Exploring 4 Key GIS Tools:  ArcGIS Online, Web Mapping Applications, Story Maps, Operations Dashboard, and Survey123

Blog Post created by jkerski-esristaff Employee on Jan 5, 2018

My colleague Ridge Waddell and I are beginning to work with The School for International Training (sit.edu), and as a part of that effort, we created this presentation focused on four key tools that the university is most interested to begin their GIS work in.  The University is interested in using the tools as key components of their African Americans Living Abroad Research and Education Program.  The tools featured in our presentation are ArcGIS (starting with ArcGIS Online), web mapping applications including story maps, Operations Dashboard, and Survey123.  Because we include many links in this presentation to tutorials and live interactive web maps, I wanted to share it with the broader community and I hope you find it useful for your own work in education and beyond.