• Using Python to create an object attribute from a rule attribute

    I am trying to write a python script that will create a new object attribute containing the parcel area for any number of parcels I’ve selected in the scene. I know I need to use Export (Reporting) python script...
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  • No textures on buildings from Get Map Data.

    Hi win 10 CityEngine 2019 Importing from Get Map results in buildings with no texture after clicking the generate button. Was working before updating the library. Any help appreciated
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  • When getting Map Data, does it have to be a rectangular boundary? 

    I want to collect data in a specific polygon shape, but it seems I can only drag my mouse and have a rectangular study area.  Does anyone know how to change this?
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  • how can i Repeating the pattern for the rest respectively

    hi everyone .I want to repeat the pattern of the colored part of this design respectively for the rest . how this can be done .very thanks   Lot --> split(z) { ~3 : Tile(split.index) }* Tile(n) --> case ...
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  • CGA Facade parts

    Hello everybody ! i recently tried my first cga steps - and encountered a strange effect. After splitting a Building into several Floors (as in the Tutorial) i tried to map a facade to a Floor. .... comp(f) { top: ...
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  • Syntax? CE 2015.0: CGA Rule (innerRectangle)

    HI! I only have access to CityEngine 2015.0, after reading through the online documentation I know I would need to execute following line in CityEngine 2019:   innerRectangle(edge) {shape: thingA | remainde...
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  • CityEngine "Get Map Data" Map Not Show Up

    Hi, I'm new to CityEngine and I'm trying to use it for a Designothan to build a 3D modle of my local neighborhood.    I login successfully, but when I click Get Map Data, the dialogue shows up but...
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  • A little help with Python reporting ... building to parcel to precinct level 

    Hi CE folks,   I've been progressively working my way through python and have a question about aggregate reporting with Python.   In this case I'm trying to report FAR on a precinct level.   I can ...
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  • Custom grow streets in cityengine

    Are there CGA rules for the grow streets methods?  I assume I can just make an entirely new CGA or python script to generate a city, but its a little much. I would like to just modify the rules that already exist...
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  • set problem

    i made this cga but there is porblem "  set(Facade_Textures.Usage , "Agricultural") "   " set(Facade_Textures.Usage , "Office")" did not working well that did not apply what problem ...
    created by dussla
  • I want to calculate how many buildings there are?

    Hi everyone,     I want to see automatically how many buildings are built in the parcel.I need to see this value as a number to use it in other operations. (reports,gfa,far calculations etc.) How can I...
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  • plant loader no assets

    Hey everyone I am pretty new to CE and am learning it as part of a final project in my landscape architecture course. I am trying to replicate a neighborhood, and would like to use the Plant_Distributor.cga that ...
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  • CityEngine 2019 missing Plant Library ?

    Hi folks,   We've recently installed the latest CE2019 and I'm just in the process of migrating old projects. I noticed that the Plant Library is totally missing ?   In the 2019 Plant Loader rule the Asse...
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  • How do I align streets to parcel edges in City Engine?

    Hi- I'm relatively new to City Engine and am looking to create streets for a new development (i.e there are no existing roads I can import as there are no existing roads within the development). I currently have the c...
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  • Lock perspective in CE Web Viewer

    Hello, i have a question regarding the Cityengine Web Viewer.   Some of my buildings are a bit below the earth and also the stairs are further below the earth. But you can see them if you look from below.  ...
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  • CityEngine Project Disappeared

    1) I was working on a CityEngine project and saved regularly. I left one project to work on a CE tutorial, and when I finished I wasn't able to open my first project. The computer now doesn't recognize .cej and asks m...
    created by aebarun_bucas
  • generate road network model using ce sdk

    hi everyone, I want to use ce sdk to generate road network model from osm map. I downloaded the sdk example prt4cmd and successfully got a nice looking building model. But it seems that the initial shape of the ce sdk...
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  • about window split cga

    hi always thank you for good anwser i am beginner in cityengine i would like to split window like attached image can you  make sample cga
    created by dussla
  • Intersections between multiple graph networks in CityEngine without changing width?

    Cannot create intersections between multiple graph networks in CityEngine, If I merge layers it will changing the street widths. is there is anyway to fix it?
    created by Bayanalotaibi
  • Automation Model Creation in CityEngine

    I now have a set of data (e.g. road width, road type, etc.) saved in the local disk. Is there any possibility for me to use this data in CityEngine based on CGA rule (or Python maybe?)  to automatically generate...
    created by g37song