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With the June 2020 update of ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Notebooks are now available to everyone in your ArcGIS Online organization. There is nothing extra to buy nor an app to assign to start using ArcGIS Notebooks – it’s just there. However, your members do need the right privileges before they can hit the ground running.

(Note: the information below is updated from the blog introducing the ArcGIS Notebooks public beta.)

Here’s how to enable your community to use ArcGIS Notebooks

If you are an administrator of an ArcGIS Online organization, you will notice a new Notebook option in the top ribbon navigation of ArcGIS Online.

Administrators and people with notebook privileges will see a new Notebook option in the top navigation of ArcGIS Online.

Administrators and members with notebook privileges will see a new Notebook option in the top navigation of ArcGIS Online.

If, as an administrator, the idea of members of your organization suddenly creating Python notebooks sends waves of worry down your spine – don’t panic. The flood gates are not open. For non-administrators to create notebooks they will need to be granted a new set of privileges as part of a custom role.

There are two privileges associated with ArcGIS Notebooks: a basic privilege for “Create and Edit Notebooks” and an advanced privilege that allows you to use arcpy or GPU enabled notebooks called “Advanced Notebooks”.

Any notebook user must have the Create and Edit Notebooks privilege enabled.

Any notebook user must have the Create and Edit Notebooks privilege enabled.


The Advanced Notebook Privilege is required if you want to create notebooks that use ArcPy or access the GPU-enabled notebook runtime. Remember, Advanced notebooks will consume credits.

The Advanced Notebook Privilege is required if you want to create notebooks that use ArcPy or access the GPU-enabled notebook runtime. Remember, Advanced notebooks will consume credits.


To assign these privileges to a user you will need to use a custom role. (If you need to create a custom role, go to Navigate to Settings > Member Roles > Create Role).  Assign the users that you wish to have notebook privileges a custom role that has one or both of the notebook privileges.

We recommend that you use this same custom role in the New Member Defaults so all new users will have these capabilities available. Advice for configuring New Member Defaults is available in this blog and this video.

Do ArcGIS Notebooks Use Credits?

Within ArcGIS Notebooks in ArcGIS Online there are three options for creating notebooks: Standard, Advanced, and Advanced with GPU support. These options differ in what Python libraries are included and the underlying compute resources that are provided.

Standard includes open source Python libraries and the ArcGIS API for Python. It includes a smaller amount of CPU and memory than the other two options. It is ideal for web GIS administration automation and any analysis that uses the built-in tools of ArcGIS Online. Using Standard notebooks (which are enabled by granting users the “Create and edit notebooks” privilege) will not cost any additional credits to create or run, as everything included in the notebook is either open source or already built-in to ArcGIS Online.

Advanced notebooks include everything that is in Standard and also includes arcpy. Advanced notebooks provide a moderate amount of CPU and memory and are a good choice for almost any workflow. Advanced notebooks will consume credits, as they provide unlimited access to geoprocessing capabilities of arcpy.

The third option is Advanced Notebooks with GPU Support, these notebooks include the same Python libraries as “regular” Advanced notebooks. The only difference is that this option provides dedicated GPU infrastructure under the hood allowing you to do computationally intensive workflows such as machine learning. Due to both the access to arcpy and GPU resources, these notebooks will also consume credits.

Keep in mind that you can control credit consumption by restricting who has been granted the “Advanced Notebooks” privilege and through the per-user credit budgeting system that already exists within ArcGIS Online.

Where can I get more information?

If you used ArcGIS Notebooks during the beta period and have questions what happens to your notebooks and content now, see this announcement from Shannon Kalisky, Product Manager for Analytics and Data Science.

To learn how ArcGIS Notebooks can be used in teaching, read Coaching the Next Generation of Spatial Data Scientists or view the webinar Teaching with ArcGIS Notebooks.

For lessons and ideas for using ArcGIS Notebooks in your courses, see the new Learn Path Teach with ArcGIS Notebooks.

For details about using ArcGIS Notebooks, see the topic Get started creating notebooks in the ArcGIS Online documentation.


Join us Thursday morning (July 16) for the UC Higher Education Special Interest Group Meeting, 9:15 am – 10:15 am PDT.  We’ll share updates and resources to help you serve your community whether they’re working online or on campus, and provide information about updates to Education Program licenses.


We also want to hear from you – what are your concerns and what additional support can we provide?  We’ll start the session with a brief survey, which you can submit ahead of time at


Registration for the UC is complimentary and you can register at


The session will be recorded and you will need to be registered to access the recording. If you can’t attend in person, you’ll still want to register for access to this and all the other wonderful sessions, including the Science Symposium, Tech Sessions, User Sessions, and other Special Interest Group Meetings.

So you've registered for the Esri UC and you're wondering what happens next... You'll receive a check-in email this week (probably Thursday) with all the details you need.  It will include a UC Video Tour and a UC Attendee Guide along with the access link for the event.  You'll login with the same account info used to register.  


The Plenary Session will begin at 10:00 am PDT.  We recommend logging in a few minutes early to make sure everything is working smoothly.  After the Plenary Session ends, the Sessions, Expo, Map Gallery, and Networking will begin.  See the Agenda for the schedule of Tech Sessions.

ArcGIS Drone2Map is now available with special pricing for educational institutions for use in teaching, research, and campus administration.  Packages are available for single departments or entire institutions with quantities from 5 to 500 licenses.


ArcGIS Drone2Map is a desktop app that turns raw still imagery from drones into orthomosaics, 3D meshes, and more, in ArcGIS.  With applications in agriculture, architecture and construction, civil engineering, environmental monitoring, public safety, among others, drones are popular in a variety of courses and majors, and several colleges and universities offer drone-focused certificate and degree programs.


These Drone2Map Education packages can be added to an existing Esri Education Institution Agreement, Academic Department License, or Administrative Use Department License.  For institutions that don’t currently license ArcGIS, a Department license provides a low-cost entry point while an Institution Agreement provides cost-effective access for the entire institution.  Drone2Map is also now available in the ArcGIS for Schools Careers Bundle.


Esri provides training for Drone2Map through Esri Academy and Learn ArcGIS.  Courses and lessons are free to customers with an Esri Education Institution Agreement or Department License.


For more information or to purchase a Drone2Map Education package, contact

As Jack Dangermond announced yesterday, the 2020 Esri User Conference is moving to a virtual format.  The event will include Plenary sessions, technical workshops, user sessions, an Expo, and unique networking events. It will take place July 13-15 and registration will be complimentary for all Esri customers with current licenses/maintenance and for all currently enrolled students. 


Institutions with a current Education Program license may register an unlimited number of participants (e.g., Education Institution Agreement/Site License, Academic Department license/Lab Kit, Administrative Use Department license, Schools Bundle).


This FAQ provides additional details about registration policies and the event format.


The 2020 Education Summit will be moved to a later date.  Details about the schedule and format will be shared as they become available.

Please note:  This document is no longer being updated. 

For the most current information, please visit the new FAQ here: Frequently Asked Questions for Learn ArcGIS




To support students amidst COVID-19 university closures, we are offering student free licensing for ArcGIS until August 31st, 2020 via Learn ArcGISBelow are frequently asked questions about the Free Student Access to ArcGIS via Learn ArcGIS


This FAQ will be updated regularly.  If your question isn't addressed, please add it in a comment.


General topics:



What is this Learn ArcGIS offering and is it for me?


Q: What is Learn ArcGIS?

A:  Learn ArcGIS is a free resource for learning to use ArcGIS in the context of real-world problems.  It provides hands-on lessons for many products, such as ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Pro, Story Maps, Survey123, and more – over twenty in all.


Lessons can be filtered by capability (e.g., mapping, spatial analysis, real-time visualization); product; industry; resource type; or geographic region.  Learn Paths are curated collections of resources on a given topic, such as spatial analysis or health, providing easy access to a series of activities.  


Q: My institution already provides ArcGIS, how is this different?   

A: If your institution already has ArcGIS deployed successfully, we recommend that you use the institution-provided licensing that is already in place. Therefore, this offer may not be applicable to you.  However, we know there are still students worldwide who do not have access. Hence, we wanted to provide access for you. 


If you have access to ArcGIS through your college/university, we recommend you continue to use your institution-provided ArcGIS account and licensing.  Your institution-provided account usually is available while you are still enrolled as student and is therefore likely to be available to you past August 31 2020.  In addition, if you were using ArcGIS prior to the COVID-19 closures, you will have content (data, maps, apps) in your institution-provided account that is not accessible through the Learn ArcGIS account.  Finally, any content you create in a Learn ArcGIS account will not be available to you after August 31 2020 unless you copy them to your institution-provided account.


Q: Does this offer create another ArcGIS Online account? Are they related? 

A: This offer creates an account in the ArcGIS Online organization managed by Learn ArcGIS. This account is separate and not related to any ArcGIS Online account provided by your university. To minimize confusion, if your institution already provides student licenses via its institution agreement (i.e. site license) AND if you are leveraging this free student license offer, please be aware that the two accounts are separate.  


Q: How long do I have access to ArcGIS through this free student offer?

A: Extended free ArcGIS access is available to students during the COVID-19 pandemic through Learn ArcGIS until 31 August 2020. We have extended the Learn ArcGIS membership term to ensure students have access to ArcGIS during college/university closures. Free memberships in Learn ArcGIS will still be available after August 31 for our usual period of 60 days.


The expiry date shown in ArcGIS Pro settings refers to the software license term and is independent of the student's membership term in Learn ArcGIS. The Learn ArcGIS organization has a license for ArcGIS Pro software that runs until 2021. Students can register for a membership in the Learn ArcGIS organization to use this software for free until August 31 2020. The students’ membership will expire before the software license expires.


Q: I am a faculty member and would like to know if this offering is meant for my students?

A:  If you are faculty/instructor at an institution that already has ArcGIS licenses through either an Education Institution Agreement (formerly Education Site License) or an Academic Department License (formerly Lab Kit/Lab Pak), we recommend that you provide your students access to those licenses so that the maps/content they create will be in your institution’s ArcGIS Online subscription.  Please see this blog for more information.


If it is not practical to provide your students with access to your institution’s licenses, they can register for access through Learn ArcGIS.  Access will be available through August 31, 2020.  See the section How can I access ArcGIS and my content after this offer ends (August 31 2020)? below for instructions on moving content back to your university’s ArcGIS Online organization.


Q: I’m younger than 18 years; can I use this offer? 

A: No, this offer is available only for students 18 years or older, based on Esri’s Privacy Policies.  If you’re a student under age 18, a parent or guardian can create an account on your behalf. 


Q: Does my Learn membership include ArcMap?  

A: ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap) is not included.  ArcGIS Pro is the desktop application included in the Learn membership.


I registered and need help getting started


Q: What support is offered (e.g., download and installation, general software use), and how do I get help? 

A: Community support is available in the Learn ArcGIS GeoNet community .  You can ask questions and search for information in the Content feed.


Q: What should I do if my invitation to join Learn ArcGIS has expired?

A:  Please send an email to with “expired invitation” and your username in the subject line.  Please check your email for a message from ArcGIS Notifications to reset your password.  Once you update your password you’ll be able to access your Learn ArcGIS Account.


Q: How do I reset my password?

A:  Go to and click “Forgot password?” Enter the username you received when register for Learn ArcGIS; it will end with _LearnArcGIS. You will receive an email with a temporary password. Login with the temporary password and then change your password.


If you did not set a security question the first time you logged in, you will not receive the email with the temporary password immediately. It may take a day or two because an administrator needs to reset your password and then you will receive the email. Please be sure to create a security question in case you need to reset your password again in the future.


Q: How do I find out my user ID?

A:  Go to and click “Forgot username?” and enter the email address you used to register. You’ll receive a list of all accounts associated with that email. Use the one that ends with _LearnArcGIS (e.g., Your_Name_LearnArcGIS)


Q: Where do I get the installation files/executables to install ArcGIS Pro?  

A: Instructions will be sent via email when you register.  You will receive one email message to activate their account, then a second message with instructions to download ArcGIS Pro.  You can download ArcGIS Pro from your profile by following these steps: 

  1. Log into your ArcGIS Online account 
  2. Go to “My settings” 
  3. Choose “Licenses” 
  4. Find the link to download next to ArcGIS Pro 


Q: I contacted but haven't received a response.  What should I do now?

A: The Learn ArcGIS Team works in the U.S. so if you're contacting us from Asia, Africa or Europe it may be a few hours before you receive a response.  You also can check the forum to see if your question has been asked and answered by someone else.


Q: Can I sign up for courses/MOOCs on the Esri Training site with this account?

A: This account through Learn ArcGIS is separate from accounts for using resources on To access resources such as Esri Training and MOOCs, you will need to sign in with a free ArcGIS Public Account or an or an Organizational Account that has "Esri Access" enabled.


To check if you already have an account that provides access to Esri Training, use the Forgot Username option on the ArcGIS Sign In page and enter your email address.   If the message you receive includes a username for either an ArcGIS Public Account or an Organizational Account that has Esri Access enabled, you already have an account that can access Esri Training.


If you don’t have an ArcGIS Public Account, you can create one for free on the page by clicking “Sign In”, then choosing “No account?  Create a public account."  


Because they are free, public accounts do not have all of capabilities that your Learn ArcGIS account does, but it will not expire after August 31st, so any Esri Training certificate of completion will remain available to you in the long term.  


I need more help with ArcGIS Online


Q: What are credits? How many do I have? What do I do if run out of them?
A: Credits are consumed for certain types of actions in ArcGIS software products. Your Learn ArcGIS account includes more than enough credits to complete the lessons and explore on your own. Here are a few resources for learning about credits:


Q: I got an error that my request timed out 

A: If you are experiencing performance issues with ArcGIS Online or any other cloud GIS programs, please check your internet connection. These products rely on the strength of your connection, so if you are on WiFi, try connecting via ethernet. 


I need more help with ArcGIS Pro


Q: When signing into ArcGIS Pro I get the error "The number of licenses assigned to the user exceeds the number available in my organization."

A: There are two possible reasons for this error: 1) We temporarily had problems assigning licenses and accounts that were created between April 4 and April 7 may not have the correct license configuration.  We are working to fix them, but if you are logging in with a Learn ArcGIS account and get this message, please contact and include "no ArcGIS Pro license" and your username in the subject line.

2) You may be logging into a different ArcGIS Online organization or license portal (such as your college/university license portal) that does not have licenses available.  Please make sure you are logged into ArcGIS Pro using your Learn ArcGIS account.  See this Help topic for more information.


Q: I am not able to sign into ArcGIS Pro. Which username and password do I use?

A: You may see either of these messages:

  • "Your account could not be used to authorize ArcGIS Pro because it is an ArcGIS Public Account." 
  • "Invalid username or password. ArcGIS Pro wants to access your ArcGIS Online account information"

 Both messages indicate you are not signing in with your Learn ArcGIS account, which includes an ArcGIS Pro license. Please sign in with your Learn ArcGIS account.


Q: How can I confirm that I am signed into ArcGIS software with my Learn ArcGIS account?

A: In ArcGIS Pro:

  • Open a new or existing project.
  • In the top right click on the text to the left of the "person" icon, it will show your “Learn ArcGIS” account, which will end in _LearnArcGIS (e.g., Your_Name_LearnArcGIS). 


Q: Can I install and/or use ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Pro on more than one computer?

A: Yes.

  • You can access ArcGIS Online through a browser on any computer with an internet connection.
  • You can download, install, and run ArcGIS Pro on any computer that meets the requirements to run it.

Your Learn ArcGIS account can be used to sign into ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Pro wherever you have access. This license, a Named User license, travels with you not your computer.


 Q: How do I know if my computer can run ArcGIS Pro 2.5?

A: Most lessons use ArcGIS Pro 2.5 desktop software.  To check if you computer can run Pro 2.5, see the details for your operating system below.

  •  Windows

If you have a Windows computer, you can use this test to see if your computer has the needed hardware and software to run ArcGIS Pro 2.5.

  • MacOS 

Esri does not offer a native version of ArcGIS Pro for MacOS, but the software can run on a Windows partition or a Virtual Machine. Please refer to this documentation.

  • Ubuntu 
    Esri does not offer a native version of ArcGIS Pro for Ubuntu. Esri does not support ArcGIS Pro under WINE.
  • Virtualized Environment
    documentation details how to run ArcGIS Pro in an on-premises or a cloud virtual machine.

Q: My computer does not have the required version of Microsoft .NET to run ArcGIS Pro. How do I install it?

A:  Microsoft provides the download of the .NET Framework 4.8. The top option, "Runtime" is what's needed to run ArcGIS Pro. You will need to have privileges to install it on your computer. If you do not, please ask your computer support provider for help.


Q: When I try to run ArcGIS Pro, I see an error: "Unable to establish a connection to" What do I do?

A:  There are few different things that may cause this error.

1) This could be related to the TLS patch roll-out in April 2019. If so, you may need to update a security setting.

  • Open your computer's Control Panel.
  • Choose Internet Options.
  • Click Internet Properties > Advanced tab > Security.
  • Look at TLS 1.1 or 1.2. If they are not checked, please check the respective boxes to turn them on.

Try to run ArcGIS Pro again.

2) It’s possible a firewall or antivirus is blocking access to ArcGIS Online. Please whitelist the following URLs in your firewall and antivirus (or work with your computer support or IT provider to do so):
 3) Try resetting your Internet Explorer settings as discussed 


Q: When I try to open a project in ArcGIS Pro I see the error: "failed to load system tool." How can I fix it?

A: This is related to how Python is set up on your computer. The solution can be found here.


How can I access my content after August 31 2020?


Q:  How can I save content that's in my Learn ArcGIS account at the end of August?

A:  To save your content, you’ll need to copy the content into a different account, such as an account provided by your university.  There are three main options:  1) An account provided by your college/university; 2) An ArcGIS for Student Use license; or 3) An ArcGIS for Personal Use license if you no longer are a student.


To copy content to another account, there are three options:  1) ArcGIS Online Assistant, 2) GeoJOBE Admin tools, 3) ArcGIS API for Python.   This post explains more options for saving work created in a Learn ArcGIS account.


Q: How do I copy content from my Learn membership to my university account (or my own Student Use or Personal Use account)?  

A: Currently there are three ways to copy content from one organization to another - 1) ArcGIS Online Assistant, 2) GeoJOBE Admin tools, 3) ArcGIS API for Python.   This post explains more options for saving work created in a Learn ArcGIS account.


Join Glenn Letham of GEO Jobe and Brendan O'Neill of Esri to learn strategies for managing your institution’s ArcGIS Online organization efficiently.  They'll host a webinar Thursday, October 27 from 2:00 - 3:00 PM EDT (6:00 PM GMT).


Register at


GEO Jobe’s Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online empower administrators at higher education institutions to manage large numbers of users, credits, and licenses quickly and easily. Learn how to lower your administrative efforts so you can concentrate on what you love doing - providing instruction and supporting your community so they can succeed in solving spatial problems. You’ll also learn what to do with ArcGIS Online users and their content when individuals move on from your organization during that annual rite of passage known as graduation.


If you have specific questions, let us know with a comment below!

You’re invited to exchange ideas and best practices with fellow GIS educators and administrators at the  Esri Education GIS Conference in San Diego, California, July 8-11, 2017.


This year’s conference theme is “From Inquiry to Insight.” A vital aspect of GIS education is the process by which students ask questions, collect and analyze data, and make sense of the results. Esri has supported inquiry-based learning for many years, and as we celebrate the 25th anniversary of Esri’s Education Program, the Education GIS Conference will showcase those engaged in inquiry-based learning.


You’re welcome to propose your contribution by October 28, 2016.  Submit your proposal at

Tools for managing credits by users has been the most-requested enhancement to ArcGIS Online from the education community. We’re glad to say the November update of ArcGIS Online introduces credit budgeting.  When combined with custom roles, credit budgeting will help you manage resources and avoid mistakes that consume all of the organization’s credits.  In addition, you’ll see improvements to tools for tracking usage of credits and apps.


Credit budgeting highlights


  • The credit budgeting tool allows administrators to allocate credits to organization members to help manage use of premium services.  Specifically, credit budgets apply to geocoding, geoenrichment, analytics, and map tile generation.


  • Credits can be assigned by individual member, role, or group.


  • Credit budgets provide an upper limit for each member.  This can prevent one member from using all of the organization’s credits by mistake.


  • Credit usage statistics can be downloaded as a spreadsheet


When combined with custom roles, the credit budgeting tool will help you provide broad access to ArcGIS Online while managing access to credit-intensive services.   For more details about this and the many other improvements to ArcGIS Online, see



And thanks to everyone who provides feedback to help ensure our products meet your needs!

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