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Hello all, I have a web application that is contained by a web experience, I have HTML and JS doing custom functionality using the code widget in one part and the web app in another. Im trying to share this with a client (invite client to shared group) but they are receiving this error.. They are able to view the same web app and all of the… (Show more)
HTTPS, short for Hypertext Transfer Protocol for Secure communication, allows for the secure transmission of data, both incoming and outgoing, between a client, such as a web browser, and the server. Esri is making the HTTPS-Only change in a phased approach. Esri customers must act now to be ready for this change. Currently, ArcGIS Online supports… (Show more)
The Esri Software Security and Privacy Team is proud to announce the newest in our white paper series:   Discovering and Limiting Access to Public ArcGIS Survey123 Results!   Written for Survey Authors, admins, and privacy professionals and specifically intended to provide targeted guidance for public health initiatives, this guidance highlights… (Show more)
The ArcGIS Online (AGO) Security Advisor has been updated.  For information regarding this product, see the ArcGIS Online Security Advisor story map.  You can launch the app from the ArcGIS Trust Center.  See the release notes below! This release focuses on the up coming AGO HTTPS only enforcement September 2020. The HTTP Check is no longer beta… (Show more)
Click to view contentWhat is the effect of “Require Encrypted Web Access” in ArcGIS Server, and how this will affect the Arcgis server’s security? We would like to know the main effects of the “Require Encrypted Web Access” in Arcgis server, and how this will affect the security?   Best Majdoleen
Is there some sort of "Subscribe" doo hickey where I can get an email alert when something like Portal for ArcGIS and ArcGIS Server Security 2019 Update 1 Patches released!  gets posted? In context, I don't know how to "Tweet" or "Snap", and require IT assistance to get an app on my phone, soo..........