• workflow for developing bay windows?

    So I've written the cga rules up to the point were I have the basic facade the way I want it.  I did a split (x) on the floors to lay out the three sides of the bay window set up, but I don't know how to angle ea...
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  • LumentRT 3D Plants

    How to add libraries to CityEngine such LumentRT. Thanks very much.
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  • understanding the concept of Pivot, Object and Scope coordinates and transformations

    Hi  I am trying to figure out what exactly does the Set Pivot operation do and understand the ways you move around objects in CGA. I have read the manual but I am still having troubles grasping the who...
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  • City Engine Flyover

    Hi Matthias, I have a question, so there is a PLAY button in WEB SCENE to see the video of flying over the buildings , it there anything like that in CITY ENGINE? without having exporting the whole project into Web S...
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  • Can we modify CityEngine WebScene?

    Hi Everyone,   I have been generating models from CE to WebScene, which we can share it through ArcGIS online.  I want to make webscene more interactive by adding info-graphics and showing attributes in di...
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  • Dirt map on street network

    Hi.  Is there a way to apply a dirt map to a street segment rule on a different UV set (1) than the color Map (0)? Like it's usually done with buildings facades in the cityengine tutorials.  I'm trying to ...
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  • Freeing up system memory?

    My computer has 12GB of system memory and City Engine keeps on asking me to purge system memory when working with huge files. How do I free up system memory before running City Engine?
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  • Scale down whole scene keeping street width in proportion

    Hi all.  Question: I created a street network by hand replicating an old map of a medieval town, some streets are wide other are very narrow. Then I grew secondary streets on it to add complexity.  I now f...
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  • City Engine does not "read"multiple UVSet from Collada/DAE imported meshes

    Hi all   When exported from Maya, a Collada/DAE file is able to keep any multiple UVSets generated in the software, while instead exporting a OBJ does not save this information. As proof of this, when re-im...
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  • Exporting road network splines

    Hi,  I'm currently working on a traffic simulation that should run above a CityEngine scene. Therefore I need to rebuild the graph network in my application.  Until now, I've exported the graph network as ...
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  • Setback the shape from the street using a value

    Hi. I've created a rule that generates a shape which represents the coverage area (e.g. 50%) from the initial shape (like a parcel which is a polygon feature class stored in a .gdb) and now I need to move it using a v...
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  • City Engine 2017 to Cinema 4Dr 18

    Hi everyone Can you please explain me how to import a map built in City Engine to Cinema 4D (.obj or .fbx)  I followed all the tuturials and I still have nothing in my viewport after importing my map in c4...
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  • roof from satellite imagery

    i'm using cityengine2017, and i don't know how to use satellite imagery as roof textures, help me pleas
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  • Graphics card timing out

    Hi I'm getting a new issue today, concerning my graphic's card. I have a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 graphics card which has been basically fine until today. What I've been trying to do is assign different rule files and ...
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  • Custom Light Source

    I've designed my buildings to have lights on them, they appear in the attached photo.  I'm wondering if there is a way to make those lights actually functional (shine, if you will) using CGA.  I'm also open ...
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  • "No valid license found"

    Hi. I downloaded the trial version of Cityengine 2017, but after installation, this message pops up when I try to run the software. How can I fix it?
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  • Height data for abstraction or refinement

    Hi CE folks,   Just toying around with the idea of using CE and simple height data to quickly abstract away or refine swathes of city blocks etc. This came about as I have often been asked to abstract away cer...
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  • How to import a model from CityEngine into AutoCAD?

    Hello everyone,   I developed a 3D model in CityEngine and I want to import the model into AutoCAD software to create cross sections in 3D. I exported the model as FBX format, it resulted in 4 *.fbx files....
  • Roof textures disappear when I zoom in using Building_Mass_Texturizer

    As the title says, when I zoom in closer to the buildings, my roof textures start to disappear when I apply the Building_Mass_Texturizer rule. I have a 3D Multipatch Feature class I imported without textures, when I a...
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  • Temperature in CityEngine

    Good afternoon, Does anyone know the best way to represent the temperature in an area in CityEngine? Thank you
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