Keynote Address and ArcGIS Online Analysis Workshop for Geo Ed 2020 Conference

Blog Post created by jkerski-esristaff Employee on Jun 8, 2020

I was invited to give a keynote address and a hands-on workshop in analysis in ArcGIS Online for the Geo Ed 2020 conference.  This conference was focused on serving community colleges and is an outgrowth of the GeoTech Center, which has supported rigorous and connected use of GIS for nearly 20 years.  Having worked with this community for that entire length of time, it was an honor to be invited and I wanted to share what I developed for the conference with the wider community.


The keynote address was given in the form of a story map, and it is here:

ArcGIS StoryMaps   The recordings of all sessions from the conference, including the keynote and the workshop below, is here.  The title of the story map is, Charting a GIS Education Course for 2030.  It includes a status report on the progress of spatial thinking and GIS at all levels of education, achievements, and challenges that remain.  The keynote focuses on answering the following question:  Given the changes in GIS, data, education, and society, what must we do as the education community to make a positive impact on and empower our students, fellow faculty, and the workforce to think critically and spatially and to make the wisest decisions possible in the future? 


The workshop focused on why and how to teach spatial analysis in ArcGIS Online.  It was hands-on, and all of the links plus my presentation slides are in the attached PDF.  It begins with defining spatial analysis, presents educational points to consider during instruction, and then delves into several spatial analysis tools in the context of real lessons that I have developed and tested.  These include proximity, visibility, trace downstream, mean center and standard deviational ellipse, enrichment, overlay, intersect, dissolve, tessellations, routing, interpolating surfaces, joining to online content, and more. 


It is my hope that these two resources will be helpful to you and I look forward to your comments.


--Joseph Kerski

Keynote address for Geo Ed 2020.