It’s Time to Register for Esri MOOCs!

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Esri Fall 2018 and Winter 2019 MOOC News


Change is afoot! I want to update you about changes to how you register for our courses and the latest course schedule. That map above? It's one of the maps you make in the Cartography. MOOC. 


Registration: Smoother than Ever


Esri MOOCs are now managed like other Esri training courses. You’ll find them in the Esri training catalog. Here’s a link for MOOCs by date


Once signed in to Esri training site with your Esri credentials, you can find your course and register with a single click. I encourage you to check which e-mail address is associated with your Esri credentials. Many e-mails sent to MOOC students bounce due to inactive e-mail addresses. Most individuals can review and change your e-mail address by clicking on your name at the top right to open the menu and then selecting Profile and Settings. If you are part of an ArcGIS Online organization you may need to contact your organization’s administrator.


Remember that registration closes at the end of the second week of each course. We cannot enroll students after registration closes. My advice: when in doubt, register! There are no downsides to registering: it’s free and no notation is ever made on your training record unless you complete the course. If you do not start the MOOC or complete only part of it, the MOOC will simply disappear from your My Schedule page after it closes.


System Check


Earth Imagery at Work and Cartography. require ArcGIS Pro. All students registered for those courses should have a computer that can run the software. MOOC students are provided with software and a named user license; the license is revoked when the course closes.Here’s a test to see if your computer can run ArcGIS Pro


2018 Third and Fourth Quarter MOOCs


Do-It-Yourself Geo Apps: Sept 5 – Oct 3, 2018 (four weeks; all content opens on the first day)


John Shramek, who helped develop and has been teaching The Location Advantage MOOC, will teach this offering. While much of the course has not changed and focuses on building apps without any programming, John enhanced the exercises to introduce students to Survey 123 and Operations Dashboard.


Cartography.: Sept 5 – Oct 17, 2018 (six weeks; new content opens each week)


This is the second offering of the course from Ken Field, Edie Punt, John Nelson, Wes Jones and Nathan Shephard. Student feedback suggests this course, which highlights ArcGIS Pro’s cartographic features, is also a great introduction to the software.


Earth Imagery at Work: Oct 31 - December 12, 2018 (six weeks; new content opens each week)

Kevin Butler leads students through scenarios highlighting how imagery is used in a variety of disciplines including disaster response, agriculture and commercial business. Students are often surprised at how many imagery exploitation tools are available in ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Pro.


2019 First and Second Quarter MOOCs



Do-It-Yourself Geo Apps: February 6 - March 6, 2019 (four weeks; all content opens on the first day)


Cartography.: April 10 - May 23, 2019 (six weeks; new content opens each week)


Earth Imagery at Work: April 10 - May 23, 2019 (six weeks; new content opens each week)




The training site includes MOOC Common Questions and a form where you can ask specific questions. 


Educators can contact me directly via GeoNet or e-mail at


I’ll see you in class!


Adena Schutzberg

MOOC Program Manager