Test new designs and get swag at Dev Summit

Blog Post created by KJones-esristaff Employee on Jan 14, 2019



Thank you all for your interest in participating in the Interactive Research Lab at this year's Developer Summit.
The sign up is now closed.
We received a lot of responses, and tried our best to match people to their availability at the conference and the studies being run. If you filled out the survey, you should be receiving an email soon notifying you about your participation status.
Whether or not you can join us in the lab this year, if you are interested in learning about user-centered design and usability while at Dev Summit this year, we encourage you to check out these workshops and demos at the conference: 
If you’d like to get involved with our other research activities in the future, you can sign up for our mailing list if you haven't already. 
Thanks again, and see you in Palm Springs!