Visit the Hands-on Learning Lab at EsriUC

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When we say the Esri UC is the place to come and learn about technology - we aren't kidding. You can choose from almost 1000 sessions and if your brain still has room - dabble in all sorts of new experiences in the GIS Solutions EXPO.


One of the best places to stop is Esri's Hands-on Learning Lab. Here you will find free training open to all conference attendees who want to explore ArcGIS workflows and applications. FREE. And there is no limit. You can choose from more than 20  45-minute self-paced lessons on desktop, server, and online topics. Each lesson includes a video lecture and a hands-on software exercise.


Make sure you leave room in your schedule to get some free training at the Esri UC. More than 20 45 minute guided sessions await you in San Diego.


And if that isn't enough to get you excited, visitors to the Hands-on Learning Lab can enter a drawing for one of three Esri Technical Certification Exam Vouchers during the course of the week!


Are you big into ArcGIS, and want to see what ArcGIS Pro is all about? Attend a session. Using ArcGIS online and want to know more about the ArcGIS Platform? Attend a session. Looking to explore how to use CAD data in your GIS projects? Attend,.. well you get the drill.


Stop by anytime during Esri Showcase hours, no registration is required. Esri instructors will be available to answer your questions.


Lesson topics include the following:


  • Getting Started with GIS 1: Understanding the ArcGIS Platform
  • Getting Started with GIS 2: Using ArcMAP™ to Explore GIS Data
  • Getting to Know ArcGIS® Pro
  • Advantages to Storing Your GIS Data in the Geodatabase
  • Creating Presentation Quality Maps in ArcMap
  • Editing GIS Data in ArcMap
  • Multi-user Editing Using Versioning
  • Editing and Maintaining Parcels Stored in a Parcel Fabric
  • Geocoding Street Addresses to Create Map Points
  • Importing and Preparing CAD Data for Use in ArcGIS
  • The Importance of Spatial Reference in Tactical Applications
  • Exploring Health and Epidemic Patterns Using Spatial Statistics
  • Optimizing Transportation Routes Using ArcGIS® Network
  • Modeling Time and Distance Along Networks Using Linear Referencing
  • Working with Geometric Networks to Manage Utilities
  • Interpolating Sample Points to Create Rasters Using Spatial
    Analyst Tools
  • Geoprocessing GIS Data Using Python
  • Sharing Maps and GIS Content Using ArcGISOnline
  • Understanding Web Services Using ArcGIS® for Server
  • Generating Web Applications for the GIS Novice
  • Getting Started with the Community Maps Data Preparation Tools
  • Mapping Excel Data Using Esri® Maps for Office®


The Hands-On Learning Lab will be located in the GIS Solutions EXPO (Halls B, C and D).


Hours are:  Tuesday, July 21 from 9:00am- 6:00pm; Wednesday, July 22 from 9:00am-6:00pm; and Thursday, July 23 from 9:00am-1:30pm.


What's in it for you?


Esri is dedicated to ensuring you get the most out of your GIS. Throughout 2014, Esri offered the Hands on Learning Lab at 32 different Esri conferences and tradeshows where Esri hosted a booth, offering 4300 lessons where 2300 attendees received training.


Kevin Mumford has been managing the lab for the past six years and says that users always  find the sessions useful. He shared a follow up email from a past student, who learned about making web maps in one of the sessions:


"The classes  were definitely helpful for a GIS consultant as we are expected to be well informed about all Esri extensions. It was great to experience the latest products released. I created a web map in two hours over the weekend."


What can you expect to get out of these sessions?


If you are an analyst, you can expand your existing skills in familiar areas and evaluate other areas of Esri's software solutions. You can try newly released Esri products and solutions to see if they meet your requirements. Many analysts find that the notion of 'free Esri training" helps support their justification for attending the conference.


Managers shouldn't be afraid - even if you don't work with GIS every day! This is a great way to get exposure to Esri's solutions and evaluate the applicability of Esri products for your organization. It also gives you exposure to Esri's variety of training options so you can see what best suits your organization and staff needs.


And here is a tip - yes, these sessions are popular! Through the years, we've found that a reservation system doesn't really work - there are just so many opportunities at the UC.  We all experience that 'UC conference time warp' and get lost in the moment. Instead, the lab is increasing the number of machines and lab staff suggest that the best times to visit the lab are the first day it opens, first thing in the morning, during lunch and at the half-way point during sessions.


Get on your thinking caps! See you at the Esri UC!