• Esri Spatial Data Science MOOC Preview

    Course experts Lauren Bennett, Shannon Kalisky, and Flora Vale give a one-minute explanation of spatial data science and preview Esri's free Spatial Data Science: The New Frontier in Analytics massive open o...
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  • Using Jupyter Notebooks from within ArcGIS Pro environment

    For those using Jupyter notebooks and ArcGIS Pro out there, this is exciting news!  With the release of ArcGIS Pro 2.5, you can now create, edit, and save Jupyter notebooks as part of your ArcGIS Pro project with...
  • Institutional Agreement ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Enterprise licensing structure

    With the updated Education Institutional Agreement (former site license), we have simplified Single Use licensing by including the core product and all extensions in one authorization code.  One authorization cod...
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  • Model builder location allocation

    Estoy haciendo un model builder de location allocation pero cuando quero cargar las facility con unos puntos como candidatos y otros como requeridos no puedo hacerlo
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  • Cost Path with single origin and two destinations not working

    Hi,  I am using ArcMap 10.6.1 and have a fairly simple cost path to produce.  One point of origin and Two points of destination. In 10.5.1 I was able to do a cost path and it would create a route from orig...
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  • UCGIS Body of Knowledge chapter on GIS&T training and education published

    I am pleased to announce that Dr Diana Stuart Sinton and I have co-authored a chapter for the UCGIS Body of Knowledge on GIS&T Education and Training:   https://gistbok.ucgis.org/bok-topics/gist-education-a...
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  • A half-day workshop on GIS in Environmental Science

    I developed a GIS workshop for environmental science university students that you might wish to use portions of or in its entirety in your own instruction.  The workshop can be covered in a half day, but ideally ...
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  • 2020 Innovative Applications of Esri GIS Technology Poster Competition at AAG Annual Meeting

    Are you using Esri GIS technology to better understand a UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) and to report progress or inspire action? If so, showcase your work by participating in the Esri GIS Technology poster com...
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  • state lables on shape file content

    How to show state names label on shape file map content in c++ program in qt.
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  • GIS coding skills and strategies for university students

    Because GIS is rapidly expanding its presence inside web architecture, including data services, software tools, and networking and sharing capabilities, coding and computer science are growing in importance for all wh...
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  • certain layers from living atlas not editable

    i'm doing a project for mapping and i need to get some layers from living atlas. however, two out of the three that i have found so far have not had a symbol pane and are not editable. is there any way to change that?
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  • Hands-on GIS workshops on analysis, data, and society

    As I frequently teach hands-on workshops so that people can see for themselves the power and data that is at their fingertips using modern GIS technologies, I wanted to share the workshops and short courses below....
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  • Fun with GIS 258: The Esri 2020 Education Summit

    The "best event in town" for a GIS-using K12 teacher just got better for those at a school with an ArcGIS School Bundle. K12 teachers attached to the Bundle can attend all four days of the Esri Education Summit for $1...
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  • UC University Student Rate for 2020 Esri User Conference

    We are pleased to announce that the 2020 Esri User Conference will offer university-level students full conference access at the discounted rate of $125! The Esri User Conference is the perfect opportunity t...
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  • How would I add a geotiff to an arcgis online map

    I have some Landsat 8 imagery from LandViewer that I'd like to add to a map. Is this possible with the educational online account?
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  • How to access ArcGIS exercises on Arcmap?

    I have downloaded Arcmap and when I open it to start ArcGIS exercise 3A, none of the exercises are there. Do I have to download the exercises separately or how do I access them? Thanks!
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  • Where can I find practice exam questions for the ArcGIS Desktop Developer Associate certification?

    I found 10 sample questions here, but I was hoping Esri has made more than just this available.  The certification is pretty vague about what skills are measured.  I'd ideally like to pass it the first ...
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  • New Course Takes You to the Analytics Frontier

    Why is it that a new year combined with a new decade somehow quadruples the sense that new possibilities for “living your best life” have opened up? If living your best life involves growing professionally...
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  • Create a story map of your CV or resume!

    Ever since they were created by my colleague Allen Carroll and his team, I have been an ardent supporter of story maps. I teach story map workshops regularly.  I also give many presentations throughout the year, ...
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  • Creator to GIS Professional Advanced User Type – for Education users

    Fellow Educators:   ArcGIS Online User Types have been in use for some time now as a way of providing apps and privileges to ArcGIS users. The Creator User Type has been available for Education program licenses....
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