• Custom 3D building models and Procedural Rules

    Hello everyone   I was watching the presentation by "Walk Disney Animation Studios - Zootopia" today at lunch and couldn’t help but think what a great project that was. Near the end I heard something inter...
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  • Resolving conflict in complex intersection and roundabouts

    I've been designing the road network of an area using city engine but city engine is failing to create complex intersections and roundabout. I've tried graph clean up tool's conflict resolution technique which created...
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  • mac OS Catalina and CityEngine

    Dear Mac Users A few weeks ago Apple released mac OS Catalina. We would like to remind you, that CityEngine 2019.1 is not supported on Catalina at the moment. Catalina support is planned for 2020.0. CityEngine 201...
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  • stochastic rule with multiple percentages workaround

    HI, I was wondering if its possible to use more than 1 attribute as percentages in an stochastic rule, something like this:   attr mytrattribute1 = 0 attr mytrattribute2 = 0 attr mytrattribute3 ...
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  • Can someone help me to model this kind of roof?

    Is there someone with more experience in modelling this kind of roof? Thanks for help! :-)
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  • Lots and Footprints

    Though I have been in and out of CityEngine for a couple months now, I am still new to all of this. Q: I have been developing some nice looking CGA codes for a variety of building typologies and have those placed on ...
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  • Parking Lot

    Hello, If I want to create a parking lot with plenty of parking spaces for cars in a plot Is there any rule for this, that can be made ? Regards,
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  • Model.dae

    Hey,   i want to load some dae out of the 3D Warehouse, but CityEngine 2019.1 doesn't display the textures. The whole model is just grey. I checked the pathes, they seem to be correct.   Anybody know, how ...
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  • Help with tutorials

    Can someone help me with this error message?  I have been trying to download the tutorials for CityEngine, and it worked the first time, however since then I am unable to download any of them.  I receive thi...
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  • Bi-directional shape/attribute communication

    Hi folks,   An interesting by-product of my little experiments from this thread ... thanks Cheryl !  Minimum distance based on axis / world orientation ?    With a bit of hacking I managed ...
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  • 'Align shapes to terrain' icon greyed out

    Hi,   I'm relatively new to CityEngine, so I'm likely doing something a bit newbie-stupid, but...I can't seem to get the 'Align shapes to terrain' icon to become active (or select it from the 'Shapes' drop-down)...
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  • How to Test Whether A Lot is On a Corner

    I've been using code like the extract below to test whether a lot is on a corner (i.e. has two streetwidth variables greater than 0). Is there a better way to do this?  I know you can create LotCorners but these...
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  • Cannot Access free trial of CityEngine

    I am currently trying to access the free 30 Day Trial of CityEngine. Before it allows downloading, the page asks some questions with drop down menu selection. However, the first question about what best describes your...
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  • [WTB] Fictional city day and night render

    Hi all, I'mm looking for someone to create a fictional city and make a day and night render of it. We have a contemporary sandbox game, and need a "citymap" Current illustrations are attached.  I would like the ...
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  • Street Rule files - the arc radius problem

    While round corners for crossings and junctions are nice to look at, their mere existance has driven me nuts when programming cga rule files for roads with crosswalks. A simple example using the complete_streets rule:...
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  • Access Scene Light values using python?

    Hello, I wold like to ask a question regarding the layer Scene Light in City engine. Is there a way to access the attributes of the layer using python? Thank you
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  • This forum needs more attention

    This forum is a big part of our CityEngine learning process but unfortunately most of the questions are being kept unanswered by the professional staff. It is understandable that they have a small team but I believe C...
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  • World-Aligned Road Texturing

    Hello,  I'm working on a road rule file that does texturing based on the world position of the shape in order to minimize texture discontinuities. I'm using the GetMapData function to retrieve the road layout an...
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  • Thesis options using CityEngine...

    Can someone suggest me topics for my master's thesis using CityEngine ? Thanks in advance.
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  • Problem : Cityengine hangs in the "Initializing License" phase

    i tried the application once and had to end the process because of a large file , and after restarting the program it never starts , only stuck in the "Initializing License" phase   tried to rename the work...
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