• Problem with exporting Pashto font in ArcGIS 10.3

    Hi,  I am trying to export a map in Pashto language. When I export the map as Image it shows the font correctly but it's not working in case of PDF. I have also tried the option of embedding font while...
    created by mahwizz
  • ESRI 2020 Education Summit:

    When will abstract submission open?   thanks
  • export some columns of feature to TXT-FILE with modelbuilder

    Hi    I have to transfer raster data (0.5m times 0.5m) to a txt-file with the format x;y;z. Because of storege issues I must create several txt-files. I used the model builder to clip the raster data with ...
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  • Survey123 Inter-organization Survey Sharing

    In using Survey123, we have a different login for each of our company offices as part of our organization. How do we make it so each office can look at and edit the designs of the surveys as needed, especially when us...
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  • Optimized Hot Spot Analysis

    I have point data of restaurants, and I want to get a cluster score for each. I have used Optimized Hot Spot Analysis that provides the cluster score of each polygon. My question is: how can I get the cluster score fo...
    created by moeen@skku.edu
  • UC Education Summit in 2020?

    Hello - just wondering if there is going to be an ESRI UC Education Summit in 2020?
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  • Spatial Data Question

    Hello    I have a question about Spatial Data.   I am looking for information about the spatial data and I want to read about it.  Where do I find a good one to read ?   Thanks
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  • Apple Macintosh and iOS Support: Esri GIS Options).

    Como instalar o Arcgis no macbook?
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  • Hurst Exponent

    Hello. I want to calculate Hurst Exponent of Modis Timeseries from 2000 to 2018? Is it posible to calculate Hurst Exponent of raster time series using arcpy or arcmap? All data are in tiff format and same spatial...
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  • can't find amazon ecoregion in arcmap tutorial

    So, I'm trying to take the free "Getting Started with ArcMap" tutorial. The first step is going to "Add Data" and then "Add Data from AcrGIS Online" and search for the Amazon Ecoregion map by Learn_ArcGIS - except tha...
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  • changing scale bar in ArcGIS online

    When creating maps in ArcGIS online, I would like to see the scale bar in metres, not feet. How do I change this?
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  • mfa

    Looking for information on using Enterprise Login with MFA - anyone using this?   Thanks in advance.  Ellen
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  • How can I open a BAG file (Bathymetric Attributed Grid) in GIS?

    Hi  I am doing some scans with LiDAR and the format of the files it creates are BAG. Is there any way I can open it using GIS?   Cheers Nooshin
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  • How do I set currency Symbol for label field to over ride local currency?

    Hi, I have a feature layer that has house pricing data from the USA but if I try to set the symbology to currency in the Symbology Label Format option, it changes it to local currency symbol (£).  I tried to...
    created by Cursus
  • ERROR 000878

    Hello.  So. I have created a gdb file and I am still receiving the same ERROR 000878 when trying to give a name (nav_flow_direction_10m) in the output space, telling me the name is longer than 13 characters...
    created by roshelly
  • cannot add hosted feature layer

    when i try to publish my csv file in the contents section containing coordinate information, it says content is not avaialbe or accessible, But I can see it there in the contents and also download it . I am using tria...
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  • I am Beginner to ESRI Software can some one guide me step by step how should i can convert my project in File Geodatabse to SQL Server Professional

    I want to convert my project which is made in File Geodatabase to Microsoft SQL Server. How I can do it kindly guide me step by step. 
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  • Recommend a Good laptop to use for ArcMap Pro.

    I’m looking to purchase a new laptop computer to run ArcMap Pro for under $2300.00.  Any suggestions?
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  • How do I combine featureclasses with different extents?

    I have tried to make a new featureclass, I've tried merge, I've tried Reclassify Featureclass Extent (very deceptive name).  Any hints?
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  • In my model execution error message number 000539 appears, please help

    When I am executing my model builder, the error 000539 appears at the reclassification proces. which is a intermediate step in the model builder. Though the model processed 20 files successfully out of 24 files and re...
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