• Help line is down?

    Trying to register for Dev Summit.    I kept getting this message   Then I finally get in and it brings me to a page to pay but I am a customer with tickets.   So I call the help line and it j...
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  • esri devsummit 2019

    Hi, Have any of you experienced problems loading the developer summit 2019 page? Recent Proceedings  https://proceedings.esri.com/library/userconf/devsummit19/index.html      esridevsummit
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  • Hits and Misses

    Hey, this continues to be a great conference (IMO the only one really worth attending ever since the first year).  My kudos this year are to the Palm Springs Convention Center for their redesigned coffee cups!...
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  • Do I need to be registerd for the Dev Summit in order to attend the pre-summit training sessions?

    I came across the "Pre-Summit Hands-On Training" am I'm wondering if I'm able to register for just one of these sessions if I'm not attending the actual dev summit.   https://www.esri.com/en-us/about/events/devs...
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  • Where can I find the PowerPoint slides from the talks given this year?

    I'm just wondering when/where I'll be able to find the slides from the numerous sessions given at this year's developer summit?   Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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  • Still waiting for when full web-editing in the JSAPI will be coming. We have major projects on deck waiting for those.

    Any roadmap or schedule for when we will be able to see full Point/Line/Poly editing in 4.x? 
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  • Where can I find past conference abstracts?

    I am thinking about submitting an abstract for the 2018 developer conference, but first I would like to see the abstracts/talks from the previous years to see if my submission would be a good fit. Where can I...
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