DevSummit 2017 Day Three Updates: More Member Meet-ups, Chatbots, Button Swag, Team Leading Wisdom

Blog Post created by CCatania-esristaff Employee on Mar 9, 2017

Community Member Connection #2

The connections and conversations with community members continue to be a highlight this week! This morning and afternoon I had the pleasure of connecting with Stan McShinsky and DAVID DAS who's contributions have been a big help in the Web AppBuilder Custom Widgets and other groups. We chatted about what they've been learning this week, what GIS and dev projects they're working on and how GeoNet's been inspiring them to move forward in their work. Good luck on the projects and thanks, guys! Always nice to hear how the community is helping you work better and come up with new ideas. 





It's a bot that time

From there it was time to check out the "Using Voice Recognition and Chatbots to make Navigation Better" session. Chatbots are a hot topic and Christopher Marovec took us through this personal dev journey and quest to better understand how building code, bots and Artificial Intelligence came together during this complex project. He admitted that he didn't get as far as he wanted to for this talk but that didn't stop him from sharing valuable insight and leaving us with lots of great takeaways. I really appreciated the fluidness of the session and how Chris took us step by step through his thought process. As Chris highlighted, his the presentation of his project was fantastic example and good reminder of how developers can strive to "work out loud" with each other and encourage the openness of how they solved problems or what they get stuck on and why. 









Got your buttons yet?

Then it was time to check in on the always popular conference button situation. Well, they're going fast and it looks like the most popular are the Python and Javascript buttons. Did you get your button swag yet? Which do you like the most this year?  I also think we need to consider adding a GeoNet button to the mix. What do you think? 






What's happening on the Esri showcase?

Strolling through the Esri Showcase and expo area is always an inspiring time. There's a collaborative buzz as users are at the stations asking questions and Esri staff are right there answering questions and sharing deep dive demos on how the new platform features can provide solutions and new ways of working. I especially love walking by and seeing working sessions like these and overhearing discussions as real problems and solutions are worked out here at DevSummit. Great stuff! What did you learn in the showcase floor? What new discoveries did you make?




Then it was time to dive more into the dynamics of how to effectively lead development teams as Daniel Lewis took us through "Team Driven Development: The Art of failing, Succeeding and Reflecting as a Team."  Daniel openly shared what he's learned over the last 20 years of being a developer and how he's grown into a team leader.  I really enjoyed how Daniel shared the inner workings of his team and what some of their actual process are related to QA and Team Driven Development (pics below), and how they actually get work done day to day. What questions do you have about leading dev teams? What's worked for you? 





And that's a wrap for the sessions highlights today! We can't cover it all, so let us know what you learned today. Of course, there's still the dodgeball tournament coming up tonight. So check back for some picture and highlights from the fun and festivities. Thanks for following along and we look forward to seeing what you learned this week.