How to Prepare Like A Pro with Our New Web Course

Blog Post created by JPortillo-esristaff Employee on Nov 21, 2019

So, you are ready to get certified.  You have explored the exams and picked the one that matches your skills and experience.  You are well on your way to achieving your goal.

Are you ready to prepare?

As you begin your journey to certification, there are valuable resources available to help you study and get acclimated to the style and structure of the exam.  In early November, our team released a new technical certification web course with the goal of helping candidates to prepare like a pro for any Esri exam.  The web course was designed to offer information and support with overall resources, skills assessments, and basic content review. 


Exam preparation can sometimes seem overwhelming and if you don’t know where to start then your preparation can get derailed before you even start studying.


Using the web course to self-assess

No matter your reason for wanting to achieve a technical certification, the goal is to make sure you understand what is expected of you during the exam.  In the first section of the web course, we introduce basic exam strategies.  For example, remember to read all passages thoroughly before answering so you don’t get tripped up and answer incorrectly.  There is also valuable information on how to conduct a self-assessment.  In the web course, you will be introduced to all the current resources available to help you identify which exam is right for you, how to identify knowledge gaps, and how to determine if you are indeed a qualified candidate to sit for a particular exam.

Each exam has specific resources tailored to the exam topics and will help you make the assessment on where your skills and experience fall against those measured in the exam. 

Practice makes perfect

Now that you know what to expect, you are ready to try your hand at a few practice questions.  The new web course offers three multiple-choice questions for each exam in the Desktop, Enterprise, and Specialty domains.  Simply click on the exam you are preparing for and test your knowledge with questions that are very similar to what you might expect in your live exam.


Each question will self-grade instantly, so you can better understand how you need to prepare going forward.  The sample questions are not meant to be an exhaustive practice test, but moreover, a means for you to get a feel for how the questions are structured and how the questions align with topics provided in other study resources.


Additional help topics

In addition to the preparation tips, sample questions, and learning resources, the web course offers in-depth information about how to register for your exam and what to expect on the day of your exam.  If you are taking your exam online or in a test center, you will be fully prepared with what to bring (two forms of ID), and what will not be allowed in the testing area (your wallet, cell phone, and keys, just to name a few).


Explore the new web course in the Esri Academy course catalog.  Good luck preparing for your exam!