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As we wrap up the week with the closing session we say farewell, adios, até logo, adieu, arrivederci, la revedere, auf wiedersehen, dag, vi ses, farvel, tot wederdom, do svidaniya, do zobaczenia, doviđenja, ahoj, adijo, sayōnara, zài jiàn, joigin, annyeong, namaste...


Closing Session

Welcome to the final day of UC coverage on GeoNet! It's been an exciting week of connecting and collaborating with you during UC. The last day wrapped with the closing session featuring ... GeoNet awards, Jack's closing remarks, and the Open Q&A session. Here are some of the highlights and links to all the UC GeoNet coverage. Enjoy! 


Live from the 2018 User Conference Plenary: Morning Session

Live from the 2018 User Conference Plenary: Morning Session Part 2

Live from the 2018 User Conference Plenary: Afternoon Session

Esri UC 2018 Day 2 Updates

Esri UC 2018 Day 3 Daily Updates

Esri UC 2018 Day 4 Updates: Meet-Ups, Final Expo Minutes, and the Thursday Night Party



Closing Session Segments

Table of contents

Opening and Introduction of Esri Directors

Jack welcomes and thanks to the audience for being here and reminds them to start planning to be here for next year. He gives an introduction to the directors of Esri.


UC 2018 Map Award Winners

The following is a list of the winners for this year's Map Awards presented by Riley Peake. Congrats to the winners and thanks to all who submitted your work this year! 


You can see all the Map Gallery Winners for this year at Esri Storytelling with Maps Contest. And if you didn't get your Map Gallery book, you can still check it out .

  • Analytics Methods & Results
    • 1st place: A Geospatial Coastal Resiliency Assessment for the United States 
      Ian Johnson, Kim Rhodes, and Greg Dobson
  • Reference Map
    • 1st place: Juneau Area Trails Guide
      USDA Forest Service Alaska Region and Pacific Northwest Region Cartography Unit
  • Thematics Map
    • 1st place: New Daily Light Integral Maps for the United States
      Joanne Logan and James Faust, University of Tennessee
  • Map Series or Atlas
    • 1st place: Ecological Atlas of the Bering, Chukchi, and Beaufort Seas
      Melanie Smith, Max Goldman, Erika Knight, and Jon Warrenchuk (editors), Audubon Alaska
  • Educational Map
    • 1st place: Building the Foundation for a Regional 3D Basemap
      Pat Landrum and Andy Gordon, San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG)
  • Student Map 1 - up to age 12
    • 1st place: Junior Ranger Programs in California
      Mihir Konkapaka, Morning Creek Elementary School
  • Student Map 2 - Ages 13 - 18
    • 1st place: Mapping the 150th Anniversary of a Rural Pennsylvania Camp meeting
      Sandro Ansari and Stephen Ansari
  • Student Map 3 - Post-Secondary
    • Derailing Conservation: Identifying Suitable Wildlife Crossings across Kenya's Trans-National Railway
      Gaia Bonini, Tufts University
  • Story Map
    • Explore North East Link
      North East Link Authority & GHD (Evan Quick, Coraline Jauniau, Tim Righetti and Molly Campbell), GHD
  • 3D Map
    • An Economic "Win" for Geodesign 
      Devin Lavigne, Houseal Lavigne Associates
  • Most Unique
    • What is within a 30-minute walk in London
      Nicholas Duggan, Garsdale Design Ltd
  • People's Choice
    • Emergency Spatial Support Center - How Indonesia is Responding to Disaster using Spatial Technology
      Ahmad Muttaqin Alim
      Muhammadiyah Disaster Management Center
  • ICA and IMIA Recognition of Excellence in cartography
    • Swiss Hiking Maps - swisstopo
    • Ecological Atlas of the Bering, Chukchi, and Beaufort Seas - Melanie A. Smith, Max S. Goldman, Erika J. Knight, and Jon J. Warrenchuk (editors), Audubon Alaska
  • Cartography Special Interest Group Excellence
    • GIS in Newport Harbor - Jordan Baltierra, City of Newport Beach
    • English Midlands by Canal - Doug Cain, City of Fort Collins
    • Swiss Hiking Maps - swisstopo
  • Best Cartography
    • Ecological Atlas of the Bering, Chukchi, and Beaufort Seas - Melanie Smith, Max Goldman, Erika Knight,
      and Jon Warrenchuk (editors), Audubon Alaska

GeoNet Awards: 2017 Top Contributors 

Earlier this year we recognized the top GeoNet contributors Jayanta Poddar, Dan Patterson, and Robert Scheitlin, GISP, and it was exciting to give them a well-earned shout out at UC, too. 


The Road Ahead

Jack talks a little more about the Framework of The Science of Where and how Web GIS is driving digital transformation. 


Conference Observations

  • Real Experiences
  • Community GIS (New and Unexpected Connections)
  • Inspirational Maps
  • Analysis Workflows and Tradecraft
  • Energetic Interactions
  • Users teaching users


UC Facts & Stats

  • 17,901 attendees 
  • 2,200+ Esri Staff
  • 142 countries 
  • 307 Exhibitors 
  • 600+ students 
    • A special shout-out to the Student Assistant program. This program plays a crucial role throughout UC and in starting and further GIS careers after the event. You can get involved and learn more about it here 
  • 1,100+ Young Professionals
  • 108 Expo Spotlight Talks
  • 34 Plenary speakers
  • 480 Technical workshops
  • 124 Special Interest Groups
  • 237 Demo Theaters
  • 198 Paper Sessions
  • 1,700+ Maps (Map Gallery)
  • 580 runners (Esri 5K)
  • 105,600 buttons (Did you get your GeoNet button?)
  • 5,500+ Gallons of Water 
  • 4,000+ Boxes of Water
  • 2,400+ Gallons of coffee
  • Total Live Hours Viewed 4,800 hours
  • Lots of Inspiration and Enthusiasm
  • Many success cases
  • Many lifelong connections
  • Future GIS-ers
  • Many Lifelong learners!


What we can do better

  • Inclusive Policies for families
  • More childcare
  • Growing conference
    • Crowded map gallery
    • More food trucks
    • Better audio quality in demo theatres
    • More charging stations
  • Want Additional Expo Hours
  • An earlier release of agenda
  • Better navigation of the conference
  • Dynamic room changes
  • Wifi performance
  • Better communication around submitted papers
  • Need more Ad Hoc meeting spaces


Special Announcement

While we were at UC, Thailand made their amazing rescue of the students trapped in the cave.

Thailand Rescue

Open DiscussionQ&A - Open Discussion

There was a lot of applause and many great questions and suggestions that came from the audience members. The best question was from an audience member that asked if Jack would wear a MapMan costume for the 50th Anniversary at UC next year. Jack responded by saying that his team should also wear one.


Jack's Closing Remarks

Jack praised his team, the organization, and the people that make Esri happen and make the difference for the customers, users and the community. Jack thanks everyone once more. Next year will be 50 years for Esri. Be sure to attend the User Conference. It will be a big one.



Thanks so much for following along! And a big thanks to all the guest contributors (Amy Niessen, Adena Schutzberg, Joseph Kerski, Kirsten Pinkston, Kory Kramer, Katie Cullen, Scott Prindle, Thomas Edghill, and many others)  who shared their experiences with us throughout the week. It was great to partner with you this year and expand the coverage and perspective of UC 2018.  


We hope you enjoyed UC 2018! We look forward to hearing what you've learned and what your biggest takeaways were from this year's event. Let's continue the conversation in the User Conference space and in the comments below!

We wrapped up Day 3 with a few evening activities. Check out the Esri UC 2018 Day 3 Daily Updates.

And in case you missed any of our other updates, enjoy.

Live from the 2018 User Conference Plenary: Morning Session 

Live from the 2018 User Conference Plenary: Morning Session Part 2

Live from the 2018 User Conference Plenary: Afternoon Session

Esri UC 2018 Day 2 Updates 

Esri UC 2018: The Final Act



As we quickly approach the final few activities of the User Conference, we spent a few hours at the GeoNet Expo booth meeting with so many attendees and GeoNet members.


Michelle and Chris helping Chris DiDio

Michelle and Chris are helping Chris Di Dio.

Candace answering questions

Candace Loya answering questions about GeoNet.


Final GeoNet Meet-Up for UC 2018 

We said farewell to our GeoNet members and non-members at the last GeoNet Meet-Up of the week.

GeoNet Meet-up 071222018

Chris Catania is leading a chat with GeoNet members at the Thursday GeoNet meet-up.

GeoNet Meet-Up Photo with member at UC 2018

GeoNet members are finally putting a face to the names they see in the Community.

GeoNet Meet-Up Photo at UC 2018

Chatting with GeoNet Champion Adrian Welsh

GeoNet meet-up with members

Chris Catania talks GeoNet with Andrew


MOOC Meet-Up

Written by Adena Schutzberg, MOOC Program Manager


The MOOC team hosted its first MOOC Meet-Up at the Esri User Conference. We so enjoyed meeting our online students face to face!


In our MOOCs, we encourage students to help one another out and to learn together. We brought that spirit to the MeetUp and urged attendees to team up to build structures with our multicolored MOOC business cards. Among the entrees were a replica of Padres Stadium, a model of the recent Hawaii earthquakes, a woven tapestry and a campground. We awarded each member of the team behind our favorite creation, which used the cards in multiple ways, a copy of Ken Field’s new Cartography. Book.


Build something winners

The winning team rolled, bent and flexed MOOC business cards into this 3D structure.

I shared a few facts and figures about our MOOC students in the past four years:


  • Our instructor taught 133, 000 students
  • Students earned 27,000 Certificates of Completion
  • We’ve offered 22 MOOCs


The highlight for attendees, I think, was meeting their instructors, and some of the “behind the scenes” MOOC team members. The five Cartography. Instructors, decked out in their “wizard” T-shirts said hello, as did Brendan O’Neill, instructor of Do-it-Yourself Geo Apps and Kevin Butler, instructor of Earth Imagery at Work. Linda Beale, who set the bar high with the Esri’s first MOOC, Going Places with Spatial Analysis, literally ran in from another meeting to greet students, and confirm her commitment to developing “season two” of that course. Every instructor gave the nod to longtime MOOC instructional designer Nancy Matheny, who shared that her favorite part of the role was interacting with the very motivated MOOC students in the course forums.


Carto Wizards - MOOC

The five instructors of Cartography. came dressed in their cartography wizards T-shirts. Wesley Jones, far right, drew the cartoons which now grace buttons and stickers.

Our attendees provided some great ideas for future MOOCs that we’ll take into consideration. The MOOC team appreciates students coming out to spend time with us and their passion for learning and helping one another learn. With that good energy, we are ready to get back to work and update existing  MOOCs and make new ones!


Esri MOOCs are free multi-week courses open to anyone. Esri provides all the needed software and licenses, and students can work at their own pace whenever they choose to complete the course content.


Register today to join us for one of our upcoming MOOCs!


Starting September 5 (registration ends September 20)


Starting October 31 (registration ends November 15)


Thursday Night Party

Attendees and Esri staff had some well-earned fun at the Thursday Night party. Many attendees, many families, cute ducklings, so much food, music, museums, and fun.


In line for the party bus.

Hundreds of attendees were waiting in line for the party bus outside the convention center. The excitement was in the air.


O' Romeo, Romeo. Wherefore art' thou Romeo?

Ducklings at the Esri UC Party

Ducklings at the Esri UC Party


Dragon Dancers

Dragon Dancers in the China Town area

Where is Lara Croft?

Where is Lara Croft?

Beautiful architecture

The beautiful architecture was everywhere to behold.

So many attendees

So many attendees. Recognize anyone?

Live music

Live music and beach balls.

Children dancing

Even the kids were dancing.

Shark pool

Did you find Waldo at the Train Museum? We know where the Shark was hiding.


And tomorrow we will have the closing session - Esri UC 2018: The Final Act. Stay tuned for the final day.