• Las Dataset Statistics - where is the average point spacing?

    I have a large LAS Dataset that I calculated statistics for when I made it.  Accessing its properties through Catalog I can view a bunch of statistics but nowhere can I find the average point spacing, which ESRI ...
    created by keithaddison
  • Linear referencing - how does Arc decide which end of a line to start with?

    Using ArcMap 10.3.1 - I applied linear referencing to a big tangled looping around on itself many times mass of separate polylines (I didn't combine any of them, all had a unique identifier) I used the two fields opti...
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  • I have road data with oneway directions set as "FT". Some oneway roads in between of the line with oneway "FT" are flipped in opposite direction making it impossible to create a straight route. Is there any tool/method to find such segments which are flip

    For illustration purposes I am adding a screenshot. A small segment is flipped in between the road. All other roads are with direction/oneway "FT".  
    created by buneri
  • Looking for tool to calculate difference in attribute values

    Hello,   I have two feature classes of hexagonal polygons, both derived from a universal coverage of hexagons, both containing values for the exact same attribute.   What I'd like to do is create a new pol...
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  • Selecting all records within a given date range mm/dd/yyyy

    Hello all,   I have a shapefile with a column of dates that were all manually entered in an editing session. Is it possible to create a "Select by Attributes" query that will select all records within a given da...
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  • Pull data from raster across multiple buffer zones

    I'm attempting to quantify canopy cover within buffer zones around Pennsylvania. Sites were collected by the Fish and Boat Commission, I've applied a 5000m buffer around each site. I have a simple canopy raster I pull...
    created by Jmadamski
  • Variable Buffer on Street Centerline

    Hi all,   I have a street centerline file where all road segments have a functional class of Arterial (A), Collector (C), Local (L). I also have a point file of each intersection.   I would like to do a cr...
    created by Seidensticker
  • Stream extraction mistaking roads as streams

    I am finding the watershed and streams in an area that contains a few roads. It is mistaking some of the roads as streams. How do I make sure the stream extraction isn't picking up the roads as well?
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  • Summing length of roads within multiple buffer zones

    Trying to quantify the total length of roads within buffer zones around given sites. Some of the buffers do overlap. Following the instructions given here: SUM LENGTH OF LINES IN POLYGONS    However, I manu...
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  • Time Sequential Values

    Hello! I hate to rehash old threads but, despite my research,I am still confused on how to determine the difference between sequential values in rows of the same field. In my case specifically - times in rows of the s...
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  • Web part for sharepoint does not show pop up

    Hi,   I have a problem with my web part in Share Point as it is not showing Popup when the object on the map is clicked. But, the weird thing is, that only happens AFTER I click on "OK" or "APPLY" The popup ...
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  • summarize raster values to polygon

    #summarize raster; #raster values to polygon Working with ArcGIS Pro, I can't find an easy solution to what I used to be able to do in ArcGIS with XTools Pro: extract raster values to polygon, which allowed for zonal...
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  • Geographically weighted regression problems

    Geographically weighted regression: ArcGIS Pro 2.4 and MGWR #GWR   There are large difference between the results of an ArcGIS Pro gwr and those of Fotheringham et al. Multiscale Geographically weighted regress...
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  • Distance between points along a polyline

    I have points marking tagged fish locations along a river. How do I measure the distance between each of those successive points?
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  • Can you add a predefined shape (e.g. set area) to map in Enterprise Portal?

    I'm researching to see if it is possible to add a new feature to a map on an Enterprise Site where it's shape and size is predefined...is this possible?   I'm envisaging that this is a little like The True ...
    created by spk578
  • Resample raster using majority of pixels

    I would like to resample a raster dataset using a majority of my input pixels. There is a function called "Resample>Majority"; however, it does not do what I want. Lets say that I have a raster with 1 meter resolut...
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  • Is it possible to build a custom geolocator based upon subdivision name and lot number?

    I've been approached by our company's wastewater division to create geocoded data from an Excel spreadsheet. Normally, this would be easy, but the spreadsheet contains a list of subdivision names and lot numbers where...
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  • Where did Arcade come from?

    I hope I'm not the only person asking but where did the Arcade expression language come from?   I kinda guessed from the Arc bit of it that it might have been developed by ESRI however, if there's any history it...
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  • Creating (Circle) Polygon with Specific Area Size

    I am wondering if the ArcMap (10.6) or ArcGIS Pro (2.3.3) allows us to create circle polygon with setting specific area-size, instead of radius? Thank you in advance. 
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  • Using a Point as an Obstruction for Sight Line

    I am trying to figure out how to account for lack of visibility in a camera. So the star below is a camera and the crosses are towers. The circles represent what area my camera can see. I need to remove from this circ...
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