TLS (Transport Layer Security) 1.2 update - action required

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We wanted to ensure that everyone saw the below, and communicated it to your IT collaborators, as it will impact anyone using ArcMap versions prior to 10.7, and ArcGIS Pro versions prior to 1.3, when making connections to ArcGIS Online.  ArcGIS Enterprise, some client apps and custom third-party applications built on ArcGIS Runtime, depending on versions, may get affected also.


Though unfortunately this important security update does not comply with our academic calendars, action must be taken to ensure smooth transition… please visit the main TLS page for further details and next steps.


Thank you and feel free to post any questions on GeoNet – this is a page dedicated to this update.


  • Q. I have ArcGIS Pro 2.3, am I ready to go for April 16?
  • A. Yes.


  • Q. I have ArcGIS Pro 1.2 and earlier, am I ready to go for April 16?
  • A. No, action must be taken.


  • Q. I have ArcGIS Map 10.7, am I ready to go for April 16?
  • A. Yes.


  • Q. I have ArcGIS Map 10.6.1 and earlier, am I ready to go for April 16?
  • A. No, action must be taken.
  • A2. Perhaps an opportunity to update workflows to ArcGIS Pro.


  • Q. I have ArcGIS Enterprise version 10.6, am I ready to go for April 16?
  • A. It depends, likely action must be taken. Version of Portal for ArcGIS higher than 10.4.1 are unaffected. Versions of ArcGIS Server are dependent on underlining OS.


From: Esri <>
Subject: Reminder! Immediate Action Required — ArcGIS Security Update


On April 16, 2019, we are making an important configuration change to ArcGIS for TLS support.



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Important Update for ArcGIS and TLS

Esri is committed to providing strong security for the ArcGIS platform by using the latest industry standards and best practices for security protocols. To meet these requirements, starting April 16, 2019, we are updating ArcGIS Online to enforce the use of TLS (Transport Layer Security) version 1.2 only. This date has been adjusted due to the partial shutdown of the US Federal Government and customer feedback.

This update is likely to affect most ArcGIS software and customer solutions. If you have not updated and validated your system's support for TLS v1.2 only, you may lose your ability to connect to ArcGIS Online.

More details about Esri's support for TLS, including patches and instructions for updating software, can be found by visiting

Who Is Affected?
Users of most ArcGIS software or custom solutions using Esri technology may be affected by this planned update to TLS protocol v1.2.

What Do I Need to Do?
Go to the
Esri TLS Support page for information, patches, and instructions for updating software for TLS v1.2. Patches for all versions of ArcGIS Desktop back to 10.2.1 are now available.

How Do I Validate My Systems Beforehand?
Esri is providing a validation web service that can be used to quickly verify that ArcGIS Desktop will work when TLS v1.2 only is enforced. Esri is also providing validation services for customers utilizing third-party apps and custom components including map services, geocoding services, and basemap services. Information about these validation services is available on the support site link above.

If this email is not applicable to you, please forward it to the one who manages your ArcGIS software or custom solutions using Esri technology.

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