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Hi,   Has anyone here tried to see if the ArcGIS 360 VR app compatible with the Oculus Quest? In the documentation it only refers to the Oculus Go (ArcGIS 360 VR Quick Start Guide) , but i've heard that most Oculus Go apps will be available on the Quest at some point. Does this apply for ArcGIS 360 VR aswell? Or is there some work-around that… (Show more)
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Click to view contentAuGeo, latin for ‘augmented’, is an Esri Labs initiative to explore the possibilities of using ArcGIS data in an augmented reality environment. Available to ArcGIS users (Viewer User Type and above) for free in the iTunes and Google Play stores, the AuGeo mobile app allows you to easily bring data from your existing ArcGIS point feature layers… (Show more)
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Click to view content  Trek2There has been updated! Version 3.0 includes a number of fixes and some exciting new functionality. The biggest change to Trek2There is that you can now connect to external GNSS receivers. The most common connection we expect users to try is a Bluetooth connection to a receiver from Trek2There on your Windows, iOS or Android device, but… (Show more)
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Aloha! My name is Agnes Fisher. I am reviewing ArcGIS input from planning projects I am managing. There should be access to previous MOOC courses attended to support my learning [sic: memory] on spatial analytics. 
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I have created a route events point field based on a table.     When using version 10.2 on a previous computer, the route events would update when the values in the table were changed.  You would change the value in the table then refresh the map view, and the point would update.     I am currently using version 10.6 and this is not happening. … (Show more)
I've apparently configured a button in my project that goes into continuous collection mode in 1 second intervals.  How did I do that and how do I turn this setting off for that button.  I'm not seeing a setting for this in app nor did I find it in the help documentation.  thanks,
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Hi, I've requested a promo code for ArcGIS 360 VR and it says I'll receive it in 24hrs. Still waiting after 2 x days though!! Any ideas?    We need it for some urgent work - hence, keen to resolve.... Iain