Certification - Same Program, New Design

Blog Post created by jmielke-esristaff Employee on Oct 30, 2018

UPDATED 10/30 to include final exam names and our first two specialty exams.


Have you been considering Esri Technical Certification as part of your personal or professional development plan?  If so, we have some exciting news to share about the future of our program and our exam offerings coming next year.


The Esri Technical Certification team will be rolling out a complete program redesign of our exam structure and offerings. To better align with Esri’s product messaging and software release, our program will adjust our current exam offerings, introduce specialty exams, and move to a time-based development cycle.


The refreshed program will offer exams across two domains, Desktop and Enterprise, with five core exams visible below.  We will continue to include ArcGIS Desktop exams at the Entry, Associate and Professional levels, as well as, Enterprise Geodata Management and a brand-new ArcGIS Enterprise Administration exam, both at the Professional levels.   


In order to keep pace with our developer community, we will focus all of our Developer topics into our new specialty exams.  These specialties will be smaller, more focused exams that can be stacked upon our core Esri certifications. We will share more details about the specialties later this year.



If you currently hold an Esri Technical Certification you can rest assured the new program redesign will not impact your certified status.   Our current exams will continue to be available until their planned retirement dates; specifically, 10.3 version exams will retire December 31, 2018, so if you are planning to certify at that version, do not delay.


We are confident that the redesigned program structure and new development cycle will allow for more effective professional development planning for candidates as they grow their skills and experience and look to validate their expertise.


Our team is currently in an active exam development cycle, and our focus will be on creating the core exams, with the first exams releasing in early 2019.  Stay tuned for more exciting updates from the certification program, and follow this space for future announcements!


Please reach out to should you have additional questions.