STEAM at Work! Children’s Series

Blog Post created by atornetta-esristaff Employee on Jun 25, 2020

Looking for resources to introduce children to fun, interesting careers? Esri Press has you covered, parents and educators.


In partnership with engineering and consulting firm, Bolton & Menk, Esri Press is publishing its first series of children's books, STEAM at Work! The series is aimed at illustrating careers in science, tech, and engineering. Featuring diverse characters and topics, the books guide young readers through an exploration of what it means to be a GIS professional, landscape architect, civil engineer, and more. Topics on landscape architecture, water resource engineering, and civil engineering, for example, introduce children to the AEC (architecture, engineering, construction) fields and teach them about important construction, environmental, and social issues that workers in these fields help solve. With fun illustrations and clear, concise language, the books take complex technical information and make it easily understandable.


Bolton & Menk’s first book, Walter the Raindrop, A Water Cycle Story, was developed and handed out in conjunction with children’s activities being offered during the Smithsonian Water/Ways traveling exhibit. The idea grew in popularity, and more books followed.


Getting children excited about STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics) fields at a younger age opens them up to even more possibilities of what they could grow up to be. The STEAM at Work! series brings awareness to exciting, fun STEAM careers and gives children new ideas for channeling their passions. Each book in the series demonstrates different environmental and social issues the characters use their skills to solve, encouraging critical and creative thinking about the world. Like its characters, readers are inspired to make a positive difference in their community now and in their future careers. 


Books come with downloadable teacher's guide, and free, fun printable and online activities.



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