InterEditions: More textbook options that match the ArcGIS Pro version you have installed

Blog Post created by COrtiz-esristaff Employee on Sep 15, 2020
Software update cycles today are shorter than ever.


Everyone wants the software tutorial they’re using to match the version of software they’re using. While this is a concern for self-learners, it is paramount for educators. Anyone teaching a group of students from term to term understands how frustrating it is when the book that worked great last semester now causes learning disruptions. Maybe a tool has been moved in the interface. Maybe exercise results no longer match what’s in the book.


The challenge for book publishers: Some educators/learners will update their software immediately upon release, and some will wait. At any given time, there will be people using widely varying versions.


Having a book that matches, or very closely matches, what students see and do with the software they’re learning makes for a more enjoyable learning experience.


Esri Press last year introduced a way to provide book revisions – full books, not supplements – between printings. We call it ‘InterEditions’ and here’s how it works. Following the publication of a print textbook, Esri Press will periodically publish updated editions in e-book format clearly labeled with the version of software with which it was tested. This will enable self-learners, educators and students options for matching the text to the version of software being used.


So now, whether you’re more conservative or progressive with your software updates, you can expect to have a book that closely matches. From time to time, you will see a new print edition publish. And until there’s an updated print book, you can now expect to see one or more digital full book updates.


InterEditions: more options to find an ArcGIS tutorial that most closely matches the version you have installed.