• ArcGIS is free for students due to Covid, but how do i download it?

    Hello. ESRI is allowing students to download arcGIS for free due to Covid (Esri Offers Students Free Access to Software for Continued Education through Coronavirus Closures ). I am already an ESRI member. When I ...
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  • I have a student in our first GIS class working in ArcMap 10.6.1. He seems to have inadvertently toggled a setting which causes items selected in the layout to copy and paste rather than move when he drags them. We shut the program down and opened a new l

    the student is working on his own computer from home. Class is entirely online. We are able to share screens. 
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  • Teaching with ArcGIS Notebooks Webinar

    Integrating Python libraries has never been easier with ArcGIS Notebooks, which provides a Jupyter notebook experience optimized for spatial analysis. ArcGIS Notebooks provides an easy way to combine Python libraries ...
  • Powerful, implementable ways to teach about population with GIS tools and data

    Teaching and learning about demographics and population change in an effective, engaging manner is enriched and enlivened through the use of web mapping tools and spatial data. These tools, enabled by the advent of cl...
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  • GIS for agriculture CTE Learn path

    Interested in how GIS can be used in an agriculture CTE program? Check out this new Learn path: GIS for agriculture CTE programs | Learn ArcGIS    In under an hour, you (and the folks you share it with...
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  • Using two new tools to analyze volcanic eruptions in Kilauea and Beyond

    The rapid advancement of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) data in society and in programs at universities and even in some secondary schools has led to some amazing tools and data with which to analyze the world.  E...
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    Buenas noches. Disculpen que haga la pregunta en español, en realidad espero que alguien pueda por favor orientarme.  Quiero ser beneficiario de la licencia gratuita por 1 años otorgada por ESRI a los ...
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  • Geoinformatics courses for schools

    In some countries, geo-information courses are held for all children as part of the school curriculum. Could you please tell me in what countries geoinformatics is included in state educational programs in schools? T...
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  • University courses in geoinformatics for all students

    In some universities in the USA, Canada, and Europe, geo-information courses are held for all students, not only at geographic and information departments. But unfortunately I do not remember which ones. - Please adv...
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  • error this application failed to stard because no qt platform pluyin could be initialized

    Este problema me aparecio al entrenar el modelo en la versión de AcrGis PRO 2.5
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  • Input Training Data

    Buenas tardes como puedo solucionar este error
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  • An offline map in Survey123

    You might not always have an internet connection when collecting data in the field. Now, not only can you collect data without one in Survey123, but you can also still see the map! How? By taking maps offline wit...
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  • Geo AI Webinar: AI for Lidar Feature Extraction

    Digital Twins are important for efficient local government operations, urban planning and design, transportation, and more. Creation and maintenance of Digital Twin via lidar is expensive and requires constant inflow ...
  • ArcGIS Urban E-book: 5 Ways to Transform Urban Planning

    The recently published the E-book 5 Ways to Transform Urban Planning shows how location intelligence is used to transform how we plan and shape our future. ArcGIS Urban helps planners solve the modern d...
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  • Fun with GIS 266: Educating for Uncertainty

    Facing disaster, the best odds for effective response lie with the generalist. Adaptability is crucial. Prior knowledge is useful, but especially about problem solving. At least as important are willingness to attempt...
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  • COVID-19 Esri Educator Support Office Hours

    Given recent events, how can you effectively teach GIS online?   Join Esri higher education team to learn about tools, data, curricular materials, and teaching approaches during these informal virtual office...
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  • Supporting Geography Week at a Primary School in the UK

    As a part of our GIS Day initiatives here at Wigan Council we made an offer to the Geography teacher’s network in order to share our knowledge and skills in some way. This has now resulted in an invitation to b...
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  • Finding X,Y, & Z Lidar Data for DEM

    I'm trying to create a DEM by interpolating data for a school project. In previous assignments we were provided lidar data in a .txt file, which was used to produce an event layer, and then interpolated using IDW to c...
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  • Fun with GIS 228: Marrying Survey123 and Collector

    [[Updated at bottom, Sept.30, 2018]] [[Updated again at bottom, April 28, 2020, recommending https://esriurl.com/appsinschools]]   Can you make sense of this table? Student,envir,item,state,condition,height_m,...
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  • Webinar: Text Analytics and Location Intelligence

    Do you know that almost 80% of the world’s data is unstructured? Unstructured data can be found in emails, speech transcripts, briefings, social media posts, news reports, and many other places   The ques...