• Esri Complete Street Rule Discussion-Feedback?

    Hi All,   My name is David Wasserman, the urban planner/programmer that wrote Complete_Street.cga that is featured in the Complete Street Example. I was hoping that if anyone had any comments on the rule or sugg...
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  • Python console error! "Console already exited with value: 0 while waiting for an answer"

      I get this error as soon as I turn on the console =   Console already exited with value: 0 while waiting for an answer.   The error comes without writing anything, start with import sys line auto i...
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  • CGA Profiling / Performance tuning: how to?

    Hello Guys!  I was wondering if there is a way to profile our CGA code, is there a way to determine the number of calls for specific function, time spent in each function, etc.   For example: Also I came ...
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  • convert() from scope->world then world->scope gives unexpected results

    I have a problem, where I am using convert() to convert scope to world space, apply some world space operation, and then convert it back to scope. based on shape orientation, it either works or behave with unexpected ...
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  • can cityengine data be formatted / exported as cityjson

    Can urban models and the associated attribute data (in particular, models created from extrusion of shapefiles) be stored/formatted/exported as CityJSON, to transfer it to another software for further analyses?  ...
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  • ArcGIS Urban-->CityEngine Issue

    I have a student license for ArcGIS Urban and CityEngine. Urban 1.* and CE 2019.1 worked great together. I updated to ArcGIS Urban 2.0 and ArcGIS CityEngine 2020, but now the ArcGIS Urban Functions in the toolbar are ...
    created by hsinclai
  • OSM_how to add a more up to date map?

    Hi, I want to use CE on a project in Yangon, Myanmar. There is some basic information available via Get Map Data. but it is quite out of date. How can I import a more up to date aerial map?
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  • city engine keeps crashing as soon as it begins

    I start city engine, it loads, gets to open file and crashes before it finishes loading. Any ideas why? thanks in advance dave
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  • Creating a bridge overpass with Pillar supports

    Hallo there, Am new to city engine but have been working on it for a few days now, seems pretty interesting in generating 3D models, been working with the default CGA rules that i manage to download. I had an issue w...
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  • Remove vertex on line

    I created a road and without re-drawing the road I want to remove a vertex. I hope it's not obvious how to remove a point but any help is appreciative.   Thanks.
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  • Surface colour aligned to terrain artifacting

    I have a question about aligning a surface colour to terrain modification. I have a terrain file and associated .tiff. Now I would like to modify this terrain, as there is a little basin in the reserve I am mode...
  • Adding base shape colour to Plant_Loader.cga

    Hi,   I have managed to successfully add a generic brown (mulch) colour to the Plant_Distributor.cga by adding GroundCover to the existing rule:   @StartRule Generate --> case Mix == "Custom": alignSc...
  • Align graph/streets to terrain in City Engine 2020

    Dear all,    please could someone help me with aligning streets from OSM to terrain?   I have streets from OSM. Terrain was downloaded via Get Map tool. Even if I use align graph to terrain, I am ge...
  • Demo of PBR in CityEngine?

    While I have done some classic shading work in CE, I'm interested in the new PBR shading capability. Could someone possibly do a demo or a rundown of the essentials of PBR in CE? I'm in architecture and I'm ...
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  • Balcony design for the corner of the building

    hello everyone I want to design a balcony for the corners of the building like the picture below.( by cga rule in cityengine) . But I don't know how to do it, can anyone help. very thanks
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  • Cityengine

    Apakah di komunitas ini terdapat pelatihan menggunakan aplikasi cityengine?
    created by sboden-esristaff
  • world space scope split

    Hello Everyone,   is there a way to split using world space slicer position instead if using the local scope? I want restrict the split() on X and Y along specific world space modulo ( for example: at each 3.45...
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  • CityEngine 2020 - issue with context menu

    Dear all,   does anybody missing some functions in context menu in 3D Viewport? I am not able to add there tools like Convert models to shape or selection tools like Select Objects of Same Group a...
  • Unable to download ArcGIS City Engine Tutorials

    I am unable to download the ArcGIS City Engine Tutorials and Examples. Is anyone else having this issue?  
  • Solving conflicts in complex intersection and roundabouts

    I'm trying to model the street network of an area but city engine shows conflicts in case of complex intersections and roundabouts . I've tried using resolve conflict tools which creates weird intersection. I've also ...
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