• Proxy settings CE 2019.1

    I'm trying to configure CE for our corporate proxy. The company has an auto detect proxy config setup in IE. I can get the settings by entering http://tpproxypac.xyz.co.nz/wpad.dat (or http://wpad/wpad....
  • Python reference in CityEngine Help

    There used to be Python reference page in the old version of CityEngine help, and now it seems disabled. For example, the search result take to the default help page, and cannot access to the menu 'jscripting'. I woul...
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  • 'Align shapes to terrain' icon greyed out

    Hi,   I'm relatively new to CityEngine, so I'm likely doing something a bit newbie-stupid, but...I can't seem to get the 'Align shapes to terrain' icon to become active (or select it from the 'Shapes' drop-down)...
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  • CityEngine VR Experience for Unreal Studio

    The CityEngine VR Experience Unreal Engine 4 project template is a complete solution for creating virtual reality experiences to explore CityEngine architecture and urban planning scenarios. It consists of a virtual o...
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  • Promo code for 360 VR app

    Thomas Fuchs I searched for ways to acquire the promo code for the Esri 360 VR app for Oculus and your name came up. Can you provide me with one?   Regards,   Nic
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  • Inverted textures in models exported form ArcGis

    Hi, I'm having a problem with textures in my 3D models imported from GDB file. Some of the textures on the walls are inverted. Does anyone konw how to fix it? Thanks in advance
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  • Roof texture

    Hey, it's me again.   I used the code from Using satellite imagery as roof textures in CityEngine - GeoPlanIT.   After exporting to "Esri Scene Layer Package" the texture isn't right displayed. See the ima...
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  • I am trying to setup my Firewall for accessing AGOL through City Engine 2019.0

    I am currently using Sophos UTM 9 and have created an exception for the following sites within Web Protection > Filtering Options   https://ago-item-storage.s3.amazonaws.comhttp://ago-item-storage.s3.amazonaw...
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  • No textures on buildings from Get Map Data.

    Hi win 10 CityEngine 2019 Importing from Get Map results in buildings with no texture after clicking the generate button. Was working before updating the library. Any help appreciated
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  • mac OS Catalina and CityEngine

    Dear Mac Users A few weeks ago Apple released mac OS Catalina. We would like to remind you, that CityEngine 2019.1 is not supported on Catalina at the moment. Catalina support is planned for 2020.0. CityEngine 201...
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  • Have you experienced a connection problem between CityEngine 2019.1 and ArcGis Online?

    Hi community,   When I try to login to CityEngine 2019.1 via 'Sign In' (top right), the 'Sign In' link does not allow me to login to my ArcGis Online account, I do not access the Login Password window, nothing i...
  • Finding the lowest Point

    Hello everyone,   i have the following problem in my Cityengine project. Because of the hilly landscape I built my buildings on flat tops. But then the doors of the buildings are not at the lowest point. As alre...
    created by aybu1014
  • OS MasterMap Topological data into CityEngine

    Hello please can anyone tell me whether it's possible to import OS MasterMap topological data (in particular building footprints and building height attributes) into CityEngine from ArcGIS via the UK Data Loader, with...
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  • Objects are overlain by Shapes

    Hey, i have the problem with some Objects after align all the shapes to a terrain. Then i get a unlovely presentation like this: Am i doing something wrong or is there an easy solution?
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  • New:  Site Design Rules (beta)

    I have recently compiled and rewritten building code from old and new CityEngine building rules, and packaged it as a downloadable Project. The rules will eventually integrate with ArcGIS Urban. There are docs to expl...
  • Elevation data

    hi everyone, i am using a free trial version but the elevation data are not available, how can i do? thank you
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  • CityEngine doesn't display the option: Get Map Data

    Hi Esri  CityEngine 2019.0.5403 Windows 10 Top right of the CityEngine UI shows I am connected to the ArcGIS database. Starting a project by clicking on the 'Create a city from map data' opens a new project, ye...
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  • City Engine 2016 wont connect to internet through proxy

    Good Afternoon I recently installed City Engine 2016 on my computer. I was successfully able to install, and authorize the application but each time I launch it, the opening Wizard (on Example Projects) tells me that ...
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  • Sign In to ArcGIS Online Fails - CityEngine 2018.1.4065

    Hello all, I have this same problem with CityEngine  2018.1.4065 (Build Date: 180822, release, win32-64bit). I can connect to my ArcGis Online profile with Web browser, ArcMap and ArcGis Pro ... but not with Cit...
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  • Sign In to ArcGIS Online Fails

    I can't sign in to ArcGIS Online through City Engine (v 2016.1.2875 160919R).  I've tried adding a more specific link to our County's AGOL site through Preferences > Network > Portals, but that fails too. &...
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