• Utility Network - Subnetwork Controllers and Open Points

    Hi everyone,  I'm implementing a Utility Network (electric)  and I am now defining my Subnetwork Controllers for my connectivity.   In the picture below, there's two different Network Controllers (A a...
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  • Check for Duplicate AssetID Values with Arcade

    Hi,   I have an Arcade rule that generates an assetid when a point is inserted. This code is generated by measuring and rounding the distance, in feet, of the inserted point feature from a fix reference point. ...
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  • Create an Attribute Rule in Arcade that Trigger Another Arcade Rule in a Different Feature?

    Hi,   I'm trying to use an Arcade calculation attribute rule in a line feature to add records to a related table. The related table also has an Arcade calculation attribute rule that I want to be triggered when...
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  • Geometric Network Downstream Trace to Specified Distance

    I have been tasked with creating areas along a geometric (electric) network which are downstream from a device (circuit breaker) at a set distance (1 mile).  While I see there are some options available for traci...
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  • PODS in ArcGIS 10.7

    Hi there,   I have implemented ARC GIS 10.7.1 enterprise edition, now I would like to know that is this updated version have PODS data model for Pipeline inherited and yes then how to find it and use it.
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  • Utility Network Flow Arrows?

    Will the Utility Network be able to show flow arrows like the geometric network can?  I am not talking about adding arrows to show digitized direction either.  This is especially helpful in an electric distr...
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  • ERROR 999999: Something unexpected caused the tool to fail. when trying to script Summarize Within

    Hello, I have a set of line segments and a group of grids that I would like to summarize within for each line feature class.  When trying to script multiple instances of arcpy.SummarizeWithin it fails with ...
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  • #AtHomeGIS: Leverage Real-Time GIS

    Open video

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  • #AtHomeGIS Scruminars for Utilities & Telecommunications (Esri)

    If scruminar was a word, it would be used to describe our new agile webinar series for GIS professionals in Utilities and Telecommunications. Rather than spending your time at home binge watching Netflix, join...
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  • Collector for ArcGIS - Useful Links

    Collector for ArcGIS is a mobile data collection app that makes it easy to capture accurate data from the field and return it to the office. It works with web maps from the ArcGIS Platform, supports high precision dat...
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  • Utility Network Model Diagrams

    Dear All,   Good morning. May I know where can I get the Utility Network Model Diagrams like below. Please suggest. Thanks in advance.  
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  • Esri Utility Network Configuration and Data Loading Tools Status

    Network Configuration Current Version Last Update Configuration Location Data Loading Tools Location Migration Tools Location Electric (Distribution & Transmission) 3.3 February 2020 http://esriurl.com/electricunc...
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  • UPDM 2019 Edition

    This is the official release of the 2019 Edition of the Utility and Pipeline Data Model (UPDM).    It is designed to support data management for the natural gas and hazardous liquids industries.  Suppor...
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  • Apply an asset package error message

    Hello, I am struggling with creating en electric utility network inside my organization. I followed steps from documentation: Get started with the Electric Distribution Utility Network Configuration—Get Sta...
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  • Workforce for ArcGIS - Useful Links

    Workforce for ArcGIS is a mobile app solution that uses the power of location to coordinate your field workforce. It integrates work management to reduce reliance on paper and provides everyone with access to the auth...
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  • SCADA - GIS integration for Gas Utilities

    Is there any SCADA - GIS integration for Gas Transmission network, process, technical pages, webinar, or presentations etc, can be shared, thank you
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  • Planning for Emergencies During COVID-19

    I live in an area of the US likely to experience severe weather in the springtime.  Most residents here have a plan of action in the event a tornado warning is issued for their area.  We charge our devices a...
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  • Open Street Map showing Transmission Line

    I just observed recently that Open Street Map is showing Transmission line, Transmission line structures, and Substation locations. As well as Voltage for those lines.   Is that legal from a Homeland Security p...
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  • ArcGIS Field Operations Dev Summit 2020 Technical Session Videos

                            Field Operations in ArcGIS are enabled by the following apps: Workforce ...
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  • Communications Network Foundation for ArcGIS Utility Network Management (Esri)

    The Esri team is hard at work scoping out requirements and developing the information model for the Communications Network Foundation on ArcGIS Utility Network Management. Use this thread to provide inp...
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