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We made it! Welcome to the final day of GeoConX 2017. Here's a recap of what happened during the closing session. 


Note: If you missed any of the GeoNet coverage this week, check out the list below: 


Who's Been Helping to Beta Test the Utility Network?

A big theme throughout the week was the Utility Network and getting users ready for the coming release and transition. Several Esri customers and partners have been helping with the launch. If you're looking for which companies are early adopters and beta partners, check out this list below. 




The Opportunity of GIS

There's a great opportunity to leverage GIS throughout the organization and across internal and external Utility an communication partnerships. Check out the image below for an overview of how you can empower your GIS




What is the Science of Where Vocabulary?

It's important to know how to talk about the Science of Where to stakeholders in a way we haven't before. A special vocabulary is needed to navigate those conversation. Here's an overview of the Science of Where vocabulary. What do you think? How do you use this in your work? 




Now, Let's Test Your Science of Where Knowledge

Then it was time to out the Science of Where vocabulary and knowledge to use. Attendees got out their smart phones and played a fun multiple choice quiz game testing both their knowledge and how fast they could decipher the purpose of the maps on the screens. It was tight race to the end, but a good time was had by all.  








See you in Dallas in 2018!

Mark your calendars now. GeoConX will be held on November 5-8, 2018 at Omni Dallas Hotel in Dallas, Texas. We hope to see you there. 


That's a wrap! Thanks for a fantastic and inspiring week in Chicago. We hope you enjoyed the updates here on GeoNet. Until next year, let's continue the conversation in the The specified item was not found. group where you can ask questions and share your GeoConX feedback and experiences. 


We're excited to announce that this week we'll be in Chicago to live blog the plenary, share daily updates and connect with utilities and communications users during GeoConX 2017! So whether you're at GeoConX or not, we invite you to follow along and join the conversation in the Utilities and Communications space on GeoNet. Check out the event details below and we look forward to sharing what's happening throughout the week here on GeoNet and connecting with you in Chicago. 


Follow Plenary Live Blog 

During the plenary, Michelle Mathias and I will be live blogging the morning session presentations on GeoNet in the Utilities & Communications space. We invite you to follow and share your experiences in the comments on those blog posts.


Follow GeoConX Daily Updates 

On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, the GeoNet team and other guest contributors will be posting daily updates about what we're learning and experiencing throughout the week. Beginning on Wednesday you can follow each daily blog post in the Utilities & Communications space. 


Visit us at GeoNet Booth in the Expo 

Stop by the GeoNet area at the Esri booth in the GIS Solution Expo to say "hi" and to learn more about how to get started on GeoNet. We'll also share stories about how other Esri users are working better, sharing ideas and finding valuable solutions on GeoNet. And be sure to pick up the first-ever GeoNet Community button!