Fully automate CityEngine 3D content production

Blog Post created by TFuchs-esristaff Employee on Aug 21, 2018

3D content generation can easily become unmanageable when processing tasks are reaching country scale. To bypass the capacity limitations of working in a semiautomatic process, Esri CityEngine now supports full automation via its Python API. Predefined jobs such as importing, analyzing, cleaning up your source data and assigning procedural rules for exporting 3D models can be conveniently run from the system command line.

To reach this goal, the CityEngine team worked closely with developers in the entertainment, 3D visualization and mapping industries to successfully integrate CityEngine technology into their automated content production processes.


This fully automated process is open to all users with CityEngine 2018.0 and later. Tutorial 10 Python Scripting includes an example of automatically modeling KML buildings from building footprints.