• Supporting community college student research through spatial analysis and story maps

    When I visited Mark Guizlo, Professor in the Department of Geography and Geospatial Technology at Lakeland Community College Ohio and his colleagues not long ago, I was very impressed at what the faculty and...
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  • Field Operations in ArcGIS

    FYI, links to the latest introductory technical workshop videos from the Esri UC 2019 conference, related to the ArcGIS Field Apps in the ArcGIS Platform, are available online.     1. ArcGIS Apps for the ...
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  • How long Esri classic story map will still be available?

    Open the following blog announcement to learn the updated transition timeline.  
  • NCSS + NCGE 2019

    The National Council for Social Studies (NCSS) and the National Council for Geographic Education (NCGE) are teaming up this fall in Austin, TX to bring what is surely to be one of the largest geography education event...
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  • Explorer for ArcGIS brings simple map viewing to Windows

    Explorer for ArcGIS is the best way to view your maps and layers on your mobile device, whether you have a data connection or if you’re working in a remote area with no service. It’s great for those field ...
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  • Best Practices for Administering ArcGIS in Education

    In a recent Ed Summit 2018 workshop on “Best Practices for Administering ArcGIS in Education” we shared a number of recommended workflows applicable to academic setting. Some of the key ideas are below: &...
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  • Arcpy shapes... viewing in Spyder

    Cool   It is nice that you can view geometry in ArcGIS Pro.   Ditto for notebooks in your browser.   But I really hate cranking up a new featureclass when I am working on a geometry exploration, when...
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  • Analyzing convenience stores at regional and local scales using GIS

    A variety of economic, geographic, and other factors influence a store chain to “stay regional” vs. going national or international.  Spatial patterns of where these regional chain stores are located ...
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  • Using ArcGIS Hub in Your Organization

    Many higher education institutions are already using ArcGIS Hub for teaching, research, projects, or campus operations.   ArcGIS Hub is a cloud-based engagement platform that lets organizations work more eff...
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  • How to manage ArcGIS with your updated Institution Agreement (previously known as Site License)

    The updated Education Institution Agreement enables more students, faculty and staff to leverage ArcGIS technology, such that any ArcGIS product can be accessed on any device and in any location.   ArcGIS has gr...
  • New Student Rate for Esri User Conference 2019

    This year at the Esri User Conference, we are offering university-level students full conference access at the discounted rate of $100! This is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the GIS community, network...
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  • GIS and Abductive Reasoning

    Abductive reasoning (also called abduction, abductive inference or retroduction) is a form of logical inference that goes from an observation to a hypothesis that accounts for t...
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  • New Book: Tribal GIS: Supporting Native American Decision Making

    A new book from Esri Press entitled Tribal GIS: Supporting Native American Decision Making, will be published in June 2012. In it, tribal leaders tell their stories about implementing and using GIS to address their un...
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  • Fun with GIS 254: ArcGIS QuickCapture

    Two excellent apps were released in summer 2019: ArcGIS QuickCapture and the Attachment Viewer web app template. Educators can use these powerfully! To test both, I decided to record notables on my morning walk. ...
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  • Fun with GIS 220: Apportionment

    Perhaps the most fundamental activity of a citizen is voting. In the US, this is stunningly dependent on geography. The simple act of casting a ballot is a profound demonstration of faith in a system. But some argue t...
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  • Citizen science street level imagery and mapping with Mapillary

    The idea behind Mapillary is a simple but powerful one:  Take photos of a place of interest as you walk, bike, drive, or however else you move across the landscape using the Mapillary mobile app.  The app ta...
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  • October 24: Free live seminar on the Training site

    October 25 Update: The seminar was recorded and is available for viewing here.    Interested in AI, machine learning, or deep learning? If so, be sure to join our next free live training seminar on...
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  • A Mobile Field Data Collection Set of Activities

    I created a mobile field data collection set of activities recently for the Esri EdUC, and wanted to share it with the wider community.  The activities include two main approaches:  (1)  ArcGIS Pro and ...
  • Presentations and short courses in GIS in Education

    As I frequently give short courses and presentations focused on GIS in education, and as I receive requests for this content on a regular basis from the education community, I thought it would be helpful to post a col...
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  • Collecting, Mapping,  Analyzing, & Communicating Field Data:  A Lesson

    ArcGIS is a platform, which means that (1) applications can be built upon it, which offer powerful capabilities for educators and students, and (2) the tools within the platform are connected.  When these ArcGIS ...
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