• Have you seen this "maybe bug" after upgrading ArcGIS Pro 2.5?

    Our gas Utility Network have been working great since in production, about a year ago. Not long ago I upgrade our network to 10.7.1 and ArcGIS Pro 2.4.3. Everything works perfectly fine until recently.   I upgra...
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  • Photometric Analysis

    I am working on a streetlight project and the mass change-out to LED. In order to decide what type of light we may go with, I want to generate a photometric model of each options we gave and check the impact in the ho...
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  • Is Utility and Pipeline Data Model (UPDM )2019 database model free of charge

    Hello Tom DeWitte: Is Utility and Pipeline Data Model (UPDM )2019 database model free of charge and can be used as to build business applications? And whom to contact in case support is needed?
  • Apply Asset Package Slower in 2.5 Release?

    In the 2.4 release of the Esri Utility Network Package tools the "Apply Asset Package" tool (Apply Asset Package—Tool Reference | ArcGIS Solutions ) was able to make use of multiple cores during the data lo...
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  • Can you edit and manage a map hosted on Arcgis Online from Arcgis Pro?

    I work for a small municipal electric department, our current project is taking old maps of the electric grid and turning them into a useful map for ArcGIS Online. Currently, we have a rough map hosted in Online so li...
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  • geoconx 2020

    Does anyone know the location of 2020 Geoconx Gas&Electric Conference this year? 
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  • which to use, ArcGIS Pipeline Referncing ext. or Utility Network ext.?

    Hi All, To build hydrocarbon transmission pipelines network and then enrich that with different routes which represent different features and events like the inspection anomalies, scrapable segments, etc.  ...
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  • "Must be connected and signed into the portal" error when using the "Apply Asset Package" Geoprocessing Tool

    Hello,   I'm in the process of setting up a new Electric Utility Network environment using the Electric Utility Network Foundations asset package and I'm running into an error when I'm applying the asset package...
  • Python Script for Selecting and Calculating Field Totals

    I currently am required to complete a monthly Excel report listing per circuit both the Primary Conductor Mileage and Secondary Conductor Mileage of an electrical network. I have to manually select the values using th...
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  • Marketing Materials for Electricity Sector

    Kindly give some Marketing materials, how to approach the Electricity sector 
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  • geographical longitude and latitude coordinatsystem for data capture

    Hi, A geographical latitude/longitude coordinate system is promised for checking at a company. Could you share your experiences and any referee projects where this coordinate system is used? Any feedback would be ap...
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  • For anyone in the gas industry, What kind of project management software do you use? 

    Hello All,    I am currently working for a gas company in the Engineering department and we are looking for a project management software. Does anyone have any recommendations? Also, has anyone used ArcGIS ...
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  • Utility Network Schema - Junction Boxes

    I'm not sure what to do with some data we collect about our junction boxes.  I can't seem to find a field/domain in the default schema.  With our junction boxes we are collecting data such as: LoadBreak = Y...
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  • Electric Utility Network - Streetlight Domains

    Currently going through the Mapping Workbooks storymap.   I've noticed domains in my AssetPackage titled Electric_Light_Watts and Electric_Low_Voltage_Street_Bulb_Type but I don't see which tables/fields these do...
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  • Integrating Sensus AMI Meters with ArcMap - Live

    We are a small electric utility that has Sensus AMI meters. We are brainstorming some ideas and want to see what other utilities have done to connect directly to their AMI meters from their GIS. We know about Geo...
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  • Utility network Disable Topology doesn't always work!!

    I am working with the electric asset package, and testing different configuration settings.  A big issue I am finding is the disable topology GP tool is hit and miss.  Although it always succeeds in the outp...
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  • Where is the ArcGIS Solutions Button?

    I'm in the process of deploying and ran into a button not visible in ArcGIS Pro.  My Share tab doesn't have the ArcGIS Solutions button to click on?  Yes, I am logged into ArcGIS Online currently and have tr...
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  • Joining Wire to Poles

    Hello Everyone!   I work for an electric utility and I am trying to join our wire to our poles. I was able to successfully do this using a One to Many Spatial Join. The problem I am having is it picks up the wir...
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  • For anyone in the gas/utilities world using ESRI to do inspections

    For anyone in the gas/utilities world using ESRI to do inspections. How/what does your review process looks like when it comes to supervisors reviewing their employees inspection data? What products are you using to d...
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  • Dirty area measurement of use

    From the images relating to the Utility Network - Dirty Area of point features, what unit of measure is used with the buffer distance to create the polygons? It appears the buffer distance is always 0.5 so the diamet...
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