• generate road network model using ce sdk

    hi everyone, I want to use ce sdk to generate road network model from osm map. I downloaded the sdk example prt4cmd and successfully got a nice looking building model. But it seems that the initial shape of the ce sdk...
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  • about window split cga

    hi always thank you for good anwser i am beginner in cityengine i would like to split window like attached image can you  make sample cga
    created by dussla
  • CityEngine 2019 missing Plant Library ?

    Hi folks,   We've recently installed the latest CE2019 and I'm just in the process of migrating old projects. I noticed that the Plant Library is totally missing ?   In the 2019 Plant Loader rule the Asse...
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  • plant loader no assets

    Hey everyone I am pretty new to CE and am learning it as part of a final project in my landscape architecture course. I am trying to replicate a neighborhood, and would like to use the Plant_Distributor.cga that ...
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  • Intersections between multiple graph networks in CityEngine without changing width?

    Cannot create intersections between multiple graph networks in CityEngine, If I merge layers it will changing the street widths. is there is anyway to fix it?
    created by Bayanalotaibi
  • Automation Model Creation in CityEngine

    I now have a set of data (e.g. road width, road type, etc.) saved in the local disk. Is there any possibility for me to use this data in CityEngine based on CGA rule (or Python maybe?)  to automatically generate...
    created by g37song
  • Changing report names in Python tutorial 12

    Hi, I’m stuck in the CE Python stuff. I need to create a semi colon separated list in a text file summed by the start shape. So exactly like in Tutorial 12, I’m not getting any errors anymore on export, b...
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  • Lock perspective in CE Web Viewer

    Hello, i have a question regarding the Cityengine Web Viewer.   Some of my buildings are a bit below the earth and also the stairs are further below the earth. But you can see them if you look from below.  ...
    created by aybu1014
  • CityEngine VR Experience for Unreal Studio

    The CityEngine VR Experience Unreal Engine 4 project template is a complete solution for creating virtual reality experiences to explore CityEngine architecture and urban planning scenarios. It consists of a virtual o...
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  • CityEngine Model Loader for Unreal Studio Quick Start Guide

    Important notice: Starting with CityEngine 2019.1, when exporting to Unreal Studio 4.23 or later, the CityEngine Model Loader is not required any longer. It is now possible to export from CityEngine using Datasmith an...
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  • Per-texture transformations not exported from CityEngine

    Hi,   I've been working with the Local Government 3D Basemap in ArcPro and have used it create a gdb which I have subsequently imported into CityEngine. I have created LOD3 buildings, and the textures display fin...
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  • Python example scripts fail ?

    Hi CE and python folks,   Upfront disclaimer, I'm a python noob and seem to have forgotten most of the thing I tried and tested years ago with python & CE.   I have gone back to some posts and tutes, n...
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  • How to change the x-axis for pointing at the north

    Hello, I am relatively new with City Engine, I would like inside City Engine that the x-axis point north because I use Unreal engine and where I work, They use Unreal for a simulator and the north and the south is on ...
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  • I receive error in CityEngine

    CityEngine. Can't open project. I receive error:   [Method: 'Default$Building_From_Footprint$Generate'] cleanupGeometry(): Whole geometry deleted, ignoring operation (keeping original geometry).   ...
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  • Advanced Features of CityEngine VR Experience

    This document describes some advanced features of the CityEngine VR Experience. The basic information is available here: https://community.esri.com/docs/DOC-11563 We recommend to read the basic informat...
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  • Proxy settings CE 2019.1

    I'm trying to configure CE for our corporate proxy. The company has an auto detect proxy config setup in IE. I can get the settings by entering http://tpproxypac.xyz.co.nz/wpad.dat (or http://wpad/wpad....
  • Color RGB on a texture

    Hi, is it possible you read a pictures combined RGB values. I’m trying to figure out a way to determine how light or dark a texture is, and I was wondering if I could do something similar like when you read the ...
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  • Python reference in CityEngine Help

    There used to be Python reference page in the old version of CityEngine help, and now it seems disabled. For example, the search result take to the default help page, and cannot access to the menu 'jscripting'. I woul...
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  • 'Align shapes to terrain' icon greyed out

    Hi,   I'm relatively new to CityEngine, so I'm likely doing something a bit newbie-stupid, but...I can't seem to get the 'Align shapes to terrain' icon to become active (or select it from the 'Shapes' drop-down)...
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  • Promo code for 360 VR app

    Thomas Fuchs I searched for ways to acquire the promo code for the Esri 360 VR app for Oculus and your name came up. Can you provide me with one?   Regards,   Nic
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