• Cost Path with single origin and two destinations not working

    Hi,  I am using ArcMap 10.6.1 and have a fairly simple cost path to produce.  One point of origin and Two points of destination. In 10.5.1 I was able to do a cost path and it would create a route from orig...
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  • White window C# visual 2019 and sdk 100.7

    Hi. I work with Visual Studio 2019.  I have installed ArcGIS sdk to .NET and WPF. I mount references ArcGIS in my C# WPF Desktop project. I write map code. But when I execute my program, I have a white window wit...
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  • Model builder location allocation

    Estoy haciendo un model builder de location allocation pero cuando quero cargar las facility con unos puntos como candidatos y otros como requeridos no puedo hacerlo
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  • state lables on shape file content

    How to show state names label on shape file map content in c++ program in qt.
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  • certain layers from living atlas not editable

    i'm doing a project for mapping and i need to get some layers from living atlas. however, two out of the three that i have found so far have not had a symbol pane and are not editable. is there any way to change that?
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  • How would I add a geotiff to an arcgis online map

    I have some Landsat 8 imagery from LandViewer that I'd like to add to a map. Is this possible with the educational online account?
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  • How to access ArcGIS exercises on Arcmap?

    I have downloaded Arcmap and when I open it to start ArcGIS exercise 3A, none of the exercises are there. Do I have to download the exercises separately or how do I access them? Thanks!
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  • Where can I find practice exam questions for the ArcGIS Desktop Developer Associate certification?

    I found 10 sample questions here, but I was hoping Esri has made more than just this available.  The certification is pretty vague about what skills are measured.  I'd ideally like to pass it the first ...
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  • ArcGIS Pro Named User Licenses and computer labs

    Is there a way to deploy ArcGIS Pro in a shared computer environment, such as a computer lab, and have users rely on their Named User Licenses from ArcGIS Online? I don't have access to a license server, so I can't us...
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  • ARCMAP Report Designer

    two questions for the forum site   Q1> have you any links to any free online tutorials Q2> I have exported the results of a report in rich text format and DO NOT want the page breaks and headers to appear...
  • Hello, I am Hedrain. I am having failed results each time I am trying to run conversion (KML to Shapefile) or Terrain processing tools in Arc Hydro (Sink Evaluation). I am currently using a one-year licence for student. Thanks

    Hello, I am Hedrain. I am having failed results each time I am trying to run conversion (KML to Shapefile) or Terrain processing tools in Arc Hydro (Sink Evaluation). I am currently using a one-year licence for studen...
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  • How to move and Scale a shp.file

    So here is the scoop, I am creating a Mod map for A video game called DAYZ, However, the Mapping software it uses only uses UTM ZONE 31N. I need to use existing polygon datasets to populate things like trees but the p...
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  • What bands does the ArcGIS Pro image classification use?

    Hey all,   First time poster and wasn't exactly sure where to take this question. So I went through and used the image classification wizard for support vector machine and random forest. Pixel based for both and...
  • If I delete a group what happens to the content in the group?

    If a group gets deleted is the content within it deleted, or will it still be available on the organization content?
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  • Basemaps crash in ArcMap (Desktop 10.7.1)

    I have a student that says her basemaps are crashing when she tries to open them in ArcMap without logging into to ArcGIS Online.  This was not an issue in 10.6.1.  I am using 10.6.1 for my classes, so I do ...
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  • Hi, can you please remind me to how to get a continuous legend for data classified under "unique values"? Thank you.

    I would just like this legend to be continuous, like raster legends. Thank you!
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  • Best practices for archiving AGOL maps and applications

    I am fairly new to ArcGIS (so bear with me) but I am trying to sort our a decent workflow for better archiving of student produced content on our AGOL organizational account.   We have a robust undergraduate res...
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  • ArcGIS Pro for GIS Student

    I am relatively new to GIS.  I have been using it for about 1.5 years for work managing data and making maps for a field crew.  I recently decided to pursue a graduate certificate in GIS from a local univers...
  • How do I change color on colormap using ArcPro

    Ive loaded a Raster into ArcPro and would like to change a color in the symbology using the colormap to a specific color and it will not let me do so.  Any thoughts?
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  • Looking to start a GIS program at my son's middle school---where should I start?

    I am an experienced GIS user, who'd like to take advantage of ESRI Schools program and School software bundles.  But, I've never set up a middle school GIS program.  What references/resources should I use, a...
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