• Creating a Shapefile and adding field - Short Integer issue

    Hi,  I am creating a new shapefile and adding fields.  When I input field type as short integer it switches my entry to long integer.  Does this mean that you can not have short integer in a shapefile? ...
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  • High School GIS Course?

    Hello, I was just wondering if anyone out there has developed a high school GIS course. I'm wanting to propose an elective course focusing on GIS at my high school and I could use some guidance if there's anyone out ...
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  • Minimum Bounding Geometry - Length/Width of Polygon(s) - Units

    Hi   I am trying to determine the length and width of polygons in feet. I have learned there is a tool called Minimum Bounding Geometry that seems like the right tool to use to determine this information. The pr...
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  • A geomorphology field trip to Northwest Indiana Story Map

    I had two goals in creating this geomorphology story map:  (1) To illustrate how story maps can enhance field trips and investigations. I took the opportunity to test the new story maps 2019 tools. (2) To emphasi...
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  • New Student Rate for Esri User Conference 2019

    This year at the Esri User Conference, we are offering university-level students full conference access at the discounted rate of $100! This is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the GIS community, network...
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  • Transferring Student Content – ArcGIS Online Assistant

    At a recent meeting for State of Virginia University Consortium (~18 institutions), a lot of best practices were discussed surrounding portal administration and management of ArcGIS Online (cloud) or ArcGIS Enterprise...
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  • Fun with GIS 245: Scott Freburg, Wave-Maker

    Last week, Minnesota lost a key player in the rise of GIS in K12 education. Scott Freburg retired from the MN Dept of Education. But the state hasn't lost as much as it might seem. Freburg has been a difference-maker,...
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  • Congratulations to the 2019 Esri Young Scholar Award Winners!

    Coordinated by Esri's international distributors and Esri's international and education teams, the Esri's Young Scholars Award program was launched in 2012.  Winners are honored each year at the Esri User Confere...
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  • Model Builder

    I am having difficulties this errors keeps on coming up.  Why is it not running properly. Did I save it wrong. Or name the file wrong. I did this for a class and one of my classmates help me. I am practicing and ...
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  • I clicked on it and this happened

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  • ArcMap stopped working!

    Hi There, I cannot open my Arcmap today! Don't have any idea why! The error is just "Arcmap has stopped working". I read something about TSL and I downloaded it for installation, but there is an error that it cannot b...
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  • Fun with GIS 247: Thank a Teacher

    It's #TeacherAppreciationWeek, and Tuesday is #NationalTeacherDay. As if all the thanks teachers deserve could be distilled into one week, much less a single day. They don't do it for thanks, and certainly not for mon...
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  • License repair operation error

    Utilizing a student version, upon loading ArcMap 6.1, i encounter an error message that reads, "license repair operation required." This prevents me from opening the application. I have tried to uninstall and install ...
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  • How to sum line features

    I'm trying to change the symbology of my routes that are the result of a closest facility tool.    Obviously these are line features, from a busstop to a particular central point. Some routes from differen...
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  • Problem installing ArcHydro

    I am not able to install ArcHydro for Arcgis pro. When running installer i get a popup telling me i need Arcgis pro 1.2 or later. I currently have version 2.3 installed. Anyone have a solution?
  • Analyzing change over space and time with the Landsat Lens

    After over 8 wonderful years, the Change Matters viewer recently had to be sunsetted (it was using old technology).  After testing several equivalent data sets and tools for a suitable substitute for teaching cha...
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  • Coming to the 2019 Esri UC and to a bookstore or web site near you!

     A new Esri Press book, GIS for Science: Applying Mapping & Spatial Analytics, edited by Dawn Wright and Christian Harder, is due for release this summer, time for the UC. Every attendee of the Esri Scie...
  • How do I change color on colormap using ArcPro

    Ive loaded a Raster into ArcPro and would like to change a color in the symbology using the colormap to a specific color and it will not let me do so.  Any thoughts?
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  • I'm having trouble mapping excel data. I can't seem to join my excel data to my shapefile. Can someone please help?

    As the heading states, I can't seem to join the excel data to the shapefile I uploaded as a layer in Arc. Everytime I try to validate the join an error message appears saying that there are invalid characters and that...
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  • Earth Week Virtual Summit

    I am proud to be included in the Green Team Academy's EARTH WEEK VIRTUAL SUMMIT, 22-28 April 2019.   This virtual summit features access to interviews with community leaders and experts.  Over...