• When getting Map Data, does it have to be a rectangular boundary? 

    I want to collect data in a specific polygon shape, but it seems I can only drag my mouse and have a rectangular study area.  Does anyone know how to change this?
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  • Help with tutorials

    Can someone help me with this error message?  I have been trying to download the tutorials for CityEngine, and it worked the first time, however since then I am unable to download any of them.  I receive thi...
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  • how can i Repeating the pattern for the rest respectively

    hi everyone .I want to repeat the pattern of the colored part of this design respectively for the rest . how this can be done .very thanks   Lot --> split(z) { ~3 : Tile(split.index) }* Tile(n) --> case ...
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  • CGA Facade parts

    Hello everybody ! i recently tried my first cga steps - and encountered a strange effect. After splitting a Building into several Floors (as in the Tutorial) i tried to map a facade to a Floor. .... comp(f) { top: ...
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  • Syntax? CE 2015.0: CGA Rule (innerRectangle)

    HI! I only have access to CityEngine 2015.0, after reading through the online documentation I know I would need to execute following line in CityEngine 2019:   innerRectangle(edge) {shape: thingA | remainde...
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  • CityEngine "Get Map Data" Map Not Show Up

    Hi, I'm new to CityEngine and I'm trying to use it for a Designothan to build a 3D modle of my local neighborhood.    I login successfully, but when I click Get Map Data, the dialogue shows up but...
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  • Bi-directional shape/attribute communication

    Hi folks,   An interesting by-product of my little experiments from this thread ... thanks Cheryl !  Minimum distance based on axis / world orientation ?    With a bit of hacking I managed ...
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  • CityEngine VR Experience for Unreal Studio

    The CityEngine VR Experience Unreal Engine 4 project template is a complete solution for creating virtual reality experiences to explore CityEngine architecture and urban planning scenarios. It consists of a virtual o...
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  • A little help with Python reporting ... building to parcel to precinct level 

    Hi CE folks,   I've been progressively working my way through python and have a question about aggregate reporting with Python.   In this case I'm trying to report FAR on a precinct level.   I can ...
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  • Rounded N-Sided Polygon Possible?

    Trying to use CGA to create a "rounded N-Sided polygon" turned into a hobby.   One I haven't solved it yet but maybe somebody else will.  I thought I would share my findings to give the next p...
    created by brian.wamsley
  • Fun with Quarter Circles - Rounded Squares

    #CityEngine #quarterCircle #roundedSquares #CGA #roundedBuildings   Once again, I'm a new CityEngine user and didn't see anything describing these findings so I'm going to share: T...
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  • Half Circle with Curb - aka "Median Curb Maker"

    #CityEngine #halfCircle #parkinglot #quartercircle #CGA   Looks like this:     Hi all, I am pretty new to CityEngine but I learned something that I didn't see any where else....
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  • Custom grow streets in cityengine

    Are there CGA rules for the grow streets methods?  I assume I can just make an entirely new CGA or python script to generate a city, but its a little much. I would like to just modify the rules that already exist...
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  • set problem

    i made this cga but there is porblem "  set(Facade_Textures.Usage , "Agricultural") "   " set(Facade_Textures.Usage , "Office")" did not working well that did not apply what problem ...
    created by dussla
  • I want to calculate how many buildings there are?

    Hi everyone,     I want to see automatically how many buildings are built in the parcel.I need to see this value as a number to use it in other operations. (reports,gfa,far calculations etc.) How can I...
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  • Model.dae

    Hey,   i want to load some dae out of the 3D Warehouse, but CityEngine 2019.1 doesn't display the textures. The whole model is just grey. I checked the pathes, they seem to be correct.   Anybody know, how ...
    created by CityTHL
  • plant loader no assets

    Hey everyone I am pretty new to CE and am learning it as part of a final project in my landscape architecture course. I am trying to replicate a neighborhood, and would like to use the Plant_Distributor.cga that ...
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  • CityEngine 2019 missing Plant Library ?

    Hi folks,   We've recently installed the latest CE2019 and I'm just in the process of migrating old projects. I noticed that the Plant Library is totally missing ?   In the 2019 Plant Loader rule the Asse...
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  • How do I align streets to parcel edges in City Engine?

    Hi- I'm relatively new to City Engine and am looking to create streets for a new development (i.e there are no existing roads I can import as there are no existing roads within the development). I currently have the c...
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  • Lock perspective in CE Web Viewer

    Hello, i have a question regarding the Cityengine Web Viewer.   Some of my buildings are a bit below the earth and also the stairs are further below the earth. But you can see them if you look from below.  ...
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