• Extracting Data from Viewshed Analysis

    Hello!   I've been working with City Engine over the past several months to learn how it might be used for a very specific application. I am working on finding a method for developing a "visibility map" of a roa...
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  • Tutorial exercises on CGA - rule errors

    Hi, tutorial chapters 7 & 8 deal with creating CGA rules. On both exercises I have been unable to see the results as i'm getting errors from the rules I enter (cut & pasted from the guidebook).  Screensh...
    created by Minton71
  • Move shape from one layer to another

    Hello,   I'm wondering if it is possible to move a shape object from one layer to another i CityEngine 2018? I have too many layers and would like to merge them into one.   Best regards,   Emanuel
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  • CGA Facade parts

    Hello everybody ! i recently tried my first cga steps - and encountered a strange effect. After splitting a Building into several Floors (as in the Tutorial) i tried to map a facade to a Floor. .... comp(f) { top: ...
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  • Tutorial query - CGA editing

    Hi, I'm working through the CE Tutorials.  Tutorial 6 asks us to edit CGA for the first time. If i cut and paste the code from into the Navigator (or if I type it in manually) I get the error message 'Unused fun...
    created by Minton71
  • Creating a Road Network/Polygon/Surface from existing Vertexes of an OBJ model

    Hello,   I have a question regarding making road networks from features/vertices of an existing 3d model (.obj file). I was given a .obj file of a couple town block that includes many individual objects. I'...
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  • CityEngine Graphic Problem

    Hi, When I create model in #cityengine, the reslut look like photo i posted represented. Is there solution? #win10,amd graphic,#cityengine 2019
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  • Complete streets - assign different texture

    Let me begin by saying I am still a beginner when it comes to City Engine and writing /amending rules. Complete Streets is an amazing rule, and I am still wrapping my head around its possibilities.   Here in Ne...
  • CCTV Viewshed

    I am trying to use Carl Besters CCTV code.  I have the cameras in CityEngine but when I run the cga script the viewshed is rotated by 180 degrees.  So basically the narrow part is rotated around and the...
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  • Fuzzy Objects

    Is there a possible solution to how i can fix the fuzziness of my output object in City Engine? Is there something to do with how i write my CGA rule? Thanks!  - Derrick
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  • Merge face

    How to merge these faces into one complete face
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  • "Home" Bookmark

    I know H takes you to the "Home" bookmark, but is there a way to set this? I occasionally hit it by accident and the camera relocates far away from where I'm actually working.
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  • Can't get OSM data in 2017.0 and 2017.1

    I can't get any OSM data from the Get Map Data option anymore. CE sits for about a minute at "Creating resource blahblah/map.osm" and then returns a window saying "Selection is empty!". However, there is definite...
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  • Get Map Date doesn't work

    Hi,   I'm running CE 2107.0 and whenever I try use the 'Get Map Data' option from the file menu it comes up for approximately a mili-second and disappears into thin air.    I've tried installing the p...
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  • get map data ok box greyed out

    Open Street Map opens with Get Map Data, but the OK button is greyed out.  I am logged in - Please advise.
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  • CityEngine "Get Map Data" Map Not Show Up

    Hi, I'm new to CityEngine and I'm trying to use it for a Designothan to build a 3D modle of my local neighborhood.    I login successfully, but when I click Get Map Data, the dialogue shows up but...
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  • split comp operation by "planar surfaces"?

    Hi All I posted a Suggestion in the Idea section,  comp operation by "flat island" in CityEngine  but I thought maybe there is a way to do just that already and I haven't thought about it.   If you ...
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  • Does Anyone have idea about how to run building generation model in CityEngine from server(maybe using HTTP proxy)  ?

    Hi Guys ,   Does Anyone have idea about how to run building generation model in CityEngine from server(maybe using HTTP proxy)  ? Because we need to create a 3D building for the whole city and th...
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  • Fractal tree rule

    Here's a goofy one, just for fun, with video and epic Pink Floyd song.
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  • Parapet wall & street curb extension

    Hello,   I have 2 questions and hope someone can help me.   Can anyone help me how to write parapet wall in my roofType.cga? I extrude the building, give it a separate attribute for height and defined 3 di...
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