"Real Time GIS" web meeting follow up

Blog Post created by geri_miller-esristaff Employee on Feb 22, 2018

Thanks to Josh Joyner (Esri) and Dr. Brian Hilton, Salem Alghamdi, Abdullah Alleisa and Mansour Alzahrani (Claremont Graduate University team) for sharing their knowledge and projects on GeoEvent Server. 


  • The recording and slides are located here


Other resources of interest:

  • GeoEvent Server tutorials - we ran out of time to mention these, but they could be used as a stepping stone to get familiar with the technology. At Johns Hopkins we've used a couple of them to teach Real Time GIS via GeoEvent Server, which worked well. Each student had their own deployment of ArcGIS Enterprise with GeoEvent Server running in AWS, and started with the "Introduction to GeoEvent Server" tutorial, which contains 6 modules and provides an initial overview of this powerful capability.
  • ArcGIS GeoEvent Server Gallery - lots of other resources for learning/teaching GeoEvent. 


Please post any questions or further follow up here.