6 Tips for First Time Education Summit Attendees

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Your Quick Start Guide for Getting the Most Out of the Education Summit


If you have never attended Education Summit at Esri User Conference, here are a 6 tips to make your conference experience productive, rewarding, and fun.


  1. Meet new people. The best thing about any conference is meeting new people with different experiences and different ideas. Make it a point to introduce yourself to one new person in each session you attend. Here are some great opportunities to meet and network with others:
    1. Education Summit Plenary (7/6, 10 a.m.)
    2. Welcome Reception (7/6, 5 p.m.)
    3. Special Interest Groups (SIG)
    4. UC Plenary (7/8, 8:30 a.m.)
    5. Academic GIS Fair (7/8, 4 p.m.)
    6. Map Gallery Opening and Evening Reception (7/8, 4 p.m.)
    7. UC Expo (7/9, 9 a.m - 6 p.m)
    8. Science Symposium (7/9, 4 p.m.)
  2. Plan your 30-second "elevator pitch”. Be able to introduce yourself and say what interests you in half a minute. Include an intriguing fun fact. And be sure to ask others what interests them.

  3. Think big thoughts. This year’s conference theme is “Digital Transformation”. Explore a vision of how gaming could transform education by reading Junana. Attend the Education Summit Plenary where author Bruce Caron will discuss how close we are to achieving that vision. 

  4. Sharpen your skills. Training opportunities abound with workshops and the Hands-On Learning Lab. Here are some suggested workshops to help sharpen your skills:

    1. Modern GIS Practices in Your Curriculum
    2. Getting Hands-On with ArcGIS Pro
    3. Spatial Data Mining
    4. Teaching with Story Maps
    5. Esri Technical Certification and Education Program Alignment: A How to for Modern University Programs
    6. Teaching and Learning with the Living Atlas of the World
    7. And so much more! View online agenda.
  5. Get the Esri Events mobile app. Figure out which sessions you’d like to attend and add them to your calendar using the Esri Events mobile app (available for iOS and Android). Many of the workshops fill up fast, so arrive early!

    image of Esri Events app
  6. Expand your comfort zone. Experience and learn about something outside of your usual area of interest by attending a session on an unfamiliar topic.


Start planning your trip by viewing the online agenda!


Esri Education Summit | San Diego, California | July 6-9, 2019