• Recommended GIS Graduate Certificates?

    Since my university does not offer GIS classes I'm interested in doing an online Graduate Certificate to learn how to use ArcGIS. I noticed that several universities offer these certificates remotely (e...
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  • StoryMap:  Embedding 'call and response' quiz questions

    StoryMap: We use StoryMaps to create educational lessons for middle and high school students. An example of one of our modules can be found here: https://noaa.maps.arcgis.com/apps/MapSeries/index.html?appid=adec762000...
  • Unable to download ArcGIS City Engine Tutorials

    I am unable to download the ArcGIS City Engine Tutorials and Examples. Is anyone else having this issue?  
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  • is there any way to retrieve deleted information from an attribute table?

    I selected data by attributes, and I tried to delete one item and of course deleted all under that attribute.  Can I get that back without re-typing the 2000 points information?
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  • laharz

    necesito descargar las herramientas porque la que encontre en la pagina UGSG no esta funcionando. gracias
  • Hi! I really can't find a way to license my Arc Gis Pro. I have a student trial.

    I have access to my organization, I have checked everything but can't seem to find a way to obtain a license. I have also downloaded a License Server Administrator, but without a license it is useless. I also don't ha...
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  • Student Auth. Install ArcGIS Desktop

    Hi, I am trying to install ArcGIS 10.7 on my personal desktop using my authorization code. I can get through most of the install steps, but the download process finished before the " I do not wish to authorize any ext...
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  • uploading time enabled point data to arc online

    I'm making a story map for my final year project comparing how greenhouse gasses have affected greenland ice retreat   i've made a time series map showing the output of carbon dioxide of each country that scales...
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  • How can I get my authorization code for student use? I have already downloaded ArcDesktop.

    I can't find a license or an authorization code in my account. When I try to open Arc Map it says: Could not connect to ArcGIS license manager running on host "No set". When I installed it, I wrote that I would author...
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  • Showing data through time

    I'm trying to show the increase in the carbon output of each nation through time decade by decade, I have used a table join on the attribute table of a country boundry shape file and plotted the data in individual fea...
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  • Arcmap slope precent rise is in meters and not feet

    Hi, I have been doing the ESRI  Managing Lidar Data Using Terrain Datasets and have tried to generate a Slope from the Terrain feature.  The Terrain feature is Projected with Projected Coordinate System:...
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  • I have a student in our first GIS class working in ArcMap 10.6.1. He seems to have inadvertently toggled a setting which causes items selected in the layout to copy and paste rather than move when he drags them. We shut the program down and opened a new l

    the student is working on his own computer from home. Class is entirely online. We are able to share screens. 
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    Buenas noches. Disculpen que haga la pregunta en español, en realidad espero que alguien pueda por favor orientarme.  Quiero ser beneficiario de la licencia gratuita por 1 años otorgada por ESRI a los ...
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  • Geoinformatics courses for schools

    In some countries, geo-information courses are held for all children as part of the school curriculum. Could you please tell me in what countries geoinformatics is included in state educational programs in schools? T...
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  • University courses in geoinformatics for all students

    In some universities in the USA, Canada, and Europe, geo-information courses are held for all students, not only at geographic and information departments. But unfortunately I do not remember which ones. - Please adv...
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  • error this application failed to stard because no qt platform pluyin could be initialized

    Este problema me aparecio al entrenar el modelo en la versión de AcrGis PRO 2.5
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  • Input Training Data

    Buenas tardes como puedo solucionar este error
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  • Supporting Geography Week at a Primary School in the UK

    As a part of our GIS Day initiatives here at Wigan Council we made an offer to the Geography teacher’s network in order to share our knowledge and skills in some way. This has now resulted in an invitation to b...
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  • Finding X,Y, & Z Lidar Data for DEM

    I'm trying to create a DEM by interpolating data for a school project. In previous assignments we were provided lidar data in a .txt file, which was used to produce an event layer, and then interpolated using IDW to c...
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  • Tengo este tipo de Error 002667

    ya entrene el modelo en tensorflow { "Framework" : "TensorFlow", "ModelConfiguration" : "ObjectDetector", "ModelType" : "ObjectDetection", "ModelFile" : "C:/Users/Mallea/Desktop/Teensor/models/research/object_det...
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