Outage Management System - Real Time Monitoring

Blog Post created by Joseph_Marsh-esristaff Employee on Aug 14, 2018

When the power goes out, it is all hands on deck at a utility company. Everybody from all corners of the organization come together.  They assign damage assessment trucks to finance and transmission trading employees.  Lineman are working around the clock to get critical assets back up. With all this calamity, having real-time information to make decisions is key to success. Communicating information within the utility effectively, utilities can shave minutes to hours off of their recovery time.  Every minute matters when you have many customers without power and some of those customers require electricity to live.

Utility companies face significant challenges when the lights go out.  They need to be able to simultaneously manage their assets, their workers, and their customers. Using ArcGIS to store, analyze, and visualize data, employees from planning to operations to customer care can all work harmoniously from the same sheet of music. The ArcGIS Platform figuratively lights up the utility with GIS, allowing the utility to literally light up the community. 

Here is a new video showing Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS.  This easy to configure dashboard effectively tells the current scenario of where are the utility's damaged assets, where are their workers, and how many customers is the outage affecting.  Sharing information freely across any organization will improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.  Outage Management System - Real-Time Monitoring - YouTube