• will all streaming sessions be recorded?

    Will the sessions (not just plenary) be recorded? There are several occurring at the same time which I would like to attend.
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  • help! how do I attend sessions in the UC agenda?? 

    I cannot figure out how to work the agenda! Is it just me?    I'm logged in and things that are happening currently (the first expo is live now, or Jack's plenary earlier) are not accessible from the a...
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  • Is there a virtual walk-through of the Map Gallery and Special Displays? How about a drone fly-through?

    Is there a virtual walk-through of the Map Gallery and Special Displays? How about a drone fly-through?
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  • Plenary Session Recordings

    Are the plenary sessions being recorded so that we can watch the next morning?
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  • End of "life"? for ArcPad? Yikes!

    I have relied totally on ArcPad since 2002 when I did field work on Rota, CNMI for an airport runway extension (finally construction has been completed!). In places like that in the Pacific Islands, and even in many l...
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  • Is there a comprehensive list of all US 2020 On-Demand sessions?

    Is there a comprehensive list of all US 2020 On-Demand sessions?  I'm signed up for the UC but under the agenda is only a list of the Streamed-Live sessions.  Having seen the limited number of streamed sessi...
  • Bringing GIS and multi-layered mapping into the heart of SDG policy making

    Over the next decade, in the SDG Challenge, how can and will ESRI be helping to bring together data scientist and data managers globally to address the data gaps that could speed up the pace of achieving successful ou...
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  • History of GIS UC Sessions

    Does anyone have a copy of the three part series slide show and transcripts on the History of GIS, presented by Erik Hoel and Bill Moreland at the UC? See attached UC description of Sessions. Thanks. Jeff
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  • I was told by a presenter at the 2019 UC that her slides would be available after the conference. Is there a site for such things as this from the conference?

    I am seeking a link to the presentation materials (if any are available; for example, copies of slides) from certain sessions at the 2019 UC. Does anyone have this link? ESRI was not helpful and bounced me around...
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  • Does anyone have the song playlist from the 2019 UC plenary

    I especially would like to know what that world/new age-y song was that was played before the plenary and at the closing session. Thanks
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  • Where to submit Esri UC feedback besides mobile app?

    Can someone from Esri point out where on an Esri User Conference 2019 technical workshop page such as this one -  https://userconference2019.schedule.esri.com/schedule/1527131052 - is the link or space for user...
  • Technical Questions

    Can we post a specific technical question in this space and have an ESRI specialist at the conference respond?  Like the "Doctors Office" in earlier conferences....
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  • Are any of the E360 or Demo Theater sessions being live streamed?

    Are any of the E360 or Demo Theater sessions being live streamed?
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  • Filters in the online Schedule don't work very well. Tried filtering by BIM/CAD and not many sessions showed up. When searching the pdfs got very different results

    Michelle Mathias Filters in the online schedule don't work well. https://userconference2019.schedule.esri.com/schedule Bim/CAD filter for Wed returned no sessions, but there are few BIM and CAD sessions tha...
  • Extra Hotel Room Reservation Available at Manchester Grand Hyatt

    ALL: I have an extra room reservation I can transfer to anyone who can use it Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego (111 Market Place) Jul 5-12, 2019 at $ 255.00/Night   Reply back if you can use.   Robert
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  • share housing

    Greetings,  I have a student who is interested in coming to the Users Conference and is looking to share housing with fellow students.  Any forums or leads as to how to connect would be most appreciated!...
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  • southeast user conference

    Anyone have a copy of the schedule/agenda for the 2016 Southeast User Conference in Charlotte, NC?
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  • Will the 2019 UC Plenary be live streamed?

    Will the 2019 UC Plenary be live streamed?
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  • ESRI Events Application not working.

    ESRI Events Application not working. Can't select UC 2019!! Need to see an Agenda and  make my schedule. Previous years it was available in advance!! When are you going to fix it?? It is just 2 weeks left before...
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  • Printing map for gallery

    Can I use a somewhat heavier paper (HP Photo Matte) to print my map/poster for the gallery? I can't recall what people used at my last UC (2017).
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