Tile Package Kreator Update (1.3)

Blog Post created by MVertzonis-esristaff Employee on Jun 13, 2018
Tile Package Kreator has been updated! Version 1.3 includes the ability to drag and drop shapefiles for delineating the bounding area of a TPK, browse Image Services for creating TPK's from, and generate TPK's with levels below 19.
For a reminder on how to use the tool see Taking your maps offline with Tile Package Kreator or download the updated Guide. To download the app go to the Esri Marketplace.
Esri Labs projects are developed by Esri employees and are inspired by our interactions with ArcGIS users like you. Esri Labs projects are free to use but are not official Esri products. These projects do not go through the rigorous software development cycle so they are not holistically tested, documented or supported by Esri technical support.
Shapefile drag and drop
Drag and drop a shapefile onto the map to create a boundary for export. Be sure to drag both the .shp and .prj file onto the map. Both line and polygon features are supported. 
Image services
In order to be able to browse image services, you must first change search query that is use by Tile Package Kreator. To change the query go to Settings. The default query is shown in the Search Query for Tile Service box:


   (type:"Map Service" AND owner:esri AND title:(for Export)) OR (type:("Map Service") AND group:(access:org))

You can alter this query to suit your organizations needs. Don't worry if you get tangled up with the query, click Reset to Default to return to the default query.
Levels below 19
Several services, like the World Imagery for Export service support additional zoom levels in some parts of the world. Tile Package Kreator now supports export of tiles from these additional levels, but we advise to proceed with caution. 
The default maximum level is 21, you can increase this level in Settings, but we have observed regular failures to export beyond level 21.
This additional levels also significantly increase the number of tiles that are to be exported. When using these levels consider a smaller extent.
Time out non-responsive services
There may be services in your organization that are currently not working as expected. Tile Package Kreator does keep trying to get a response from services that have export enabled. You can adjust how long your willing to waiting for a service respond on the Settings page.