Quick Tips for Selecting and Registering for an Exam

Blog Post created by JPortillo-esristaff Employee on Mar 26, 2018

Esri, the global leader in geospatial technology, provides candidates with an opportunity to validate their skills against a proved level of competency.  Esri Technical Certification offers exams at three proficiency levels across three domains.

Esri Technical Certification Exam Domain/Level/Version chart. 

Our entry certifications are for candidates who have less than two years of learned application using ArcGIS software.  Whereas, our associate exams are for candidates who have two or more years of hands-on application and applied ArcGIS workflows.  And, our professional exams are for candidates with five years or more of applied experience and proficiency with workflow creation and troubleshooting.  Exams are designed so that each level builds from the content and complexity from the previous level. In so much as the professional level builds upon your knowledge and experience at the associate level, and the associate level builds upon knowledge and experience from the entry level.


Our exams validate expertise in three domains: desktop, developer, and enterprise.  The exams listed in each domain should help you decide which exam most closely matches your qualification and experience. Exams that have multiple levels are created to minimize content overlap, meaning each exam has unique content and levels of complexity based on the topic.


In selecting an exam, we recommend candidates carefully review the qualifications and skills measured information on the exam website.  Then, if you identify a skill gap between your knowledge and skills and those measured by the exam, you can review the exam preparation resources which includes a variety of learning options and online resources, organized by topic.  In a future post, we’ll provide more recommendations on how to prepare for your exam.


Once you have selected the exam that best fits your qualifications and skill level, you are ready to schedule your exam.  You will have the option to purchase an exam voucher from any of the specific exam websites.  The voucher cost $225 USD and is valid for 12 months after purchase.  Payments can be made individually or in bulk, depending on you and/or your company’s workforce development plans. 


The last step is to navigate to the Pearson VUE test page and select “Sign In” or “Create an Account” to register for an exam and find a test center in your area.  Please review the Pearson VUE site carefully for exam registration and test center policies and procedures.   


If you are attending an Esri sponsored conference, like User Conference or Developer Summit, you can schedule your exam while you are onsite with our event-based testing.  Please contact our team for more information and registration instructions.


Please visit our LinkedIn group to connect with other Certification candidates and go to our Success Stories webpage to read inspiring journeys to certification from your peers and colleagues. Our team can be reached at