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Love was in the air at the Esri User Conference Plenary session on Monday. Love for mapping apps, that is.

Following the technology demos and before the lunch break, the audience had a chance to flirt - from a distance - with all of Esri's ready-to-use apps during a high-energy App Speed Dating pitch on stage. Esri UC attendees are encouraged to vote for their favorite app. The winning app will be unveiled at Thursday night's Party by the Bay.

"How much do you know about ready-to-use apps in ArcGIS?" asked Ismael Chivite from Esri.  "Finding the right app can be challenging. You need to know what the app can do for you."

The apps, played by Esri staff with a flair for acting, rapping, and singing, touted  the reasons they would make a great mapping mate.

A cool and confident Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS, played by Tif Pun, said if it's real-time information for any situation that you need, "I'm the app you want! I will constantly measure, share, and alert you. With me, you'll track your goals and know where you stand. Need a widget I don't provide? That's not a problem. I have an API ready for you. So don't wait! Pick me!"

Is ArcGIS for Collector the right app for you?


Also alluring were Collector for ArcGIS, Esri Maps for Office, Explorer for ArcGIS, ArcGIS Pro, Navigator for ArcGIS, GeoPlanner for ArcGIS, Survey123, Crowdsource Reporter and Manager App, and many others.

A real sweetheart and possible heartbreaker, though, was Story Map. A natural storyteller with a dramatic streak, Story Map (played by Natalie Feurerstein) rapped about her hidden and not-so-hidden talents:

"I'm a story map, and I'm full of great stuff.

I'm the one you call to pump your map up!

Ain't nobody gonna give your data a look,

Unless you throw in some context, give it a hook.

I'm talking photos, talking video, too.

Heck write in some words, if that's how you do.

I got all kinda apps,with all kinda flow,

Like Journal and Shortlist and Map Tour,

Yo Is it hard? Naw! Ain't nuttin to it.

With my builders, even your moms could do it.

So pick me, Story Map, I'm the bomb

and I'm free.

At ArcGIS dot Kizzom.

Story Map in front of the app crowd, singing her heart out.


We heart you, Story Map. But still, make

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