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The Esri Technical Certification Program recognizes qualified individuals who are proficient in the best practices for using Esri software and technology. Esri certifications are available within two domains: Desktop and Enterprise. Additionally, we offer the newly introduced Specialty exams, which are shorter, more focused on a particular topic, and meant to build on your foundation of ArcGIS knowledge and they are stacked on your current Esri certification.


Whether you are looking for a personal or professional development opportunity, achieving an Esri certification can help you validate skills, inspire trust, and distinguish yourself in the field of GIS.


Explore Exams

There are no prerequisites for our core exams within the Desktop or Enterprise domains, you can take any exam that you feel matches your skills and experience level. Specialty exams, however, require that you hold a core exam certification at version 10.3 or higher, prior to registration.


To explore our exams, visit:





Test takers can access the exam details on the program website to learn about the exam specifications, the definition of a qualified candidate, and the topics tested.








Each exam has a companion Exam Information Guide to assist you with preparing for an exam.








Candidates should carefully review the guide to identify exam specifications, the definition of a qualified candidate, skills measured, and the preparation resources available for each exam.

If you identify a gap between your knowledge and skills and those measured by the exam, the guide also provides a useful list of learning options and online resources, organized by topic.






Taking an Exam

In partnership with Pearson VUE, Esri Technical Certification exams are delivered at Pearson VUE Authorized Test Centers worldwide or by registering for with OnVUE (online proctored).



Pearson VUE Test Center

Esri partners with a test delivery vendor to offer flexible appointment times and locations for candidates.  Visit the site to register for an appointment at a Pearson VUE Test Center.

Online Proctored

We also offer OnVUE remote testing as a delivery option, through Pearson VUE. This allows employees to test from the convenience of your home or office while being monitored via web-cam. Visit the site register for an OnVUE exam.

Please note: Appointment availability is limited due to social distancing precautions and varies by location. Additionally, customer service wait-times might be longer than usual.

Esri Certified

Achieving an Esri Technical Certification can help you gain confidence, inspire trust, and stand out from the crowd.

Success Stories

Esri Technical Certification helps individuals around the world advance their professional and personal goals. We encourage you to participate by submitting your own success story.


Manage Your Certification

Certified individuals may need to access, view, update, and share their certification-related information.  You can share your digital badges to promote your achievement, get recognized by peers, and noticed by employers.



Directory of Esri-Certified Individuals

Opt-in to be included in the certification directory, then share your verification code as a secure way for others to verify your achievement.



We look forward to supporting your certification journey!


So, you are ready to get certified.  You have explored the exams and picked the one that matches your skills and experience.  You are well on your way to achieving your goal.

Are you ready to prepare?

As you begin your journey to certification, there are valuable resources available to help you study and get acclimated to the style and structure of the exam.  In early November, our team released a new technical certification web course with the goal of helping candidates to prepare like a pro for any Esri exam.  The web course was designed to offer information and support with overall resources, skills assessments, and basic content review. 


Exam preparation can sometimes seem overwhelming and if you don’t know where to start then your preparation can get derailed before you even start studying.


Using the web course to self-assess

No matter your reason for wanting to achieve a technical certification, the goal is to make sure you understand what is expected of you during the exam.  In the first section of the web course, we introduce basic exam strategies.  For example, remember to read all passages thoroughly before answering so you don’t get tripped up and answer incorrectly.  There is also valuable information on how to conduct a self-assessment.  In the web course, you will be introduced to all the current resources available to help you identify which exam is right for you, how to identify knowledge gaps, and how to determine if you are indeed a qualified candidate to sit for a particular exam.

Each exam has specific resources tailored to the exam topics and will help you make the assessment on where your skills and experience fall against those measured in the exam. 

Practice makes perfect

Now that you know what to expect, you are ready to try your hand at a few practice questions.  The new web course offers three multiple-choice questions for each exam in the Desktop, Enterprise, and Specialty domains.  Simply click on the exam you are preparing for and test your knowledge with questions that are very similar to what you might expect in your live exam.


Each question will self-grade instantly, so you can better understand how you need to prepare going forward.  The sample questions are not meant to be an exhaustive practice test, but moreover, a means for you to get a feel for how the questions are structured and how the questions align with topics provided in other study resources.


Additional help topics

In addition to the preparation tips, sample questions, and learning resources, the web course offers in-depth information about how to register for your exam and what to expect on the day of your exam.  If you are taking your exam online or in a test center, you will be fully prepared with what to bring (two forms of ID), and what will not be allowed in the testing area (your wallet, cell phone, and keys, just to name a few).


Explore the new web course in the Esri Academy course catalog.  Good luck preparing for your exam!

Every year, our technical certification team sends out a brief survey to Esri certified individuals requesting feedback on their certification experience.  We want to hear from our community about how Esri certification fits into their personal and professional development goals, how their management offers support for certification, and how impactful certification is for personal branding.


This year we surveyed over 140 certified individuals and we found some interesting trends that support our mission to recognize and validate users who are proficient in ArcGIS best practices.


Key Results

One of the key results reported in the 2019 certified individuals survey was that the most popular exam continues to be ArcGIS Desktop Associate, with almost 60% of respondents to the survey stating they currently hold a version of this exam – overall, 30% of program candidates select the ArcGIS Desktop Associate exam.


As expected, the Enterprise exams follow closely behind in popularity, but surprisingly, approximately 10% of respondents have engaged with our newly developed Specialty exams.  One respondent who has achieved a Specialty certification said, “I am looking forward to more Specialties on broader topics such as IoT, Data Science, 3D, Remote Sensing, etc. which show proficiency in non-product related topics.”




Additionally, of those surveyed, almost half had engaged with our current 19-001 development series which was released this year.  Speaking generally about the new series, one respondent said, “I found the process challenging but rewarding at the same time.  It's nice to know that I have the skills to achieve Esri certification.”


As the program drives away from the versioned exams to focus on a time-based development model, certified individuals will likely continue to engage heavily with the newer exams as they look to update certification to align their personal and professional goals.



Lastly, an astounding 85% of respondents said they were likely to pursue another Esri technical certification.  Which means the personal and professional value of an Esri certification outweighs the cost of an exam, the time spent preparing, and any other barriers that might stand in front of achievement.


“Esri technical certification demonstrates my commitment to superior professionalism, upholding industry standards, and continued learning. These merits can help boost my professional credibility and prestige within my own network, with my current clients, and when pursuing new business opportunities or bidding on projects.”






Survey Conclusions

A huge thank you to everyone who participated in the annual survey.  The value of Esri technical certification is as diverse as the population of candidates that sit for the exams.  The certification program is committed to maintaining the value and integrity of your achievement from exams all the way through promoting your accomplishment and we look forward to sharing your Esri certification Success Stories.


“Passing gave me the confidence that my skills were up to speed, as well as, learning the questions that are important to understand for leveraging the full value of the ArcGIS Platform.”




Aaron Zureick Jessi Mielke Jessica Rosales Suzanne Boden

If you are keeping up with Esri Technical Certification news, then you already know we’ve made some exciting changes to the program to provide you with more opportunities to certify your skills. We are excited to announce the addition of specialty certifications to our exam offerings. Specialty certification exams are shorter and singularly focus on a specific topic or product and are intended to be stacked upon your existing certifications.


The first release of specialty exams that are currently in development are two very popular topics of interest: ArcGIS API for JavaScript and ArcGIS Online Administration. Both exams will be live and available to the public in June 2019.


What’s the value in achieving a specialty certification?

We wanted to create an exam type that was focused and didn’t require you to test on foundational concepts you’ve already proven you know. To do that we’ve created a model that allows you to stack your specialties on top of your existing core Esri certifications, as you’ve demonstrated your foundational knowledge of the ArcGIS Platform.


Specialty certifications are meant to enhance your foundational ArcGIS knowledge. You have already proven your skills and experience with the greater Esri platform, and now you can showcase your skills with very specific and nuanced topics, allowing you to further set yourself apart from the competition.


How do I get a specialty certification?

To be eligible to participate in a specialty exam, you will need to be currently certified at version 10.3 or higher. If you’ve not already achieved a certification, you will need to meet this eligibility requirement before taking a specialty. You can choose from any currently available version of an exam.


If you know your specialty area inside and out, why not take the step to showcase your capabilities in that area? Whether your goals are for personal or professional development, the addition of Esri’s new specialty certifications will help you further benchmark your expertise in the field. 


Explore our new specialty exams:  Have an idea for the next specialty exam?  Let us know!

Are you looking for a more flexible way to achieve your certification goals in 2019? We've got you covered! We are excited to announce a new delivery model for Esri technical certification exams that allows you to take an exam securely from your own office or home workspace. Online Proctored, offered by Pearson VUE, eliminates the need to travel to a physical test center.


With Online Proctored, your experience will be very similar to taking an exam at a Pearson VUE test center. For example:

  • You still schedule your exam through Pearson VUE and take it at a specific appointment time.
  • A proctor checks you in through the formal process, including ID verification.
  • During the exam, a proctor will monitor the test-taking process just as they would in person.


The only difference is that everything is done online. To register for and take an Esri exam using Online Proctored, simply follow three steps:

You will need to run an exam simulation to get familiar with the online testing environment and verify that your system meets the requirements. You must have access to a web cam and a private workspace in which to take your exam. The workspace should be free of distractions, notes, and any exam preparation materials—the proctor will use the web cam to visually scan your space before the exam starts.


Once you verify that your system meets the requirements, you can schedule your exam appointment on the Pearson VUE website. You will need to create a Pearson VUE login if you don’t already have one to schedule a date and time for your exam. In some cases, you may even find that a same-day appointment is available.


On test day, you'll login to Pearson VUE, select your exam, and proceed through the self-check-in process. Once checked in, you will wait in the lobby for a proctor to connect with you. Once connected, your proctor will guide you through the process and launch your exam.


Testing online offers the convenience of less (or no) travel time and it can reduce test-taking anxieties by allowing you to work from a comfortable, familiar space.


Online Proctored is now available for all Esri technical certification exams. Of course, if you’d prefer to take an exam at a test center, you still have that option. The choice is yours!


Explore the latest Esri technical certification exams at

Each year Certification Magazine conducts a salary survey, and in 2018, for the first time, two of Esri's technical certifications made it into the top 75 certifications!  The annual survey is open again and we invite all of our certified individuals to participate. 


Please note not all Esri certifications are included in the survey.  Rather, what you will see is a curated list of certifications that align with upcoming program offerings.  You can learn more about the future of the program and our offerings by reading Certification - Same Program, New Design


Take the survey now!

UPDATED 10/30 to include final exam names and our first two specialty exams.


Have you been considering Esri Technical Certification as part of your personal or professional development plan?  If so, we have some exciting news to share about the future of our program and our exam offerings coming next year.


The Esri Technical Certification team will be rolling out a complete program redesign of our exam structure and offerings. To better align with Esri’s product messaging and software release, our program will adjust our current exam offerings, introduce specialty exams, and move to a time-based development cycle.


The refreshed program will offer exams across two domains, Desktop and Enterprise, with five core exams visible below.  We will continue to include ArcGIS Desktop exams at the Entry, Associate and Professional levels, as well as, Enterprise Geodata Management and a brand-new ArcGIS Enterprise Administration exam, both at the Professional levels.   


In order to keep pace with our developer community, we will focus all of our Developer topics into our new specialty exams.  These specialties will be smaller, more focused exams that can be stacked upon our core Esri certifications. We will share more details about the specialties later this year.



If you currently hold an Esri Technical Certification you can rest assured the new program redesign will not impact your certified status.   Our current exams will continue to be available until their planned retirement dates; specifically, 10.3 version exams will retire December 31, 2018, so if you are planning to certify at that version, do not delay.


We are confident that the redesigned program structure and new development cycle will allow for more effective professional development planning for candidates as they grow their skills and experience and look to validate their expertise.


Our team is currently in an active exam development cycle, and our focus will be on creating the core exams, with the first exams releasing in early 2019.  Stay tuned for more exciting updates from the certification program, and follow this space for future announcements!


Please reach out to should you have additional questions. 


ED Summit @ UC 2018

Posted by JRosales-esristaff Employee Jul 23, 2018

A big thank you to all the UC attendees who came out to the Esri Technical Certification's Education Summit session, "Aligning Education with Esri Certification".  


If you missed the session, here's the description...

As geospatial technology continues to grow as an integral component of enterprise systems, organizations are increasingly seeing the value of certifying their workforce. Building Esri Technical Certification into the curriculum has enabled us to build a strong correlation between education and industry technical certifications, resulting in a highly skilled and recognized workforce. We'll share success stories and resources and help you promote the value of your students' skills and certification achievements.

We had a great turnout and lively discussion about how higher education institutions can ...

  • Align their curriculum to the ArcGIS Desktop Entry Certification
  • Locate their Certification Alignment Tools
  • Prepare their faculty to become Esri-Certified
  • Locate their Certification Exam Guides to prepare for an exam
  • Identify their exam's levels of cognitive complexity within the Certification Exam Guides
  • Engage with our team in GeoNet


As promised, here is the PowerPoint presentation.  We look forward to assisting you with your education alignment goals.



Congratulations, you've determined the best Esri certification to validate your skills and experience, and now you're ready to schedule your appointment and take your exam!


The hardest part is over, right?  Not quite. Next comes the exam itself - the real challenge.  Esri Technical Certifications are not designed to be easy, nor are they created to be unnecessarily difficult. Even still, the most prepared candidate can experience test-related anxiety as their exam appointment approaches. 


Perhaps it's been some time since you found yourself seated with a No.2 pencil in hand (kidding, its computer-based), ready to take an exam, but the same test-taking tips still apply.  Prepare, read carefully, watch your time, and don't skip questions. 

Whether you are a seasoned pro or an exam novice, take the time to fully prepare for your exam by downloading the preparation resources document available for each exam, as well as, reviewing the free web courses on our Esri Training website with sample questions.  Make sure you have thoroughly reviewed the exam topics and refreshed your skills.  For more on prep, check out Steps to Certification Success


During the exam, remember to thoroughly read the content and pay close attention to the details of each scenario. Remain within the scope of each question - avoid making assumptions or overcomplicating.  Having worked side by side with our experts to create items, I can assure you while the questions will be challenging, they are not meant to trick you intentionally.  Take your time and don't rush. If you find yourself spending too much time on any one question or are unsure of an answer, take advantage of your ability to mark questions for review and return to it later.  But be sure to answer all questions as correct responses earn one point—incorrect, blank, or partially correct responses earn zero points.


Esri exams are offered worldwide through our testing partner Pearson VUE. With over 5,000 test centers across the globe, you are bound to find a test center near you with the flexibility to select an exam appointment that works with your schedule.  Once scheduled, take the time to understand what to expect at a test center.  And, most importantly, remember you'll need two (2) forms of ID at the test center, so come prepared! 



When you are fully prepared for an exam, you are less likely to make simple mistakes.  Which means you can relax and focus on achieving certification success.  The Certification Team is ready and available to answer questions about exams and exam preparation and you can leverage our social channels to ask questions of your peers.


What are some of your tips for test-taking? How do you calm your nerves before an exam? 

Earn Your Certification and Showcase Your Success


Are you attending UC 2018?  Have you been considering Esri Technical Certification as part of your development plan?  You are in luck!  The Esri Technical Certification Team will be hosting our exams at the upcoming User Conference so you can validate your skills and experience onsite.




Before the Conference

First things first, you will need to head over to the Esri Technical Certification website to review the exams we offer.  Once you have decided on an exam that best fits your skills and experience, you will want to carefully review the qualifications, skills measured, and software tested on so you can identify any knowledge gaps prior to taking the exam.  Additionally, the Preparation Resources PDF provides a useful list of learning options and online resources, organized by topic, to help you prepare.  For every exam, we offer a free web course with sample questions so you can get an idea of how exam questions are structured.

Once you know which exam you want to take, visit our Esri Technical Certification UC Exam page to reserve your seat.

Lastly, please ensure that you have a Pearson VUE account and can login or access your profile before you head to the UC.  If you need assistance with your Pearson VUE profile, please contact their customer service team for help.


At the Conference


Step 1: Arrive at the testing location at the Omni Hotel, directly across the street from the San Diego Convention Center.

Step 2: Enter your credit card payment.  The cost for each exam is $225 USD but as a conference tester, you’ll receive a discount of 20%!  This offer is available only to our attendees who buy a voucher and sit for an exam at the UC.

Step 3: Login to your Pearson VUE account to launch your exam.

Step 4: Rock your ArcGIS skills and knowledge!!

Step 5: Enjoy the rest of the conference.


After the Conference

After you sit for an exam, you will receive your results within 7-10 days, via email.  If you pass the exam, you will be given access to a PDF printout showcasing your achievement, as well as, a digital badge you can share electronically.  To read more about getting noticed with Esri Technical Certification badges, read our blog.  Moreover, we highly encourage you to share your success with the community by submitting a Success Story on our website.  Inspire other users with your journey and achievements.


If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to our team at


Best of Luck in San Diego!!


Details and Resources


Omni Hotel San Diego

675 L St.

Room: Gaslamp 1

San Diego, CA, 92101

Phone: (619) 231-6664





Tuesday, July 10

8 AM – 5 PM

Wednesday, July 11

8 AM – 5 PM

Thursday, July 12

8 AM – 5 PM

Have you ever wanted to stand out in a crowd of people?  Or, wondered about the best way to showcase your skills and experience and get noticed by hiring professionals? 


Esri Technical Certification is an excellent way to benchmark your expertise with ArcGIS software.  Your skills and experience culminate in an achievement that is both personally and professionally marketable. 


A new industry standard is emerging and becoming a well-recognized means of showcasing a candidate’s skills and experience.  The digital badge revolution is upon us and many professionals are seeing the benefit of earning and sharing their achievements through digital channels.


A Value Beyond Words

Acclaim digital badges will help you visually represent your achievement and share it socially.  Digital badges are a visual representation of an achievement, and can quickly and easily convey to others that you have the skills and experience to be successful in an area of competency.


The Acclaim platform is completely mobile and once you have earned a digital badge, it will travel with you from school to school or job to job.  The benefit being that your learners' journey and achievement will be easily accessible and verifiable, no matter where you are in the world.


Top Shelf Achievements

Over the past several years, digital badges have become increasingly more popular, as hiring managers can easily verify your skill set in a sea of candidates with similar experience.  In addition to validating your skills and experience, digital badges will propel you ahead of your peers with a visual achievement that can be shared in a variety of ways. 


Your digital badge can be shared easily on most social media platforms. And, for further visibility, it can be added to your digital resume or to your email signature, ensuring that everyone you interact with can see your achievement.


Acclaim also offers specific benefits to badge earners from their platform.  Earners are given access to a host of labor analytics, including job postings and salary range based on skills.  You will have access to view top job postings and locations where your skills are needed, as well as, sort jobs by specific employer or skill set.


Next Step to Get Noticed

Becoming certified is a great step to take if you want to get noticed.  And, if you have already achieved an Esri Technical Certification, be sure to claim your badge today.  To hear inspiring stories from users who have achieved an Esri Technical Certification and how it has impacted their personal and professional development, visit our Success Stories website.


Digital badges are a demonstration of knowledge outside of traditional representations.  They are versatile and effortless to use or share.  If you are ready to make an impact and stand out from your peers, earning a certification and sharing your digital badge can quickly and easily showcase your skills and experience and help you get noticed.

Esri Technical Certification Exams Offered at UC 2018


The Esri Technical Certification team will host certification exams onsite at the User Conference in San Diego.  Attendees of the conference can sit for any Esri exam any time between 8 am – 5 pm Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday at the Omni Hotel across from the Convention Center.   Appointments are available on a walk-in basis, as space permits.


As a special conference promotion, Esri is offering all exams at a 20% discount to attendees.  In order to receive the discount, you must purchase an exam voucher via credit card onsite at the time of your appointment.  Our staff will be available to assist you with registration and payment questions, though we do recommend you create a Pearson VUE account at in advance.


Still wondering if taking an exam at the conference is for you?  Check out this success story from a candidate who sat for an exam at our Developer Summit Conference earlier this year.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to validate your GIS skills with an Esri Technical Certification.  For questions about exams at UC, please contact our team at


As the conference approaches, check back for updates on how to reserve a seat for your exam.  For even more information, follow us on GeoNet and LinkedIn.

Is your goal to ensure that learners travel a seamless path from your geospatial program to certification attainment? Successful programs begin achieving this goal by identifying someone in the organization—a champion— who can lead with determination, enthusiasm, and influence. Program champions then build a support team of people who can listen to issues, create solutions, and provide support to faculty and students as they set and reach their lifelong

learning goals. Additionally, champions will need to create certification attainment goals for their institution, participate within our GIS community, and increase workforce placement.


Create Certification Goals

 Establishing a seamless path from program enrollment and technical skill attainment to workforce placement requires champions to establish certification goals to measure success and determine the appropriate testing environment. Champions can follow a 4-step process to align curriculum to an Esri certification exam requirements.

  1. Build a knowledgeable team to integrate certification attainment into your curriculum.
  2. Define your certification goals to align your program with ArcGIS exam content.
  3. Measure your success, verify your program can reliably benchmark student skills.
  4. Pilot programmatic changes to test the alignment processes and verify that your institution has created a seamless path to certification attainment. 

Visit our story map and learn how to develop your geospatial program to reliably benchmark student skills.

Participate in Esri Events 

Esri supports lifelong learner from all industries on a global-scale through Esri Events.  As you align your curriculum to an Esri certification, we encourage you to share your successes at our events.  In this venue, other higher education programs can see how to navigate some of the questions or hurdles they are encountering and benefit directly from your experiences.  The Esri Education Summit, hosted as part of the annual Esri User Conference, provides plenary sessions, user presentations, hands-on workshops, and more to support all aspects of education.  Additionally, GIS Day is a great opportunity for schools to demonstrate real-world GIS applications that are already making an impact in our society.  Another resource is Teachers Teaching Teachers GIS Institute, which is a professional development event for educators to engage more deeply in with GIS as part of their teaching plans.

Follow this blog and we'll update you soon with information on how to engage with us at these events.

We encourage you to participate in these events to engage with your community. 


Increase Workforce Placement

To remove the gap between education attainment and workforce placement, higher education institutions can bundle the ArcGIS Desktop Entry certification as a component of their geospatial program to validate technical skills gained in the classroom. Coupling an industry-recognized technical certification with a higher education geospatial certificate

or degree encourages a smooth transition to the workforce. Many lifelong learners view technical certification attainment as a natural progression or next-step after earning their education diploma.


With our Directory of Esri-Certified Individuals and digital badging system, it is easy to verify an individual's certification status. Hiring managers can quickly and easily verify a certification on our website: Additionally, certified individuals can share their digital badges on their social media sites, resumes, business cards, and email signatures to promote their achievements. 


Next Steps

Join us as we engage the next generation of industry professionals on their journey from your certification attainment program to workforce placement. Whether you have already identified a champion, created a team, and set your goals -- or if you need some addition support, engage with us on GeoNet, we're here to support you as you align your program with an Esri Technical Certification.

Once you've chosen the certification you'd like to pursue, preparing for the exam is the next challenge. Candidates often fall into the trap of thinking that there isn’t a need to prepare - Perhaps you’ve been in the field for many years, or maybe you are just exiting a degree program or taken Esri Training courses, so preparation isn’t something you feel is a priority.  Keep in mind, while Esri Technical Certifications are created for experienced industry professionals and veteran users of ArcGIS software, these exams are challenging and creating a preparation plan is strongly recommended. 


Step 1: Build Your Foundation

When preparing for certification, it’s important to understand the foundation for success with Esri exams. Formal GIS education and ArcGIS focused training – Esri courses are important,  and can certainly help a candidate to expand or improve their use of the software.  This alone does not guarantee success on an exam.  Esri exams are built to test a candidate’s proficiency in using ArcGIS, so practical, hands-on application, and familiarity with Esri best practices are the best chance at success.


Step 2: Measure Your Skills

No doubt you’ve already spent a good deal of time reviewing the exam offerings and selecting the exam that best fits your skill set.  Even so, we'd encourage you to revisit the skills measured by the exam and thoroughly review the sections and concepts on the exam.  If you see a concept listed, you can guarantee it will appear on an exam as this content is driven from the exam blueprint.  Reviewing the sections and concepts presented within each will help you to identify any gaps in your knowledge or simply find areas where you want some refresher knowledge before your exam appointment.  Use this as a checklist and identify areas of strength and opportunity.   Ensuring you are familiar with the skills measured is instrumental in achieving an Esri Technical Certification.


Step 3: Focus Your Preparation

Once you’ve determined which areas you need to spend the most time preparing there are some key ways you can forge ahead on your preparation journey – Get hands-on practice, review best practices and applied knowledge.  Each exam webpage features a list of preparation resources with options, broken down by exam section, to provide training options.


We offer specific certification resources including sample question web courses for each of our exams.  These are intended to give candidates a better understanding of the types of questions that might be asked on an exam.  We also recently released an Esri ArcGIS Desktop Associate Certification Study Guide for the 10.5 exam which can be purchased from your favorite book retailer (  The structure of the guide follows the skills measured.  We have begun authoring a similar guide for the ArcGIS Desktop Professional exam and hope to offer many more of these in the future.


It is also recommended that you take advantage of the wealth of information found on the Esri Support site ( and in ArcGIS documentation (


Next Steps

Preparing for your exam doesn’t have to be an arduous process.  Take this opportunity to broaden your skills, learn new concepts, and engage differently with our technology.  Achieving your certification will be the well-deserved outcome for all your hard work and preparation.


What are your tips for exam prep? How do you break down your study time versus hands-on learning/exploring?  Tell us about your experience getting ready for certification.

Are you looking for information on how to align your high education curriculum with Esri Technical Certification?  Check out our new story map: Esri Technical Certification for Education.  We provide guidance for developing and benchmarking geospatial skills for students.  With plenty of valuable information and resources, you will be ready to integrate certification attainment into your own education programs!