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A GeoMentor is a volunteer who can help a teacher or youth club leader build capacity to help students engage with GIS. Using tools of geography (such as digital or hard copy maps), and even field work, the GeoMentor helps the educator and youth develop skills in geographic thinking.


To provide practical skills and strategies to encourage geomentoring around the world, I have created a 3 part video series on geomentoring, including what geomentoring is, why it matters, what geoliteracy is, 8 pieces of advice when setting up a geomentor program, 5 traits for a geomentor program, example ways of geomentoring that I have been involved with, 3 success stories, key messages to share with students, 6 tips of engagement as GIS professionals work with educators and students, tools and maps to use in geomentoring, and resources to keep moving forward. 


Part 1: 



Part 2: 



Part 3:  



I have posted the presentation (in Sway, online), that I used to create these videos, as an additional resource, here:

Mentoring for GeoLiteracy 


Geomentoring Videos


I hope this content is useful and I look forward to your feedback. 


~~Joseph Kerski