• GeoInquiry™ publications

    If you publish a chapter, article, or conference proceeding that substantially involves GeoInquiries, would you  post a note here?   https://community.esri.com/groups/k12-instruction/projects/geoinquiries/co...
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  • TCEA 2019

    Come visit Esri at TCEA, February 5-7, 2019 in San Antonio, TX. We will be in booth #977, along with GISetc and a few other friends.  Drop by and tell us about all the great things you’re doing with GI...
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  • Looking for ESRI Press Text (GIS Tutorial 3: Advanced Workbook) Exercise Data

    Sorry if this isn't the right spot to post a request such as this. If there is a better location please let me know. I bought this textbook with the understanding that the data dvd would accompany the book but it di...
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  • Migrating to ArcGIS Pro and a named user license model for a Higher Education institution. Any words of advice or recommendations for this process?

    I am based at The University of Manchester, UK and we are aware that by 1 August 2020 that we must migrate from ArcGIS (currently on version 10.4.1) to ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online. I was wondering if any other HE ins...
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  • Helping Students Learn with GIS

    FYI,   Great article in the latest issue of ArcUser on using GIS technology in education, check it out!   Helping Students Learn with GIS     Side note: In the image background is a nice Oper...
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  • Blog discussion: Make your first Collector map

    I've written a blog to take you through making your first map for Collector. You'll learn how to prepare a new layer (including setting choices for one of your form entries), put your layer into a map, and then u...
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  • Blog discussion: Try Collector

    Did you know that you can Try Collector for free? In this blog post, I take you through using Collector for the first time. Install the app on your device, open a sample map, and off you'll go collecting data about yo...
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  • FYI: Free Earth Wall Map download

    Something that might be useful for educators, a free download of a giant Earth wall map   Free Equal Earth • Wall Map download Enjoy,
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  • GIS can enrich spatial thinking and learning in K-12, say experts

    FYI: Great EdScoop article,   GIS can enrich spatial thinking and learning in K-12, say experts     Enjoy,
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  • Article/Lesson Plan

    For those of you interested in GIS in the history classroom you might want to take a look at this article published last week in the latest issue of the Oregon Journal of Social Studies (OJSS Journal 0602.pdf ). ...
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  • Thank you for joining the GIS Day Live Chat!

    And that's a wrap!  Thank you for joining us today on our first GIS Day Live Chat. Your questions have been great. And a special thank you to our special guests Joseph Kerski, Nicole Minni, and L...
  • A diagram illustrating GIS Industries

    Hello friends. We hear all the time that GIS has a broad spectrum of applications... I was wondering: has anyone ever encountered a diagram illustrating the applications of GIS over different sectors? I’ve tri...
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  • GeoMentors webinar

    On Thu Sept 6 2018, Directions Magazine hosted a webinar about GeoMentoring, in which Tom Baker and I presented resources, strategies, and opportunities. Viewers could see and hear recommendations, and participate in ...
  • Using Single Sign-On in Schools for User Management in ArcGIS Online

    Large-scale student management in an ArcGIS Online organization subscription can be challenging. The Esri Schools Team recommends becoming familiar with best practices as outlined in this PDF.   Single sign...
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  • Uniformização de variáveis ecogeográficas

    Olá!   De momento estou a desenvolver a minha tese de mestrado que envolve a elaboração de modelos de sensibilidade à eletrocussão de 4 espécies de aves de rapina. Isso en...
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  • Free online12-week Desktop GIS course

      Pace University is offering a free 12-week Desktop ArcGIS course this fall.  It starts on August 27th and ends before Thanksgiving. The syllabus for the course can be seen here: ...
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  • ArcGIS Online for final project in Intro to GIS: Best Practices

    Hello.    Would those with experience using ArcGIS Online in Intro to GIS courses for final projects be willing to share tips?   I'd like to have groups of 3-4 students work on their final project map...
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  • Who's analyzing the eruption in Kilauea?

    Two new amazing tools - UAV imagery, and Sentinel-2 satellite imagery can be used to analyze the current eruptions on Kilauea in Hawaii.  Who is using these tools in your classroom?  How are you using them?&...
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  • Attend Drone-Con'18 before the Education Summit

    Join over 200 of your colleagues at our National Drone Conference at Palomar College (45 minutes north of Downtown San Diego) on Friday, July 6, 2018! Our conference this year will feature a n...
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  • 2019 ArcGIS Online Competition for US HS+MS Students

    With skill, passion, and analysis, high school and middle school students are exploring their world and creating maps with ArcGIS . Esri challenges US students to create and share projects about something in their hom...