past. However now every time i try to generate directions i receive the error "Failed to Generate direct...
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  • Network analyst- slope restrictions

    Hello!   I have a road network with attribute 'speed' and a DEM raster and I need to calculate the service area. I want to use the DEM raster to specify the speed in hilly areas. The idea is that the c...
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  • Topic Suggestions for Fleet Routing with the VRP Solver

    The team that works on the Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) Solver has started a blog series to dive deeper into topics and help explain how best to model with the VRP solver.  We have a list of topics we think are ...
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  • FCA-metrics

    Hey guys, I’m looking to compare two different building agglomerations to a facility-type in their spatial access. I’ve read some litterature on the 2-step floating catchment metric, and different variatio...
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    Hello, I have a network dataset with historical traffic. Every time that I run a vehicle routing problem, the solver gives me results with the time-neutral travel time.  This is not happening when I do Rout...
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  • Network Analyst ignores bikeways in Multimodal network

    I have a multimodal network with separate line layers for bikeways and streets. For cars, the bikeways layer is restricted, but for bikes and pedestrians, it is not. There is a bike connection point layer in the netwo...
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  • VRP Costs for a single route problem

    Hello Everyone, I am using the VRP solver on ArcGIS Online to help a courier optimize its deliveries. I am currently setting the  time_window_factor to low so that the solver  places more importance on mini...
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  • How to show oneways direction

    I have a network dataset and i want to find out a way to show oneways direction (an arrow of something similar) without having to use network identify tool. What i want to achieve is to share a shapefile with certain ...
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  • Network Analysts

    I Want a best resource to understanding a Network Analysis.
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  • VRP - MaxOrderCount Limt of 1,000?

    I am using residential locations (homes) as locations for garbage collection.  The homes are the "orders" and I have 1 garbage truck for the "route".  I have 1,161 homes so I entered a MaxOrderCount of 1,161...
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  • Near Analysis - With Network Road Distance

    I have a point dataset that I need to calculate the road network distance to the nearest section of polyline.  I have the following licenses:   1)  Network Analyst 2)  StreetMap Premium 3)  Ar...
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  • Location Allocation issue

    When using Location Allocation in Network Analyst, is there a maximum number of Facilities and/or Demand Points?  I am trying to solve using Target Market Share. I have 3,717 Facilities and 90,622 Demand Points.&...
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  • Minimum Spanning Tree based on a street network

    HI GIS Experts, I hope you can help me with my network analyse problem (ArcGIS 10.0 SP2 - ArcView License) Background: I try to create a network of fiber optic cables to specific points along a street network. Her...
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  • Problem creating turn features

    I've got a turn feature class, the network dataset is built, the feature class containing the edges is loaded into ArcMap, I'm trying to add a new turn feature, but when I try to create it, "Create Feature Task" can't...
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  • Could not create network dataset.

    I'm a student at Meade Senior High School working to become a S.T.A.R.S. Certified Geospatial Technician and I have a problem. Im working in the Extended Tools in Surface Analysis book. Im trying to create a network d...
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  • Network Analyst and ArcGIS Online

    I couldn't find any posts that answered my question.  I may have been searching the wrong way.  But here goes. Is there anyway to upload my Network Dataset to ArcGIS online?  My organization has an acc...
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  • Language independent network analysis class names

    When using Network Analyst in a Python Environment you should use the GetNAClassNames utitlity function returning the language dependent Network Analysis class names as a dictionary. Using ArcGIS with the German Suppl...
  • Attribute evaluator for a binary value field

    Dear Community, I have a network dataset and I want to add an attribute evaluator that use a field (named ACCESSIBLE) binary value (1/0) that indicates whether a street segment is traversable or not. If for example ...
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