Get Noticed with Esri Technical Certification and Acclaim Digital Badges

Blog Post created by JPortillo-esristaff Employee on May 30, 2018

Have you ever wanted to stand out in a crowd of people?  Or, wondered about the best way to showcase your skills and experience and get noticed by hiring professionals? 


Esri Technical Certification is an excellent way to benchmark your expertise with ArcGIS software.  Your skills and experience culminate in an achievement that is both personally and professionally marketable. 


A new industry standard is emerging and becoming a well-recognized means of showcasing a candidate’s skills and experience.  The digital badge revolution is upon us and many professionals are seeing the benefit of earning and sharing their achievements through digital channels.


A Value Beyond Words

Acclaim digital badges will help you visually represent your achievement and share it socially.  Digital badges are a visual representation of an achievement, and can quickly and easily convey to others that you have the skills and experience to be successful in an area of competency.


The Acclaim platform is completely mobile and once you have earned a digital badge, it will travel with you from school to school or job to job.  The benefit being that your learners' journey and achievement will be easily accessible and verifiable, no matter where you are in the world.


Top Shelf Achievements

Over the past several years, digital badges have become increasingly more popular, as hiring managers can easily verify your skill set in a sea of candidates with similar experience.  In addition to validating your skills and experience, digital badges will propel you ahead of your peers with a visual achievement that can be shared in a variety of ways. 


Your digital badge can be shared easily on most social media platforms. And, for further visibility, it can be added to your digital resume or to your email signature, ensuring that everyone you interact with can see your achievement.


Acclaim also offers specific benefits to badge earners from their platform.  Earners are given access to a host of labor analytics, including job postings and salary range based on skills.  You will have access to view top job postings and locations where your skills are needed, as well as, sort jobs by specific employer or skill set.


Next Step to Get Noticed

Becoming certified is a great step to take if you want to get noticed.  And, if you have already achieved an Esri Technical Certification, be sure to claim your badge today.  To hear inspiring stories from users who have achieved an Esri Technical Certification and how it has impacted their personal and professional development, visit our Success Stories website.


Digital badges are a demonstration of knowledge outside of traditional representations.  They are versatile and effortless to use or share.  If you are ready to make an impact and stand out from your peers, earning a certification and sharing your digital badge can quickly and easily showcase your skills and experience and help you get noticed.