• CityEngine Graphic Problem

    Hi, When I create model in #cityengine, the reslut look like photo i posted represented. Is there solution? #win10,amd graphic,#cityengine 2019
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  • Complete streets - assign different texture

    Let me begin by saying I am still a beginner when it comes to City Engine and writing /amending rules. Complete Streets is an amazing rule, and I am still wrapping my head around its possibilities.   Here in Ne...
  • Extracting Data from Viewshed Analysis

    Hello!   I've been working with City Engine over the past several months to learn how it might be used for a very specific application. I am working on finding a method for developing a "visibility map" of a roa...
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  • From CityEngine to Unreal Engine: the journey from first design steps to high-quality real-time visualization

    Background: a plan for redevelopment of Dorchester Avenue in South Boston Procedural design with CityEngine  Getting environment data Refining urban layout CGA rules  Modular approach Org...
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  • Creating a Road Network/Polygon/Surface from existing Vertexes of an OBJ model

    Hello,   I have a question regarding making road networks from features/vertices of an existing 3d model (.obj file). I was given a .obj file of a couple town block that includes many individual objects. I'...
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  • CCTV Viewshed

    I am trying to use Carl Besters CCTV code.  I have the cameras in CityEngine but when I run the cga script the viewshed is rotated by 180 degrees.  So basically the narrow part is rotated around and the...
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  • Fuzzy Objects

    Is there a possible solution to how i can fix the fuzziness of my output object in City Engine? Is there something to do with how i write my CGA rule? Thanks!  - Derrick
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  • Merge face

    How to merge these faces into one complete face
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  • "Home" Bookmark

    I know H takes you to the "Home" bookmark, but is there a way to set this? I occasionally hit it by accident and the camera relocates far away from where I'm actually working.
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  • Can't get OSM data in 2017.0 and 2017.1

    I can't get any OSM data from the Get Map Data option anymore. CE sits for about a minute at "Creating resource blahblah/map.osm" and then returns a window saying "Selection is empty!". However, there is definite...
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  • Get Map Date doesn't work

    Hi,   I'm running CE 2107.0 and whenever I try use the 'Get Map Data' option from the file menu it comes up for approximately a mili-second and disappears into thin air.    I've tried installing the p...
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  • get map data ok box greyed out

    Open Street Map opens with Get Map Data, but the OK button is greyed out.  I am logged in - Please advise.
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  • CityEngine "Get Map Data" Map Not Show Up

    Hi, I'm new to CityEngine and I'm trying to use it for a Designothan to build a 3D modle of my local neighborhood.    I login successfully, but when I click Get Map Data, the dialogue shows up but...
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  • CityEngine VR Experience for Unreal Engine

    The CityEngine VR Experience Unreal Engine 4 project template is a complete solution for creating virtual reality experiences to explore CityEngine architecture and urban planning scenarios. It consists of a virtual o...
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  • split comp operation by "planar surfaces"?

    Hi All I posted a Suggestion in the Idea section,  comp operation by "flat island" in CityEngine  but I thought maybe there is a way to do just that already and I haven't thought about it.   If you ...
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  • Does Anyone have idea about how to run building generation model in CityEngine from server(maybe using HTTP proxy)  ?

    Hi Guys ,   Does Anyone have idea about how to run building generation model in CityEngine from server(maybe using HTTP proxy)  ? Because we need to create a 3D building for the whole city and th...
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  • Plaza.zip

    This is a rule to generate Plazas from 2D polygons.  It lets the user select edge elements such as bollards, planters, and trees as well as spacing and width.  It also lets the user decide how many tables wi...
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  • StripMall.zip

    A very simple Strip Mall rule.  This one needs some work.  I cant seem to get the facades to line up correctly when using the Awning option.
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  • Staircase.zip

    This is a very simple staircase generator for all those indoor designers out there.  It still needs a lot of work but it is easily customizable.  Maybe someone can figure out how to create the spiral stairca...
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  • BuildingRepresentation.cga

    This is a simple building rule that handles height by number of floors, color by Usage, and can easily be added to.  I feel like this is a good rule for those new to CGA writing to modify and learn from.
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