• Survey123 for ArcGIS in Education

    FYI,   Nice video presented by Esri Canada on Survey123 for ArcGIS in Education, Using Survey123 for ArcGIS in Education - YouTube    Enjoy,
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  • K12 Student Maps for the Library of Congress?

    K12 student maps submitted to Esri's UC collection process could end up with the Library of Congress!!! See http://www.esri.com/about/events/uc/get-involved and especially the Map Gallery link, http://www.esri.com/...
  • Strange error when repeating work

    Hi All,   I used [ Calculate Solar Radiation | ArcGIS for Local Government  ], it was fantastic.   Now I change the panel size to be 2 meter.    I got this error and I really don't kno...
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  • Esri GeoInquiries™ for World History

    http://esriurl.com/worldHistoryGeoInquiries   The Esri Education Outreach team is pleased to announce the release of a sample pack from the forthcoming GeoInquiries™ collection for World History classroom...
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  • CC licensing

    Looking for samples of what to include in "Access and Use Constraints" of the metadata of a map or storymap. Particularly interested in samples of CC licensing. Need this for a colleague of mine. Am thinking that it w...
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    Hello,   I am a Civil Engineer / CAD Designer with 25 years experience and would like to further my education with a Masters in the "GIS" sciences.  In researching degree programs, universities, etc., ...
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  • Join us for Drone Con'17 at Palomar College before the education GIS conference

    If you are planning to attend this year's ESRI Education GIS Conference and you are interested in drones and mapping, come to San Diego a day early and participate in our FREE Drone Conference for Educators and I...
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  • Using GIS to create data for a research study

    I am new to GIS and I would describe it as a tangent interest, so I find I don't use the correct terminology. I am working on my dissertation and using GIS to create specific values for variables in a research st...
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  • Stuck at Solar Analysis tutorial

    Hi all,   I'm following the tutorial on Solar Analysis which can be found here: Introduction to solar analysis—3D Cities | ArcGIS for Desktop   Everything is working as expected right up tp the last...
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  • How long as it been since you studied spatial analysis?

    Whether you never studied spatial analysis or it's been a while, we'd love to have you join us in one or both of our upcoming Massive Open Online courses (MOOCs). The two six week courses begin April 12; they are free...
  • GeoInquiries Project

    Explore or follow the new GeoInquiries project within the K12 Instruction group on GeoNet.  See: GeoInquiries    Direct link: http://esriurl.com/geonetGeoInquiries   GeoInquiries are short, s...
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  • New In Time & Place Materials - The Slave Trade:  Forced Migration

    Good morning all - I have just completed and posted a new set of materials on my In Time & Place site entitled The Slave Trade:  A Forced Migration.  As the title suggests the materials ...
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  • How to calculate the minimum distance to the drain for a well

    G'day, I have drains (blue lines) and wells (red dots) (thank you to see image in attached). My wish would be to calculate the minimum distance to the drains for all wells. I searched in Arc Toolbox but with no concl...
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  • Can I make shapefile portal that re-directs to regional apps using Storymaps

    I would like to use an over-arching Storymap/Web App (ei. a basemap of Canada) as a "portal" to sub-level, regional storymaps I've created.   For example, I have several storymaps made of the different prov...
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  • Esri: The Science of Where

    Esri's values, meaning, and mission: The Science of Where.   Checkout this great video: The Science of Where - YouTube    And read Jack's comments: The Science of Where: Our Promise | ArcNews 
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  • Be a critical consumer of "fun" posts too!

    Be a wise consumer of "fun" posts too!  Critical thinking.  https://spatialreserves.wordpress.com/2017/01/01/be-a-wise-consumer-of-fun-posts-too/   --Joseph Kerski
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  • help with a project for an archaeological science class?

    I am taking an Arch science class in undergrad college and while talking to a PHD student about my Multimedia degree from ITT tech he mentioned that focusing on spatial analysis and arch GIS will also allow me to use...
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  • Network span and proximity question

    I have a proximity point issue I was hoping someone can help me with. In the attached PDF you can see a network with lines and points. I need to generate a point feature class based on the way points feature class tha...
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  • Apply Today! Power of Data Facilitation Academy June 19-23, 2017 in Flagstaff

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  • ArcGIS Online U.S. School Competition 2017

    Across the U.S., high school and middle school students are exploring their world and creating interesting map products with ArcGIS Online. Esri now challenges students to create and share maps about something in thei...