• Esri 2020 User Conference - Digital Swag Bag

    FYI, get your Esri 2020 virtual user conference digital swag from this link, Esri UC Digital Swag Bag    Map book Creative activities Esri Zoom backgrounds GeoYoga guide         ...
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  • Location Analytics at Esri 2020 User Conference

    The ArcGIS Platform includes a group of products called Location Analytics - these products, in addition to supporting the traditional GIS audience, enable GIS and mapping to non-traditional GIS users within an organi...
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  • A Word from Jack Dangermond

    FYI, checkout this short welcome video from Jack on the UC 2020 event,   A Word from Jack Dangermond Video | Esri      Register to attend virtually: Registration Details | 2020 Esri User Confer...
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  • The Esri Higher Education Listserv (general info)

    The higher education community often communicates through the HIGHERED-L listserv. GIS in higher education resources, including additional listserv information are available here. HIGHERED-LThis moderated list was cre...
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  • Possible Master's Research topic For GIS in Covid-19 Response

    Hello everyone, I am graduate student of GIS in Central Michigan University. I want to do my thesis in recent Covid-19 situation. So, how could i use GIS in covid-19 research? Which aspect of Gis in Covid-19 response ...
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  • ArcGIS is free for students due to Covid, but how do i download it?

    Hello. ESRI is allowing students to download arcGIS for free due to Covid (Esri Offers Students Free Access to Software for Continued Education through Coronavirus Closures ). I am already an ESRI member. When I ...
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  • Waters to the Sea Educational Story Maps

    Hamline University's Center for Global Environmental Education has award-winning multimedia educational story maps that explore watersheds all over the United States from Texas to Hawaii. Aligned with 4th-8t...
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  • Error 000354 in create a new feature class?

    Hi! I am working with ArcGIS Pro. I am trying to use an insert cursor to create a new polyline feature from a list of coordinates in pythonWin. Here is what my code is. Could anyone tell me what am I doing wrong or m...
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  • GIS Mapping Student Competition: 2020 Geothermal Design Challenge

    The competition is hosted by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Geothermal Technologies Office (GTO) and Idaho National Laboratory (INL). The competition officially launches (and registration opens) on January 6, 202...
  • Share your success at 2020 Education Summit

    It's time to submit your presentation for the 2020 Education Summit @ Esri UC! If you have a GIS success story to tell, we hope you’ll share it at the 2020 summit, scheduled for July 11–14 in San Diego, Ca...
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  • Using StoryMaps with class

    Hi all,    I work at a university in a position where I assist faculty with GIS needs. I often get requests to teach storymaps to non GIS classes that are doing research on a specific topic. Normally the ...
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  • StoryMapper of the Year contest

    Have you heard about the StoryMapper of the Year contest?   And have you ever wanted The Geographer of Nat Geo or a National Book Award winner to view your story map?   Today we have a new blog post from A...
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  • Esri UC 2019 Tech Session Videos

    FYI, select technical sessions from the esri 2019 UC are now available online   2019 Esri UC Technical Workshops     Enjoy,
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  • What is GIS?

    How do you explain GIS to new students? It's not a simple thing to describe. If it was, it might have a different name. I remember before I began my GIS program I tried to find out what it was I was about to study - a...
  • Operations Dashboard at the Esri User Conference 2019

    FYI, a blog that discusses the activities related to Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS at UC is available.   Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS at Esri User Conference 2019   Members of the Operations Dashboa...
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  • Field Operations at the Esri User Conference 2019

    The Field Operations capability of the ArcGIS Platform enables you to optimize efficiency in field activities with the power of location intelligence. This capability is offered via a suite of field apps that enables ...
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  • GeoTech Center Regional Workshops

    Hello! The GeoTech Center is now accepting applications for the 2019 Regional Workshops which will be held at Delaware Technical Community College (June 25-27), San Diego State University (July 15-17), Parkland Colle...
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  • Returning Script Error when performing Arc Toolbox commands

    Dear Community,   I keep on getting script errors (invalid pointer) when I try to run the following commands: Map Algebra - Raster Calculator and Reclassify amongst others. I am trying to reclassify some simple ...
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  • GeoInquiry™ publications

    If you publish a chapter, article, or conference proceeding that substantially involves GeoInquiries, would you  post a note here?   https://community.esri.com/groups/k12-instruction/projects/geoinquiries/co...
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  • TCEA 2019

    Come visit Esri at TCEA, February 5-7, 2019 in San Antonio, TX. We will be in booth #977, along with GISetc and a few other friends.  Drop by and tell us about all the great things you’re doing with GI...
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