• How to get the CITYENGINE free trial

    How to get the CITYENGINE free trial
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  • Shadows on Insert Object with Mirror Operation

    RE:  Shadows on Insert Object with Mirror Operation   Not sure if this is a bug or a misapplication of the rule, but when I run a mirror operation on an insert object it puts the shadows on before the mirro...
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  • Problem Importing DXF into CityEngine - Unexpected Group type

    Hi   I am trying to import a dxf file into CityEngine which I have converted from dwg using FME.  When I try to import the file I get the follwing error message"   "Unable to import: Unexpected Group ...
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  • How to obtain "streetWidth"?

    How to obtain the parameter streetWidth in Python? I have seen this Tutorial 10: Python scripting—CityEngine Tutorials | ArcGIS , but it doesn't help, the return value is always None. Any ideas? Thanks.
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  • Stream Restoration in CityEngine

    Had City Engine for close to 3 months now, and one of my early CityEngine ideas was to create a procedural stream restoration code.  With just a few hours of work, I have been able to figure out some code that gi...
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  • CityEngine VR Experience for Unreal Engine

    The CityEngine VR Experience Unreal Engine 4 project template is a complete solution for creating virtual reality experiences to explore CityEngine architecture and urban planning scenarios. It consists of a virtual o...
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  • Advanced Features of CityEngine VR Experience

    This document describes some advanced features of the CityEngine VR Experience. The basic information is available here: https://community.esri.com/docs/DOC-11563. We recommend to read the basic informa...
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  • Python reference in CityEngine Help

    There used to be Python reference page in the old version of CityEngine help, and now it seems disabled. For example, the search result take to the default help page, and cannot access to the menu 'jscripting'. I woul...
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  • CityEngine 2019.1 scene freezes after turning shadows on, have to relaunch CE

    I am thrilled to be using the new version. I had created the project in #CE 2015.2 and imported it into #CE 2019.1 It seems to works fine: create scenarios and edit shapes, etc. Yet, when I turn on shadow or ambi...
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  • about road cut and fill  function

    hi  firends i found interesting video in youtube. InfraWorks (2020) Cut and Fill Display - YouTube  that is  autodesk infrawork   cut and fill function   in cityengine  ,  i...
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  • cga Building Rules

    I'm new to CityEngine but I've made some progress learning the program by reviewing some of the tutorials.  I received a building footprint zip file from the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG) tha...
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  • Vitruvio - CityEngine Plugin for Unreal Engine 4

    Disclaimer: This is an experimental preview version of the Vitruvio plugin, with known bugs and limitations. We are working on a future stable version which will be released on Github.   Overview ...
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  • The rule file '...cga' contains errors. Check the 'Problem' view.

    I'm new to CityEngine and in 30-days trial. I'm using CityEngine 2019.1 and following the CityEngine Tutorial in Download Tutorial and Examples. But whenever Generate models, this error shows up. "The rule f...
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  • Hi, How do I open shipfile from GIS to City Engine?

    Hi, How do I open shipfile from GIS to City Engine?
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  • |FIXED| CityEngine SLPK and Portal for ArcGIS

    Few months ago I was trying to publish my CityEngine Project on my Portal as slpk to create 3D Webscenes . I got an error and I though it was because my Portal was 10.4.1 and my CityEngine was 2017.   So, now I ...
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  • How do you convert a linear data (shapefile) into a tunnel in CityEngine?

    Can someone help me with the cga code to convert a line into a tunnel in CityEngine?
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  • Custom Parcels/Lots or Subdivision Tools

    I'm running into an issue where the block subdivision types in CityEngine does not seem to have the functionality I need for my current project. I'm looking to write a rule that allows for greater control in the ...
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  • How can I join the ledges?

    I have modelled a tower with a ledge around it. The ledge has an offset of 10 cm. At the corners the ledges do not join. What can I do?
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  • Can someone help me to model this kind of roof?

    Is there someone with more experience in modelling this kind of roof? Thanks for help! :-)
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  • Complete Street Rule Update

    Hi Geonet,   So after the first iteration of the Complete Street Rule I developed as part of ESRI Redlands I started working on a personal version of the rule I have decided to share because of how useful I foun...
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