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I've apparently configured a button in my project that goes into continuous collection mode in 1 second intervals.  How did I do that and how do I turn this setting off for that button.  I'm not seeing a setting for this in app nor did I find it in the help documentation.  thanks,
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Hi, I've requested a promo code for ArcGIS 360 VR and it says I'll receive it in 24hrs. Still waiting after 2 x days though!! Any ideas?    We need it for some urgent work - hence, keen to resolve.... Iain
I’ve made a fast IMDb search and I found Designated Survivor, Sea of Hope, Conviction; but there are no hits for the well-knowns like Zootopia and Blade Runner.   (I've no better idea where to post this question. Feel free to move it :-)
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Click to view contentThe ArcGIS 360 VR App is a VR application to view CityEngine 360 VR experiences on Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR headsets. This document describes how to install, set up and use the app.   Note: This guide refers to the most recent release available in the Oculus store (ArcGIS 360 VR App 1.05). Release notes are provided at the end of this…
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Click to view contentAuGeo, latin for ‘augmented’, is an Esri Labs initiative to explore the possibilities of using ArcGIS data in an augmented reality environment. Available to ArcGIS users (Viewer User Type and above) for free in the iTunes and Google Play stores, the AuGeo mobile app allows you to easily bring data from your existing ArcGIS point feature layers… (Show more)
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