• Deep Learning

    Alguien me puede ayudar de como entrenar un modelo .emd que da como resultado.. de las muestra. En Arcgis Pro
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  • COVID-19 Project

    hello, i'm putting a project together for my 9th graders - it's a hybrid course we created called 'challenge' b/c it's base don the challenge based learning framework.   anyway, part of the goals is to intro th...
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  • What bands does the ArcGIS Pro image classification use?

    Hey all,   First time poster and wasn't exactly sure where to take this question. So I went through and used the image classification wizard for support vector machine and random forest. Pixel based for both and...
  • How to move and Scale a shp.file

    So here is the scoop, I am creating a Mod map for A video game called DAYZ, However, the Mapping software it uses only uses UTM ZONE 31N. I need to use existing polygon datasets to populate things like trees but the p...
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  • I need to pull the slope of the roads, when I do the slope of the DEM map I get a slope of 0-330 percent, how to do the slope of 0-100% of the roads?

    Universiti belgrade
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  • split a polygon with another polygon

    I want to use one polygon to cut out of another polygon. Like if I had a cookie cutter I want to keep the space outside the cutter. How do I do that without using the erase tool? Is there another way?
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  • "Enabling Remote Access to ArcGIS in Higher Education Webinar" Recording?

    Rosemary Boone  When will the recording be available for yesterday's "Enabling Remote Access to ArcGIS in Higher Education Webinar"?  I need to get something in place today, and neglected to grab links yeste...
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  • Resources for parents with kids at home?

    I see that there is a lot of EDU resources top-posted for educators dealing with e-learning and the current crisis, is there a list of resources for parents with kids at home where their school district is not partici...
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  • how to activate my Arcgis pro

    I got my EVA and installed ARC GIS pro but when I run it, it did not work. How to activate and run it?
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  • ICESAT .h5 files

    I'm currently building a story map for my final project at university. My story map is comparing the retreat of glaciers to the increased carbon output in the last 20 years or so.   Naturally I'm looking at data...
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  • how do you use ArcGIS Pro remotely in the field without network access?

    We have researchers that bring laptops out in the field to remote areas without network access, can they still use ArcGIS Pro to create, edit, and make layers and maps?
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  • Mapping Dorm Rooms to track Student Coronavirus Symptoms

    I'm serving on a COVID-19 response team at my institution. I'll be working with our HR & Health dept. to develop a process for students/staff to self-report symptoms. Survey 123 seems ideal, but what would be even...
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  • ArcMap will not open

    I recently got the student package for ArcGIS and I installed ArcMap 10.6.1. When I click it's saying cannot connect to ArcGIS license manager running on host "Not_Set". Thank you
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  • I clicked on it and this happened

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  • Model Builder

    I am having difficulties this errors keeps on coming up.  Why is it not running properly. Did I save it wrong. Or name the file wrong. I did this for a class and one of my classmates help me. I am practicing and ...
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  • How do I combine featureclasses with different extents?

    I have tried to make a new featureclass, I've tried merge, I've tried Reclassify Featureclass Extent (very deceptive name).  Any hints?
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  • How can I open a BAG file (Bathymetric Attributed Grid) in GIS?

    Hi  I am doing some scans with LiDAR and the format of the files it creates are BAG. Is there any way I can open it using GIS?   Cheers Nooshin
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  • If I delete a group what happens to the content in the group?

    If a group gets deleted is the content within it deleted, or will it still be available on the organization content?
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  • Comparing the NDVI on satellite imagery from two years, but can't change maximum value.

    Hi everyone. I'm looking at a satellite image of crop images from 2014 and another from 2019. The location is near the Salton Sea Southern California. One image was taken in 2014 and the other was 2019.   W...
  • Change Color during Polyline editor

    Hello, I would like to know if it is possible in WPF C#, to change the color and thickness of the polyline editor during editing and not after validation? For example, I want change polyline to Blue Color or another...
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